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What did Logue mean by saying: “I can`t believe it! I`m walking on Chaucer, Handel and Dickens!” Who are all these people? What do they famous for?

Why did Logue adore W. Shakespeare so much?

Lionel Longue was an actor in a theatre at his times, playing in productions of Shakespeare’s plays. But, unfortunately, he had to leave the theatre because of age and one unsuccessful trial. However, great love to Shakespeare always lives in Logue’s heart.

How many physicians did treat Bertie?

As said Bertie’s wife: “My husband has seen everyone to no avail. Awefully afraid, he’s given up hope.” That’s why I suppose that Bertie treated all famous physicians. But in film it is only two physicians: Sir Blandine-Bentham and Logue.

Why did Bertie react to the Logue`s australian origin?

I suppose that Bertie refers to Lionel’s origin to put him back in his place. According to Bertie, Logue takes too much liberty, saying that Bertie could outshine David, and it is actually George whose place may be on the throne. Also Bertie’s feelings are hurt by Lionel’s declaration in which he says to him: “You need not to be governed by fear”. These words infuriate Bertie and he gives such stern a reply, since this “a jumped-up jackeroo from the outback” is somehow has a point.

Describe their practices. Which techniques did Logue use to cure Bertie?

Logue used a lot of different methods for lessons with Bertie. Many of them were very unusual. For example, he offers patient swearing in order to simplify the pronunciation of words. In addition, he made Bertie sing some difficult phrases that immediately became easier. They tried to jump, shout, dance, even rolling on the floor. Logue also proposed classical techniques, such as reading tongue twisters and literary texts.

What did Logue mean by saying: “I can`t believe it! I`m walking on Chaucer, Handel and Dickens!” Who are all these people? What do they famous for?

Logue said these words the day before the King’s speech, so It means the day before the coronation. He said this because he was in Westminster Abbey, where just a simple doctor, especially without a diploma, can’t be in any case. He spoke like this: I can’t believe I'm walking on Chaucer and Handel and Dickens. This means that Chaucer, Handel, Dickens are buried here. Chaucer died in 1400 and was buried in Westminster Abbey with honor, Handel - 1759 and Dickens - 1870. These people were well known not only in Britain, but all over the world and stay outstanding nowadays too. (/It is shorter/When Logue talked about walking on Chauser, Handle and Dickens, he was walking around the Westminster Abbey, where these famous Britons were buried. So he was actually walking on them.)

· Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) – an English poet, a father of English poetry. He was a first person who began to write poetry in English not Latin. The most famous writing is «The Canterbury Tales» (popular nowadays too).

· George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)-a German composer, who became a British citizen. Famous for his operas such as "Messiah", "Water Music", "Music for the Royal Fireworks"-very significant works in musical world.

· Charles Dickens (1812-1870)-an English writer, novelist, the most well-known writer during his lifetime, Classics of World Literature, one of the largest writer in XX c. His novels are called “peak of realism”, they are extremely actual today: “Oliver Twist”, "Great Expectations", "David Copperfield".

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