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UNIT 1 Recording 10

LEAD-IN Recording 1


LEAD-IN Recording 2

1 What does Ďcapitalí mean?


2 I donít understand.


3 Could you repeat that?


4 Could you spell that?


5 Could you write it?


6 Which page is it?

LEAD-IN Recording 3

one, three, nine, four, ten, six, twelve, eight, two, seven, eleven, five, fifteen, thirteen, fifty, thirty, a hundred, twenty

UNIT 1 Recording 1

Conversation 1

T = Tour guide M = Man W = Woman


T: Hello. Are you Mr and Mrs Burns?


M: Yes, we are.


T: Hello. Iím Elena Garcia from YouTourist.


W: Hello. Nice to meet you.


T: And you.


Conversation 2


M = Mia L = Lily


M: Hi, Lily. How are you?


L: Great, thanks. And you?


M: Not so bad.


Conversation 3


J = John A = Ana Ju = Juan


J: Juan, this is Ana.


A: Hi, Juan.


Ju: Hi. Nice to meet you.


A: Are you in the same class?


Ju: No, Iím not a student. Weíre friends.


Conversation 4

S = Sophie Raworth


S: Good evening and welcome to the BBC News at One.


Conversation 5


R = Receptionist C = Chris


R: Good afternoon. Can I help you?


C: Yes. Iím here to see Mr Miller.


R: Is your name Simpson?


C: No, it isnít. My nameís Jackson.


R: Oh, sorry. Please take a seat, Mr Jackson.

UNIT 1 Recording 2

Spain, Spanish


Britain, British


Italy, Italian


Brazil, Brazilian


China, Chinese


Japan, Japanese


France, French


The USA, American

UNIT 1 Recording 3


A (Irish jig)


B (Brazilian samba)


C (Russian folk music)


D (Greek balalaika)


UNIT 1 Recording 4


camera, mobile phone, laptop, purse, keys, diary, passport, MP3 player magazine, hairbrush, watch, newspaper, toothbrush, sweater, sunglasses ticket


UNIT 1 Recording 5


M = Marco R = Rob K = Kate


M: Oh, thatís my flight! Bye, Rob, Kate. I have to go!


R: OK. Bye, Marco. Have a good trip!


K: Yeah. Have a good trip, Marco!


M: Thanks. You, too. Bye!


R: Heís a nice guy, Marco.


K: Yeah, he is. Wait a minute Ė is this my bag?


R: No, thatís mine. This is your bag.


K: Wait, look. What are these?


R: Those? Theyíre DVDs. But they arenít mine.


K: And they arenít mine.


R: Whatís that?


K: Itís a book about Rome, but it isnít mine. Is it yours?


R: Oh no. Thatís Marcoís Ö


K: And that bag?


R: Just a minute.


K: Oh good. Those are my sunglasses.


R: Oh, no Ö


K: And thatís my laptop and my MP3 player.


R: So Marcoís got my bag. Total disaster. Marco! Marco!!


UNIT 1 Recording 6


K: Wait a minute Ė is this my bag?


R: No, thatís mine. This is your bag.


K: Wait, look. What are these?


R: Those? Theyíre DVDs. But they arenít mine.

UNIT 1 Recording 7


1 This key


2 These keys


3 That key


4 Those keys


UNIT 1 Recording 8


a souvenir shop


postcard, battery, souvenir


a money exchange


euros, money, exchange rate


a train station


single ticket, return ticket, platform


a sandwich bar


cola, coffee, sandwich


UNIT 1 Recording 9


Conversation 1


T = Tourist S = Shop assistant


T: Excuse me. Do you speak English?


S: Yes. Can I help you?


T: Can I have one of those, please?


S: One of these batteries? For your camera?


T: Yes, thatís right.


S: OK. Thatís eleven euros, please.


Conversation 2


T = Tourist C = Clerk


T: Excuse me. Do you speak English?


C: Yes. Can I help you?


T: Could I change this money, please?


C:Fine. Thatís four hundred and fifty pounds. Here you are Ė one hundred, two, three, four hundred. And ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty.

Four hundred and fifty.


T:Thank you.


C: Youíre welcome.


Conversation 3


T = Tourist W = Waiter


T: Can I have a sandwich and a cola, please?


W: Thatís six euros.


T: Ah, I only have five euros. How much is the sandwich?


W: Four euros fifty. And the cola is one fifty.


T: OK. Could I have the sandwich, but no cola?


W: Thatís four fifty.


T: Thank you.


Conversation 4


TS = Ticket seller T = Tourist


TS: Can I help you?


T: Could I have a single to Sydney, please?


TS: Today?


T: Yes.


TS: Thatís twenty-five dollars.


T: Here you are. Which platform is it?


TS: Platform three.


T: Thanks.


UNIT 1 Recording 10


1 Can I have a sandwich, please?


2 Can I have one of those batteries, please?


3 Could I have a single to Sydney, please?


4 Could I change this money, please?



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