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Although the process of design may be considered ‘creative’, many analytical processes also take place. In fact, many industrial designers often use various design methodologies in their creative process. Some of the processes that are commonly used are user research, sketching, comparative product research, model making, prototyping and testing. These processes can be chronological or as best defined by the designers and/or other team members. Product characteristics include the overall form of the object, the location of details with respect to one another, colors, texture, sounds and aspects concerning the use of the product ergonomics. Additionally, it is possible to specify aspects connected with the production process, choice of materials and the way the product is presented to the consumer at the point of sale. The use of industrial designers in a product development process may lead to added values by improved usability, lowered production costs and more appealing products. However, some classic industrial designs are considered as much works of art as works of engineering.

Something that is redesigned requires a different process that something that is designed for the first time. It often includes an evaluation of the existent design and the findings of the redesign needs are often the ones that drive the redesign process.


Match the design vocabulary with the definitions.

a) successor b) derivative c) concept car d) predecessor

e) design freeze f) prototypes g) pre-series car

1) the last model;

2) limited number of handmade cars with the necessary equipment and technology inside;

3) the next model;

4) a limited number of cars built on an assembly line to test tooling and parts;

5) a variation of the basic model;

6) the stage where no more design changes are possible;

7) a car built to show people what the future car will look like (it may have no technology inside).


4. Complete the table:

to improve  
to assemble  
to conceive  
to develop  
to produce  
to implement  

Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 4. Translate them into Ukrainian.

a) It won’t be necessary to develop new technology for this model. We can ……… what we already have.

b) We need ……… from the Board of Directors if we want to continue with this project.

c) Only models are produced in the ……… clinic, not ‘real’ cars.

d) The location of the ……… plant has an impact on the pricing of the car.

e) It is necessary to ……… the final design before the prototype is made.

f) Marketing factors (target groups, market share) are finalized after a ……… clinic.


Put different types of questions to the sentences from Exercise 5.

7. Think about different means of transport (bus, underground, bicycle, private car, train, plane, tram, motorcycle). Discuss them with your partner. Which would you prefer to use going to work or university and why? What kind of transport is the most convenient in Kyiv?

Use the adjectives provided: safe, healthy, fast, reliable, economical, comfortable, noisy, air polluting.

Text 3.

1. Read the text and answer these questions:

a) What do you remember about design goal?

b) What can design philosophy help you to do?

c) Can you name any design approaches?

d) What do design methods focus on?

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