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Exercise 39 How was the meeting?

Some colleagues are discussing a meeting they have just come out of. Read and translate the dialogue.


Anil: I thought it was very productive.

Juliet: Well, I thought it was a complete waste of time. I didn't hear anything I didn't already know.

Barbara: I agree with Anil. I felt we had some very useful discussions, and that we reached an agreement that was good for both sides. We certainly covered a lot of ground. It was incredible the number of things we got through.

Juliet: But there were too many digressions. John was rambling and kept wandering off the point. He just uses meetings as a chance to show off. Just like a lot of men: he just wanted to show how powerful he is and what a good talker he is.

Anil: But to be fair, the chair really kept things moving: she encouraged people to be brief and to stick to the point and we achieved a lot in a short time. Anyway, I learned a lot and I think they listened to what we had to say.

Exercise 40

Replace the underlined expressions with appropriate forms of the verbs from exercise 38. In some cases, more than one verb is possible.


A meeting of the Tennis Club Committee was (1) organized for 1 March, but not everyone could (2) go to it, so it was (3) delayed until March 31. One committee member said that this was too late, so eventually we (4) moved it to March 15. The chairperson (5) was in charge of it very efficiently, and we decided on some new membership rules. Only one committee member (6) did not go to the meeting.

Exercise 41

Decide at which type of meeting would you be most likely to hear each of these things?


1. I'm pleased to announce another good year for shareholders of this company.

2. I know this sounds crazy, but how about giving away 100,000 free samples?

3. Things in the sales department are getting out of control. We should all start making a real effort.

4. So, you think you can provide 10,000 a month at a unit cost of £4.90?

5. Have you heard? Suzanne is being fired: apparently her sales figures aren't good enough.

6. That's a deal then. Looking forward to working with you. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

7. Amazingly, we're ahead of schedule on this project.

8. I recommend to shareholders that you accept Megabook's offer for our company.

9. As you know, Megabook wants to buy this company. As chief financial officer, what do you think of their offer, Saleem?


Exercise 42

A management consultant is talking about meetings. Put what she says into a logical order.


1 point and shouldn’t ramble. And then there are those who want to show

2 moving. If they do this, it's amazing how much ground you can cover.

3 Of course, everyone wants meetings to be productive and achieve results. But from personal experience, we know that a lot of them are a waste of

4 off – to show how important and clever they are – the chairman should keep things

5 the point. And we've all seen those annoying people who keep on wandering off the

6 time, and nothing is achieved. In order for discussion to be useful, people should not go off on digressions: they should stick to

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