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I. Read and translate the text, using a dictionary if necessary.

II. Find in the text the English equivalents of the following:

III. Supply the missing words or word combinations choosing among those given below.

1) The sociologist has ... of examining human interactions. 2) Sociology is the ... study of social behavior and human groups. 3) As a field of study, sociology has an ... scope. 4) Sociologists are not ... to just recognize this fact. 5) Thus ... simply accepting this fact as it is, sociologists study and analyze it thoroughly. 6) This term ... the body of knowledge obtained by methods ... systematic observations. 7) Sciences are ... divided into natural and social ones. 8) Natural science is the study of ... of nature. 9) Social science is the study of ... of human society. 10) Sociologists ... examine our ... with people. 11) Let us examine different approaches to the ... of gambling. 12) Participants in gambling ... friendship groups. 13) For such persons gambling is .... 14) In our daily life we ... common sense to get us through ... . 15) Each piece of information must be analyzed ... other data.

a) in relationship to, b) rely on, c) a form of recreation, d) establish, e) issue, f) scientifically, g) social relations, h) various aspects, i)physical features, j) commonly, k) refers to, l) based upon, m) instead of, n) content, o) extremely broad, p) systematic, q) a distinctive way, r) unfamiliar situations.

IV. Study the following word combinations and use them in sentences of your own:

1) to focus on, 2) to have some influence on, 3) to influence smth, 4) to deal with, 5) to be concerned with, 6) to report news, 7) to involve doing smth, 8) passionate desire, to see in person, 9) to attempt to do smth, 10) shared feelings, 11) in a critical sense, 12) to be interested in smth, 13) to obtain, 14) to include, 15) to have a common focus on, 16) to remain in existence, 17) an approach to, 18) to view smth from several perspectives, 19) at least, 20) at times, 21) to seem like.

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