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Complete the table.

I variant

Active 1) The professor made us set to work. 2) They did not let the children take part in the procession. 3) They made him solve the problem immediately. 4) My friend's mother didn't let him buy a collection of beautiful stones. 5) Our chemistry teacher doesn't let us mix these two gases. Passive 1) We were made to set to work. 2) The children were not al-lowed to take part in the procession. 3) He was made to solve the problem immediately. 4) My friend wasn't al-lowed to buy a collection of beautiful stones. 5) We aren't allowed to mix these two gases.

II variant

Active 1) The doctor made the nurse test the patient's blood pressure again. 2) They made the most of European governments stop nuclear tests. 3) Sam's mother didn't let Sam smoke. 4) I won 't let you give sugar to the dog. 5) They made me act on the stage, though I do not like performing. Passive 1) The nurse was made to test the patient's blood pressure again. 2) Most of European governments were made to stop nuclear tests. 3) Sam was never allowed to smoke. 4) He will not be allowed, to give sugar to the dog. 5) I was made to act on the stage, though I do not like performing.


Appendix 4

Dialogue 1 A Trip to Wales

Teacher (T): Hi, everybody! I've got great news for you. You are the winners of "English Learners' Contest" and you are going to Wales!

A: It's fantastic! I can't believe it! It's too good to be true...

B: Wow! 1 knew it! 1 knew it!

T: Please be quiet. I'm here to tell you all you want to know.

A: When are we leaving? How long are we going to stay in Wales?

T: We are starting next week and we'll spend 5 days there.

B: What places are we going to visit?

T: First of all we'll visit 3 national parks in Wales. You know, these parks are protected by law because of their natural beauty, but people live and work there.

B: I have always wanted to see the highest mountain peak in Wales. You know... this mountain.... I can't remember its name. A: Mount Snowdon! The second highest mountain in Britain! It is 1085 metres high!

T: Yes, of course, we'll see it and other high mountains too. We'll have a special tour in the mountains.

A: I think we have to visit Cardiff, the capital of Wales and the main port.

T: Certainly, we'll see the castle, the cathedral and the university in Cardiff.

B: What about other big cities- Swansea and Newport?

T: Sorry, not this time. But if you win another contest... who knows... we may have a chance...

Dialogue 2 A Holiday in Scotland.

Father (F): Well, kids, I've got wonderful news for you!

A: What is it, Daddy? Are we going to the circus?

B: I know, we are going to the zoo!

F: No, kids. It's much better. You've been so good this school year that I decided to take you on holiday.

A: Wow! Where are we going? Is Mummy coming too?

F: Of course she is. We're going to the Highlands of Scot­land, my birthplace.

A: Great! Dennis was there last summer with his parents and he loved it.

B: I think that's very interesting, Dad! You know, Miss Hunter, our Geography teacher, told us yesterday that the Highlands of Scotland are famous for their scenery and people from all over the world come there and ad­mire it.

F: Miss Hunter is quite right. There is nothing like the high mountains, deep valleys and grassy plains of my bonny Scotlands. "My heart's in the Highlands" Robert Burns wrote. You know, when I speak of Scotland I become something of a poet myself.

B: Oh yes, we know that. When are we going? Where are we going to stay? In a hotel? How are we going to get there?

A: Shall I take my skis? Is there any snow? Is it cold in Scot­land in summer?

B: Oh, Dad, it's so exciting!

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