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Foiled Bank Robbery

Another Funny Bungling Burglar Tale From Mexico

Robbers broke into the Telefonica Movistar cell-phone store in Morelia, Mexico recently with the aim of stealing some mobile phones.

In their haste to get away they grabbed the first phones that came to hand - hollow replicas, used normally for display purposes only.

Employees explained to Will and Guy that the bungling burglars overlooked real cell phones and cash in another part of the shop.

Man Drops Swag, Locks Keys In Getaway Car, Shoots Himself
- Surely One of The Dumbest Criminals:

A man who had spent 20 years in prison for bank robbery back in 1963 thought he would try again in 2003 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA. He demanded and received several thousand dollars from two surprised bank cashiers and as he fled he spilled $100 notes in his wake as he attempted to stuff the cash into his pockets and get away.

When he reached his hired getaway car this stupid criminal realised that he had locked his keys inside. This bungling burglar promptly took to his heels and fled the scene on foot followed by two passersby who grabbed him. The fleeing felon attempted to pull out his gun but failed, and shot himself in his leg but kept fighting his would be arresters; one of whom shot the suspect.

The local police have charged the robber with 8 felonies, including robbery and 2 counts of attempted murder. The suspect was attended to in hospital and recovered.

No, you couldn't make it up

Geography Lesson for the Bank Robber

First thing one Monday morning, a robber broke into the bank, and pointed his guns at the cashier said,

'Give me all your money, or you'll be GEOGRAPHY!'

The cashier laughed and said, 'You mean to say 'HISTORY.'

The robber answered, 'Don't change the subject.'

Sign Here

Louise went into her bank to cash a cheque. She looked so hesitant that the cashier went to help her. 'Please sign the back of the cheque', the teller told her, 'as you'd sign a letter'.

Louise looked extremely grateful, scribbled on the cheque and passed it back to the cashier.

Signed on the back was: 'Yours affectionately, Louise.'

Foiled Bank Robbery

The Weiner Journal reported this item last Monday: a prospective bank robber was foiled in an attempt to rob the Landeskbank-Hypothekenbank in Vienna when he was directed to a different counter.

The clerk he approached told him that she did not 'deal with those types of queries'.

There was a big queue for the next cashier so the man, who was holding a silver box that he claimed was a bomb, fled before repeating his request.

Clerk Maria Bertel said, 'He came up to me wearing his scarf wrapped high around his face and said he wanted money. I said I didn't deal with money here and told him to go to the next counter.

'It was only afterwards I realised he was trying to rob the bank. We called the police, but by the time they came he had run off.'

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