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Exploratory task 2.6

Mark as appropriate or inappropriate

Statements Appropriate or not
A/ A man not opening the door to the woman B/ Man and woman walking together, woman carrying a heavy bag C/ A man not helping a woman out of the bus D/ A man not giving up the seat in the bus for a woman E/ A person telling the police the truth about his friendís involvement in the crime F/ A married man living with his parents G/ A young married couple paying more attention to themselves than to their newly born child  


Exploratory task 2.7

Read the following description of the American character and draw comparisons with your home culture:

American culture Learners' home culture
Physical appearance is a key to U.S. culture. Americans are obsessed with body hygiene. They take many showers, wash their hair often and usually wear clothes only once. People who have body odor, bad breath, oily hair, and do not wear fresh clothes every day may be rejected because of their odor. Americans are likely to be extremely cautious when they meet a new person who seems to want to get closely involved with them. "What does this person want?" they seem to be asking. "How much of my time will it take? Will I be able to withdraw from the relationship if it gets too demanding?" Americans are explicitly taught not to discuss religion or politics. Politics and religion are thought to be "controversial", and discussing a controversial topic can lead to an argument. Americans are taught to avoid arguments, unlike other people who consider politics to be an excellent topic for discussion and debate.  

Input reading 3

Communicative teaching

Communicative teaching can be successful if the teaching techniques help to replicate authentic communication in the classroom

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