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Mixed tenses: letters

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. (A variety of tenses will be needed, as well as some conditionals and imperative forbe able usecan/could where possible.)

Part 1

Dear Hilda

1 I just (hear) that my mother isn't very well, and I (like) to go am see her. The trouble is I can't take my dog Tim with me. 2 You (think) you (be able) possibly look after him for a week? 3 You (have) him for a week last year, you (remember), and you (say) he (be) no trouble, and (get) on well with your dog.

4 If you (be able) have him, I (be able) bring him along any time that (suit) you. 5 He (have) his own bed and bowl, and I (bring) enough tinned dog food to last him a week.

6 But if it (not be) convenient, (not hesitate) to say so. 7 There (be) quite good kennels near here, and they (take) him if I (ask). 8 He (be) there once before and (seem) to get on all right.


Part 2

Dear Sarah

9 I (be) very sorry to hear about your mother's illness, and (be) glad that you (go) to Scotland to see how she is. 10 It (be) nice for her see you.

11 Of course I (look) after Tim. 12 We thoroughly (enjoy) having him last year and my dog (miss) him when he (leave) and (look) for him everywhere. 13 I'm sure he (be) delighted to see him again.

14 You (bring) him on Tuesday afternoon? Or, if that (not suit), an time on Wednesday. 15 (not bother) to bring dog food; I (have) plenty. 16 I hope you (have) time to have tea with me when you (bring) Tim, and that by then you (have) better news of your mother.


Part 3

Dear Peter

17 You by any chance (know) where Bob is? 18 I (like) to find out because I just (hear) of a job that exactly (suit) him, but if he (not apply) fairly soon of course he (not get) it.

19 I last (see) him about a month ago, when he just (leave) his job with the film company. 20 He (say) he (go) to France {had decided to go to France) for a holiday and (promise) to send me a postcard with his French address as soon as he (find) a place to stay. 21 But I (hear) nothing since then and (not know) even whether he (go) to France or not.

22 If you (know) his address I (be) very grateful if you (phone) me. 23 I (try) :o phone you several times but your phone (not seem) to be working.


Part 4

Dear Sir

24 I (be) interested in the furnished cottage near Dedham which you (advertise) in yesterday's Telegraph, for my husband and I (come) to England in June and (require) accommodation for three months. 25 You please (tell) me exactly where it (be) and give me details of bus and train services in the area. 26 I also (like) to know about the local shops. 27 I (be able) to shop without a car? 28 My husband (hope) to hire a car, but I (not drive) and he (not be) free very often to take me shopping, so we (need) a cottage on a bus route. 29 The local shops still (deliver)? I (know) they (do) ten years ago.

30 I (be) grateful also if you (tell) me whether you supply sheets etc. and whether a laundry (call) at the house. 31 The rent you (ask) (sound) reasonable for the size of the cottage. How you (like) it paid? Weekly, monthly or in advance?

32 My husband and I (be) abroad for ten years, but before that we (live) near Dedham, which is why we (want) to spend our holidays there. 33 My husband also (write) a book about Constable and (like) to finish it in the area where he, Constable, (paint) most of his

34 Mr Jones, the bank manager, (know) us since we (live) in the area and I (be) sure he (recommend) us as suitable tenants. 35 I of course (be willing) to send a deposit.

36 I (be) grateful for an early reply and (enclose) a stamped addressed envelope.

Yours faithfully
Pamela Smith

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