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Use the word in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.


The School Play   Congratulations to all involved with the school (1)______of The Woman Next Door. The (2)_______was carried out by the Art Department, and the posters were very (3)____________.We certainly have some very (4) ___________students in our school! Many people helped with building and painting the (5)_______ and the play was written by the English Department, who managed to create an (6)________ story, with excellent songs. The music was written by Sue Porter, who also (7)________the singers on the piano. Everyone enjoyed a thoroughly (8)______ evening, and there was a long round of (9)_________at the end. Jim Barrett gave a brilliant (10)_______as Sergeant Moss, and Liz Aitken was a delightful Mrs Jump. Well done everyone! PRODUCE ADVERTISE IMAGINE ART SCENE AMUSE COMPANY ENTERTAIN APPLAUD PERFORM

& 10. Read, translate and learn the dialogues by heart:


- Well, how did you enjoy the play?

- Oh, enormously! I thought the production was really brilliant, and so was the acting.

- If Mark Dorrel hadn’t been ill, it would have been even better. They say he’s wonderful in the part of the inspector.

- But his understudy was very good too, particularly in the last act. Of course the plot was rather absurd

- It usually happens in detective plays.

- Take the wife, for instance. She didn’t behave like a normal human being at all. If she had only owned up to her husband, he would have settled the whole business in no time.

- But she was supposed to be a dumb blonde. And if she hadn’t been, there wouldn’t have been a plot, would there?

- And you know, there wouldn’t have been a second murder if the inspector hadn’t told everybody about his plans.

- But then the audience would have had to go home at the end of the first act.

- Then take the episode with the revolver. If he had had any sense, he would have told his wife about the gun instead of trying to hide it.

- It’s a pity you didn’t write the play. If you had, you would have made a much better job of it. The wife would have confessed to her husband, he would have told the inspector, and there wouldn’t have been any corpses. A much better play altogether. Not a thriller, of course…


- What films are on this week? Are there any worth seeing?

- “Romeo and Juliet” is on. I saw it at our local cinema the other day. Everybody says it's very good.

- As a matter of fact, I prefer seeing ballet performed at the theatre especially if the plot and the mu­sic are familiar.

- I don't quite agree with you. Sometimes I find that ballet is much more expressive on the screen.

- Do you? Then what's your opinion of the screen version of "Romeo and Juliet"?

- I think it's wonderful from beginning to end. I enjoyed every minute of it. The cast is very well chosenand the dancing's excellent.

- Well, I must go and see it for myself since you praise it so highly.

- You certainly must, I am sure it will make you change your mind about ballet films.

- We'll see. Well, then I'll be looking for­ward to having a good talk with you about it.

X Listening

Part one

The writer

You will hear an interview with Tim Rice, who wrote the lyrics for

Jesus Christ Superstar. It was first performed in the 1970s, but hasn’t been performed many times since. Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the music.

Date: 2015-12-17; view: 1912

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