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Text 3 Qualification Raising and Staff Retraining

Education of adults. Deviation from the command-and-control system of management required to review the role and place of the postgraduate staff education system, bringing it in compliance with the social and economic situation in order to adapt the existing postgraduate education system, considering prospects of the national economy development, to market requirements and thus ensure its effective functioning.

Proceeding from the actual conditions of the Republic of Belarus, a decision was made to create, within the educational system, such educational institutions according to the levels of education where efforts will be concentrated on scientific support of this trend and on improvement of qualification and retraining of educational officials and specialists. For this purpose the Republican Institute of Vocational Education, the Republican Institute of Innovation Technologies were established within the Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy.

There are 130 after graduation educational institutions where about 450,000 persons are retrained annually. Approximately 40,000 students are educated annually in 120 professional areas at 23 qualification and retraining educational institutions within the system of the Ministry of Education.

The head organization in the qualification raising system is the Postgraduate Education Academy. It is charged with the functions of organising, scientific supervision, co-ordination and methodical supply of target training of scientific-pedagogical and scientific staff for regional institutes for qualification raising and retraining of education personnel. In the Academy, they established the data bank for advanced innovation methods and pedagogical experience on which basis the assistance is rendered to region and other institutes of qualification raising, to all teachers and pedagogues. The Academy computer network is connected to the International Internet Network.

The state policy in the field of postgraduate education is based on the principles of complete satisfaction of educational institutions needs in highly qualified staff, drawing up efficient strategy of development of functioning mechanisms of the qualification improvement and retraining system, ensuring economic, legal, organizational and other warranties in this field.

In compliance with the Law of Education in the Republic of Belarus, people have the right to obtain education independently, for this purpose people's universities, schools, including evening and correspondence departments of secondary special and higher educational institutions, the external system, various programs of retraining, qualification improvement for adults, etc. have been created. Adult self-education is also carried out with the aid of libraries and other information centers and public associations.

Most scientific pedagogical investigations are performed in the National Institute of Education, the Republican Institute of Vocational Education, the Republican Institute of Higher School at the Belarusian State University, the Academy of Postgraduate Education and higher pedagogical educational institutions.

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