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How to learn vocabulary


Students are under enormous to learn huge amounts of vocabulary but they are rarely given as to how to go about it. They have a to try and learn long lists by heart, but this is hardly the most approach to the problem. The golden rule is to do lots of at regular intervals. Secondly, students should concentrate on words with the highest , particularly everyday words which also improve the students spoken . They should also take every to use the words in communicationthere is considerable evidence that learners who like using the foreign language improve their oral and their overall of the language much more rapidly than students who are to practice the language in real situations. PRESS GUIDE TEND EFFICIENCY REVISE FREQUENT FLUENT OPPORTUNITY PSYCHOLOGY ACQUIRE RELUCTANCE    


5. Choose aor the in the following passage, in some places neither is possible:

A/the professor is not a/the teacher in a/the secondary school, but has a/the highest academic position in a/the university. A/the lecturer is a/the university teacher. Lecturers and professors give a/the lectures. Students usually have a/the tutor who gives them a/the advice and teaches students in small groups. You graduate from university with a/the degree. If you do a/the postgraduate work, you will have a/the supervisor to help and advise you.


6. Fill in the missing prepositions where it is necessary.

1) Belarusian system higher education includes educational, research and governing institutions.

2) Educational system supplies the national economy highly qualified personnel.

3) The main part full-time students belongs the age group the pupils graduated school appropriate time.

4) Study public institutions is free charge as a rule.

5) The second level scientific degree named Doctor Science the field a concrete discipline could be awarded a person who has a candidate degree already.

6) Classical universities are mostly oriented basic science and humanities.

7) Institutes mainly execute a limited number programs narrow field disciplines.

8) The right access higher education is among the major rights Belarusian citizens.

9) Admission Belarusian high educational institutions is conducted competitive examinations.

10) Participation students research is considered as a very important component their training.



1. Discuss the following question:

1) What to teach and how to teach in modern universities?

2) What improvements should be made to our countrys education system?

3) Prepare short presentations about the founding fathers of the educational system in Belarus (F. Skorina, Simon Budny, Vassil Tyapinski ,etc.).

4) What proverbs or sayings can prove that education is very important and necessary thing?


2. Comment on the following quotations and discuss them with your partner(s):

a) Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts (H. Adams).

b) Education has for its object the formation of character (H. Spencer).

c) Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught (O. Wilde).

d) Knowledge is the antidote of fear (R. Emerson).

e) Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers (A. Tennyson).


3. Explain the following proverbs:

a) Live and learn. , .

b) Its never too late to learn. .

c) Knowledge is power. .

d) Knowledge is wealth. .

e) Knowledge is light. .


4. Using the USEFUL VOCABULARY at the beginning of Part A prepare a talk for a foreign audience on the system of education in your country. Present it and answer the questions that may arise.


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