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Session 5. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly chemical and technological processes

14.00 - 16.30

Session Co-Chairs:O.A. Berseneva, C. Sc. (Biology), Faculty of Biology and Soil Science, Irkutsk State University

P.R. García,Chemical Engineer, University of San Carlos of Guatemala, Guatemala

Location Lecture Hall: 428
  1. Chaus V.O.Biokraftstoffe in der Luftfahrt
2. Churikova A.O.Petrothermal resources
  1. Hudinina V.S. Gashydrate - eine Alternative zu Erdgas
  2. Gornostaev R.À. Transporting of liquid raw material in petrochemical industry
  3. Klevanova E.S.Perspectives of energy and resource saving in natural gas and associated gas processing
  4. Lukashova K.S.The environmental aspects in the field of polyethylene
  5. terephthalate waste recycling
  6. Nedyalkova K.Y. Providing technological control over production and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials and products
  7. Nikolaeva Y.A. Utilización del sensor bioquímico durante el seguimiento ambiental
  8. Rozhdestvenskaya M.S.Possibility of energy crops cultivation for biofuels in Russia
  9. Tarasov I.V.Wellenkraftwerk

12. Uliyanova M.A.Biofuels production and using technology

  1. Zavedenskiy K.E.Electric cars: solution or postponing

Session 6. Green Building

14.00 - 16.30

Session Co-Chairs:Marina A. Nekrasova, C.Sc, Associate Professor, Ecological Faculty, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

Location Lecture Hall: 303
  1. Chernova A.A. Análisis de funcionalidad de software en el simulación ambiental

2. Gutorova L.V. LCA in green building

  1. Doronina G.N.Eco-cities: reality or utopia

4. Ermakova K.V. Energiequelle Sonne

  1. Soloviev A.N., Zhuravlev S.D. Healthy buildings and people’s health
  2. Yukhno M.Air pollution and urban structure linkages
  3. Zyukova K.V.Classification of Kazakhstan’s cities according to the green infrastructure state

Session 7. Legal and economic framework for environmental management

14.00 - 16.30

Session Co-Chairs:S.A. Tobratov, D.Sc.(Biology), Ryazan State University named after S.A.Yesenin, Ryazan

A.M. Aleinikova, C.Sc.(Geography), Associate Professor, Department of Geoecology, Ecological Faculty, PFUR

Location Lecture Hall: 310
  1. Drygval A.V., Drygval P.V.Theconcept of sustainable development
  2. FefelovaJ.M. Der Wald muss gerettet werden

3. Grigorets E.A. Remote sensing systems and forecasting of environmental situations after forest fires in the European part of Russia

4. Tsagolova A.S. Analysis of accounting and control of ozone-depleting substances in the Russian Federation

Session 8. Ecology, politics and society

14.00 - 16.30

Session Co-Chairs:

Location Lecture Hall: 325

1. Chertenkova A. P.Ecological zoning of the Khibiny

  1. Filippova D.V.Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions to the atmosphere
  2. Frolova K.V. Landfill site selection by using gis and ahp. case study: Tver region
  3. Golovanov M.D. Environmental assessment of the atmosphere surface layer aerosols in Moscow
  4. Kan V.S. Comparative analysis of the waste management problems in megacities
  5. Razumovskaya M.P. Nord streàm - a reliable and efficient supply route for Russian gas to Europe
  6. Saprykina K.P. The environmental problem of waste and methods of disposal
  7. Shapoval A.I. Economic and ecological role of urban agglomerations
  8. Kharlamova M.D., Shpakovich A.V., Mazygula E.D. The energy sector of the crimea peninsula: problems, current situation and development prospects (retrospective analysis)
  9. Sukhorukova S.O. Hydrogeological conditions on the territory of Kizel coal basin

25 November 2015, Wednesday
Location: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Ecological Faculty
10.00 – 12.00 Lecture Hall: 416 Parallel sessions
12.00 -12.30 Coffee break
12.30 - 14.00 Lecture Hall: 416   Parallel Interactive Workshops, Master Classes and Round Tables – Presentation of International Educational Programs and English as a second language international exams
14.00 - 15.00 Closing ceremony & Free microphone


Parallel Sessions

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