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V. Work with your partner. Discuss the following options and justify your choice.

1. You do a lot of travelling on business. Your company pays your air fares and you have collected 'frequent flyer' miles from the airlines that you can exchange for free flights. If you use them for your own personal travel, nobody will know. Will you

a. use them for business trips and save your company money?

b. use them to upgrade your seat to first class on business trips?

c. book that holiday in the Bahamas that you've always wanted?


2. You are the manager of a charming pub in the country a long way from the nearest town. The owner of the pub wants you to run an 'all you can drink' campaign where the customers can have as much beer as they want for a fixed price. It's bound to attract more customers and be very profitable. Will you

a. refuse to do it, in case it encourages people to drink and drive?

b. agree to do it, but put up posters warning against drink-driving and start selling black coffee as well as beer?

c. refuse to do it unless you receive a profit-related bonus?


3. You are the owner of a small business. One of your suppliers, an old friend, has asked you to pay them cash for an order so they can avoid paying VAT. There's no chance of your getting into trouble even if the tax office find out because it is your supplier's responsibility to declare it, not yours. Will you

a. refuse?

b. warn your friend that they could get into trouble but agree if they insist?

c. agree? (After all, what are friends for?)


4. You have run out of stationery at home and there's plenty of nice blank paper and envelopes in your desk at work. Will you

a. resist the temptation to take any home?

b. take a little home to keep yourself going until you can buy some more?

c. take plenty-home so you don't run out again?


5. You work in the purchasing department of a large company. One of your suppliers has sent you a Christmas present—a case of wine. They know you shouldn't accept it because they also sent a note promising not to tell any of your colleagues about it. Will you

a. send the wine back and never buy anything from that supplier again?

b. send the wine back and explain you can only accept gifts up to a certain value?

c. send the wine back and say that you prefer fine malt whisky?


6. You are a financial manager. Until last year, your company had an unbroken record of rising earnings per share, but last year's profits were down. Fortunately you have received a very large order since the beginning of the present financial year. Your boss tells you to record the new order in last year's accounts, so you don't spoil the company's track record. Will you

a. explain it might mislead shareholders and refuse?

b. refuse unless you can include a note about it in thesmall print in the annual report?

c. agree and suggest some other 'legal' ways of making the figures look better this year?


7. You are friendly with someone in the strategic planning department of your company. One day, they give you some confidential information. They tell you about a company they are going to target for take-over. They are sure the share price will rise. You could make a lot of money if you buy shares now. Will you

a. tell your colleague they shouldn't pass on confidential information?

b. thank your colleague but do nothing?

c. tell your broker to buy as many shares as they can?


8. You are the owner of a small company. A friend offers you a free copy of a computer software program that you need at work. If you accept their offer, you won't have to pay the $700 licensing fee to the software company. Will you

a. turn down your friend's offer and buy your own copy?

b. accept your friend's offer?

c. accept their offer and charge the company $700 which vou can Docket tax-free?

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