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A) Read the text about what Ukrainian people think about the theatre and pay attention to the difference between classical and modern art.



Today we usually refer to the modern art with a commonplace, brutal phrase “it doesn’t really exist”. We prefer calling it “kitsch” and reproach for the lack of feeling and deep ideas as well as for the low artistic quality. But I personally would put it the other way: it’s not the art that is guilty for the deteriorating of its prosperity and high quality, but the people with an underdeveloped esthetic taste. If one wants to enjoy art nowadays, one should be able to distinguish between rotten “pop” and genuine art and definitely cherish the sparkling pearls rarely but still found in the shell of the artistic bohemia.


B ……………………………

We are all taught to believe that classical art is out of comparison. Nobody should doubt it. But if somebody claimed it in front of me, I would passionately argue the idea. Indeed, the classical theatrical performance inclines high quality rendering and as the matter of the fact forgives no flaws either in colour of the voice or in costume design. The actor with artificial gestures and words overemphasized wouldn’t have been a success. Being squeezed into the tight brackets of what is known as “splendid” and “rotten” performance; classical theatre has less freedom to experiment and thus is less expressive.

C ……………………….

The situation with the modern theatre is totally different. It’s just awfully outstanding. First of all, the ability of the actors to keep the audience in suspense is worth receiving an acclamation. One can never predict the outcome of the next scene. The action on the stage seems to hypnotise and spiritualise one’s age. The actors play with conviction and passion and this can be a decent excuse if some understudy should fall short with his part.


D ………………………..

The interior of the modern theatre is also impressive. It would remind you of the fireside performances rather than of great openings, yet it doesn’t decrease the scene of beauty the young actors create. Some modern theatres require you to take your shoes off, it might be found a little weird by the “outsider”, but still, it makes the performance so personal, so private, and so real.


E ………………………..

The most promising modern drama company is “Kiev Modern Ballet” troupe directed by the Italian producer Radu Policaru. They venture to the most original and freaky interpretations of the classics and put up some outstanding original play written both by Ukrainian and Italian playwrights. That’s where the international cooperation starts! If you should go to this kind of ballet for the first time you will be taken aback by the plot told in the most expressive body-language of the young and passionate dancing cast as well you will be definitely impressed with the weirdest but still involving jest of the performance. What is more, Radu Policaru dares combine “pointe” dance, which has conquered the wide recognition on stage and proved to become “classics” of the ballet now and then, with R&B, modern step and gymnastic elements. So to enjoy the play to the fullest you might want to book for the balcony seat, otherwise the “picture” of the dance production won’t be observed as a whole. Usually due to the intensive rendering each scene never exceeds 40 minutes in time and as a rule two scenes are separated with the interval during which the audience can visit the cafeteria, to saunter around the lobby and exchange opinions on what is going on. The second scene is oftentimes perceived as being much shorter and so involving that you sometimes forget to breathe. When the last curtain falls the audience encores the cast and shows their appreciation by giving the extraordinary turmoil of applause.


F …………………………….

The most terrific productions of the “Kiev Modern Ballet” are “Force of Destiny”, “Carmen TV” and “Shakeaspearements”. “Force of Destiny” is a dynamic play based on the original libretto by choreographer Radu Policaru and the music from “Le Forze del Destino”. Nine actors-dancers take part in this choreographed play with the leading role taken by the young opera singer Alyona Hrebenyuk whose wonderful voice compels the action along with the contemporary music, but it is the dancers who are the driving force behind the drama and it is their stunning movements that comment, sympathise and sometimes provoke the destiny of the heroine. ”Verona Myth: Shakespearements” is a brilliant story told in the language of the contemporary choreography. If you watched it, you’d be satisfied. This ballet is based on Shakespeare’s sonnets and the famous “Romeo & Juliet” tragedy in which we come face to face with a world full of drama and inner turmoil. Having decided to play the parts of the Verona sweethearts, the dancers become something more than simply actors and seem to get to the very heart and passion of Shakespeare’s world, bringing it to life.

Actually, these are the most impressive productions of “Kiev Modern Ballet”. If you watched all of them, you would understand an important thing. The strength of their expressivity is not even closely limited to it, because it goes far beyond the imagination of the hackneyed trivial homo sapience.


b) Match the headings (1–6) given below to the correct paragraphs (A–F) of the text. Do it in figures and letters.

1. Classical theater

2. Modern theatre

3. The interior of modern theatre

4. “Kyiv Modern Ballet” company

5. Modern art

6. “Kyiv Modern Ballet” production


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