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8. a) If you do the crossword ‘Playing in the Theatre’, you’ll find a new word. Explain it.

1.     ___       ////////        

1. Which play lasts one act only?

2. What is the time when all the people in a play practise before a public performance?

3. How do we call all actors who perform in a play?

4. What is the part of the theatre where people sit?

5. How is the front door that you go through to enter a theater building called?

6. How do we name the raised area in the theatre which actors stand on when they perform?

7. What is the row of lights above the stage in a theatre?

8. How do we call the line of seats in a theatre?

9. How do we call the group of people who come to watch and listen to someone performing in public?

10. What is the large printed picture used to advertise a play?

11. How do we name the skills at inventing a new piece of art?

12. What is the printed piece of paper that shows that you have paid to enter the theatre?


b) Prepare your own puzzle (at least 10 words on the topic “Theatre”), using a dictionary. Give a definition of your mystery word.

9. You are a stage hand, who has been working on the Siddons’ stage for 3 years. Describe the stage and all its parts to a new stage hand completing the statements below. Use the prompts below. Write you answer in figures and letters.

1) backcloth 4) downstage 7) scenery 10) trapdoor
2) backstage 5) dressing room 8) set 11) upstage
3) curtain 6) footlights 9) spotlight 12) wings

a) ________ is something built and provided with furniture, scenery, etc.

b) ________ is a painted cloth hung across the back of the stage.

c) ________ is at or towards the back of the stage.

d) ________ is at or towards the front of the stage.

e) ________ is behind the stage, especially in the dressing room of the actors.

f) ________ is a room behind the stage where an actor can get ready for his performance.

g) ________ is the sides of a stage, where an actor is hidden from view.

h) ________ is a sheet of heavy material drawn or lowered across the front of the stage.

i) ________ is a row of lights along the front of the floor of a stage.

j) ________ is a lamp with a movable narrow beam.

k) ________ is the set of painted backgrounds and other objects used on a stage.

l) ________ is a small door, covering an opening in the front on a stage.


10. Can you find your way in a theatre building? Follow the numbers 1-13 in the picture below. Every number means that you’re somewhere in the building. Write the number and the place as in the example.

E.g. 1 – cloakroom


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