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Free Fantasian Radio - the voice of democracy. It’s ten o’clock, and here is Lucy Voronesk with the latest news.’


‘Figures released today show that average earning have gone up by 60 % over the last twelve months. Official sources say that this is due to the government’s successful economic policies, which have led to more efficient management and greater productivity. Industrial output has risen by 43% during the last year, and exports have gone up by 52%. Inflation is down to approximately 3%.

According to police figures, about 5,000 people took part in yesterday’s anti-government demonstration. In spite of police efforts to maintain order, there was violence throughout the march. Stones and petrol bombs were thrown at government buildings, and at least 200 people were hurt in fighting which broke out after speeches by opposition leaders in Wesk Square.

There has been flooding in the south of the country, following last week’s heavy rains. Prompt action by local army units has limited the damage, and the few people affected have now been able to return to their homes.

Dr Joseph Brodsk, Deputy Governor of Stranvegan from 1976 to 1981, died yesterday at his home in Banhooly. He was 78. The President has sent a message of sympathy to Mrs Brodsk.

News has just come in of a plane crash at East Mork Airport. First reports say that two aircraft were involved, and that several people were killed, but no further details are available for the moment.

And now the weather forecast. It will be warm, with continuous sunshine in all parts of the country. The outlook for the weekend is similar, with temperatures in the high thirties.’


Democratic Fantasian Radio - the voice of freedom. Ten a.m. Here is the news, read by Aldo Fisk.’

‘According to the organisers, at least 200,000 people took part in yesterday’s demonstration against the government’s economic policies. After marching through the city centre, demonstrators gathered in Wesk Square to hear speeches by opposition leaders. The demonstration remained calm, in spite of aggressive behaviour by police. Two people are reported to have been hurt in fighting which broke out briefly after the demonstration.

Economics experts say that average earnings have gone down by 12% since this time last year. Critics of the government say that its economic policies have led to infficient management and lower productivity. Industrial output has fallen by 27% over the year, and exports are down by nearly 40%. Inflation has risen to 37%, and the Fantasian grotnik now stands at 374 to the US dollar.

Widespread floods in Southern Fantasia have made at least 80,000 people homeless. Help by the army came too late to prevent serious damage to buildings and farmland. Damage is estimated at three billion grotniks.

News has just come in that Dr Amelia Musk has died of a heart attack at her home in Chingport. Dr Musk, who was well known for her political writings, had been ill for some time. She was 62.

And now the weather. It will be cold and wet, with strong winds. There may be some snow on high ground. The weekend will be very cold, with maximum temperatures approximately five degrees Celsius.’

(from The Cambridge English Course 3, by M.Swan, C.Walter. Unit 12. Less. A)




Lesson B

News broadcast


ANNOUNCER: [Music] And here are the top stories on our six o’clock news update. A seven-twenty-seven airplane that had left Washington, D.C., on a flight to Toronto, Canada, was forced to return to Washington yesterday. Shortly after take-off, a passenger discovered that she was about to give birth to a baby. The pilot quickly turned the plane around and returned to Washington, and the woman was taken to a hospital where she had a baby boy. Both the mother and child are doing fine.


[Sound of typing] Police arrested a woman in a public phone booth this morning. She was threatening the life of her stockbroker. He had received over a hundred calls from the woman in the last week. Apparently, the woman was angry because she had lost over fifty thousand dollars on the stock market after she followed her stockbroker’s advice.


[Sound of typing] A Miami man was fined four thousand dollars yesterday for stealing an ambulance. The ambulance was parked in front of his apartment building while the ambulance driver was making a phone call at a nearby telephone booth. Apparently, the man was late for work and had been waiting for a bus for over half an hour. The man started up the ambulance and was driving off when the driver saw what was happening. He called the police, who stopped the ambulance a few blocks away.


[Music]That’s the news for this hour; we’ll be back with more stories at seven o’clock.

[Music fades]


(from Interchange 3, by J.Richards. Unit 4)



Lesson A

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