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What would be the service we would offer to the market?

Healthy Food Supermarkets - Supermarkets of new generation


What would be the service we would offer to the market?


Today a considerable quantity of people is experiencing difficulties with a healthy food. As a rule, the majority of us hasn't enough time, and possibilities on finding, buying and preparing really healthy food. To some people time is very expensive and that way, they are not ready to spend their time on purchases and preparing a dish which wouldn't be injurious to their health, that is why such people are contented with fast food. However, the lack of time is not the main problem, what’s really important is a possibility to find such shop in which it would be possible to get healthy food, somewhere nearby your house. The majority of shops and hypermarkets don't care of the quality of their product: they are only retailers and, as a rule, sell products bought from other suppliers. It means that there is a big chance of buying a meal of bad quality on the counters of such shops. After all there is a set of risks which can be reflected in quality of the goods which were bought that way. For example, a package of a product can be damaged during transportation, and a product can get spoilt already in shop: it would be difficult to notice defect visually, however, after using this product, the person can be disappointed in quality of service in particular shop. So the shop will gradually lose the buyers and, undoubtedly, it will result in decrease of profitableness of business. That is why it is necessary for shops to care of the offered goods.


So, we offer an innovative business idea for Russia: a supermarket, which will trade production (mainly foodstuff), without buying it from suppliers, and making on its own behalf.


Foodstuff will be made on agro-farms, in natural and safe conditions, and all production will be checked by scientists in specially equipped laboratories.

In such supermarket it is possible to implement special system of payment: buyers can get special cards and it will be possible to make a credit account in advance. Carrying out purchases the buyer himself can play a role of "cashier", putting bar codes and a payment card to the special device. At such system of payment the probability of occurrence of queues and, accordingly, loss of sales because of idle time is low. Realization of special system of discounts is also possible: on special cards will operate the memory system so the buyer receives bigger discounts as the quantity of purchases increases (not only for one-time purchases,

but also for all visitings of our supermarket). Besides, the convenient system of payment for the goods by mobile phone is offered. Thus, if you have forgotten your card - you can always pay for your goods, and from the special account of your phone the purchase sum will simply be written off.

Also in our supermarket will be established special system of informing on the accessible goods etc. with possibility of consultation. For convenience of visitors special displays will be established where each buyer can quickly learn where is necessary product. Within the limits of the given system of informing, the full database of available goods and their individual characteristics also will be access-

ible to buyers.

The system of non-polluting processing of garbage (plastic material) is another feature of this supermarket. The special devices accepting plastic bottles for a certain payment will be established. The received material will be processed, and also will be used in the further manufacturing for the purpose of lower costs.

In our supermarket will operate the system of «client’s wishes»: if there are no goods, on which there is great demand, available, each buyer can vote and, at certain quantity of voices, the goods will be produced again.
Supermarkets will be located so that it would be as much as possible convenient to buyers to reach them. In each district of the city there will be a branch of our supermarket.

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