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Whose expertise becomes the critical factor for Bill and Stan.


We have to make up! Let's make up!

"To make up" is an excellent phrasal verb meaning

to apologize to each other after a fight.


I need your help! I don't give a shit!

This is a common and crude way to say "I don't care."


She's being called to rebut the testimony of George Wilber.

"To rebut" something is to claim it isn't true. "Testimony" are the words that a person says while answering questions at a trial.


Ms. Vito

A widely used word that combines "Miss and Mrs."


Can I treat her asa hostile witness?

A legal term for a witness who is helping the other side.


I'd like to voire dire this witness as to the extent of her expertise.

A French legal term meaning "to question."


Have you worked as a mechanic?

Unless stated otherwise, this refers to a "car mechanic."


Tune ups, oil changes, rebuilt trannies...

Refers to things that mechanics do with cars: A "tune-up"

adjusts the motor. A "trannie" is short for "transmission."


What would the ignition timing be of a 1955 model?

This is a question that only a mechanic could understand!


A trick question! Chevy didn't make a 325 in 1955!

A good expression for a question that can't possibly be answered.


In 1964, the correct ignition time would be 4 degrees before center.

Again, this is something that only a mechanic could say!


Does the defense’s case hold water?

If something "doesn't hold water," it means that it can't be true.


There is no way these marks were made by a '63 Tempest.

Refers here to tire marks. A '63 Tempest is a type of car model.


The car had positraction.

A fancy word for something tires can do.


There was limited slip differential on the '64 Skylark.

Another term that only a mechanic could understand.


The '64 Skylark had a rear axle, independent rear suspension and positraction.

Again, unimportant words that only a mechanic would use.


The other car is the same body length, weight and body shape.

Noted here, because this is an important fact for Bill and Stan!


Both cars were made by GM and available in metallic green.

Short for "General Motors," which is a huge American auto company.


I'd like to recall Mr. Wilbur.

Here, "to recall" someone is to return them as an official witness.


She's cute, too, your honor.

A nice and common word that sort of combines pretty and charming.



You realize that you're still under oath?

To be "under oath" is a legal term referring to a person's legal promise to tell the truth, usually after placing their hand on a bible.


On a hunch, I took it upon myself to see if there was a

metallic green Pontiac Tempest with size 75R tires.

A "hunch" is a great word for an intuitive feeling.


A 357 magnum revolver was also found in their possession.

A type of gun.


The defense rests.

Official way to say "we have completed our case."


Order in the court!

This is an official way for a judge to say "everyone shut up!"


Y'all come back and see us!

A very Southern way to say "[I hope] you all will come back...."


You're one hell ofa trial lawyer.

A colloquial expression meaning great or excellent.


I guess that plan is moot.

This is a good little adjective that means "no longer

important given what's already happened"



An important word meaning suddenly, and

without planning or thought done in advance.

My Cousin Vinny

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