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Our Evenings together

We are planning to hold to give you as much space to self organize evenings. For this, we would like to ask you to bring foods and drinks that are special to you, that have to do with your reality or that say something about you. Please remember that the centre does not have kitchen facilities for the participants, so do not bring anything that needs to be cooked. We suggest you bring:

CDs, MP3s with music that you like

Your creativity

An object that represents or brings peace to you


Coffee Breaks

If you want you can also bring with you a pack of your favourite cookies or snacks that we can then share with each other along the week during the coffee breaks.


Online learning Moodle platform

This residential seminar will bring together 28 participants from various countries, communities and organisations.

Most of you are registered and using the Moodle learning platform for the course. Please make sure you complete all assignments given by the time you reach Budapest (including HR barometer and the self-assessment). E-learning is an intergral part of the Youth Peace Ambassadors project and requires equal attendance as the residential phases.

Shall you have problems with e-learning platform do not hesitate to contact: Ruxandra Pandea, anca-ruxandra.pandea@coe.int or Gabriella Tisza, gabriella.tisza@coe.int. You can at any time use the Troubleshooting forum where you can get support from the entire team and your colleagues.



With regard to your travel expenses and the provision of board and lodging, we would draw your attention to the conditions laid down in the administrative rules communicated to you by email (DJS/G (2011) 7 E). All participants should arrive at the European Youth Centre Budapest on Sunday, 19 June 2011 before 19h00 and depart on Sunday 26 June after breakfast.

To secure full reimbursement of travel costs, you should arrange your journey according to the criteria set out in document : Participants are requested to arrange their journey by the most economical route and to make use, wherever possible, of any available reduced tariffs (excursion, weekend, etc). You are expected to attend for the full duration of the seminar. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend the course, please inform the EYCS immediately to allow for your replacement by a candidate from the waiting list.

Your travel expenses will only be reimbursed upon presentation of documentary evidence ofthe sum actually paid. For this reason, the original INVOICE is necessary (issued by the travel agency or other ticket issuing company). Electronic tickets will only be considered as acceptable on proof of payment (invoice) and on presentation of the boarding pass for the outward journey). This evidence of the expenditure will be joined to the claim form for reimbursement together with the relevant travel tickets or a copy (plane, train, etc). Please buy return tickets for your full journey.

Local transport: the cost of the travel between home and railway station or airport is reimbursed upon presentation of the tickets (bus, train).

Taxi fares will not be reimbursed, except in the event of arrival between 9 pm and 7 am, in which case an original receipt must be presented.


Reimbursements will be made in cash, in Euros, during the second half of the seminar or by bank transfer after the course. The participation fee of 60 Euros will be deducted from this reimbursement. Should you wish reimbursement by bank transfer, please bring with you your bank details, i.e. address of the bank and IBAN.



The training course is a monolingual training course and the working language will be English. Be sure to equip yourself with necessary support such as dictionaries or digital translators, should you feel that you will need them.

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