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Does the place where a person lives reflect his/ her personality? Why (not)?

Some people think that oneís home is as much a reflection of his personality, as the clothes he wears, the food he eats, the friends he spends his time with. I agree that many homes reflect the ways of life and habits of their owners. In my view to live comfortably doesnít mean to live in luxury in a detached house with all modern conveniences and appliances, which is well furnished and nicely decorated. Certainly it wonít do any harm to have all these things, which make our life easier, more enjoyable and pleasant. Good housing conditions are very important for creating a good quality of life. But Iím convinced that all these things are not so important as the relaxing friendly atmosphere at home.

Your friend wants to decorate his/ her new flat. Give him/ her some advice how to furnish it.

I think it will be reasonable to surf the Internet in search of some examples of a design. If you choose a certain style then it will be easy to decide about the furniture. I wouldnít recommend to overcrowd the room with the furniture. There should be everything that is necessary. In this case youíll have enough space and air in your room. Besides itís easier to clean such rooms. But the most important thing about the design of any room is to make it cosy.

House of My Dream

Everyone likes dreaming. Dream is a hope for better things. It helps us to overcome the difficulties of our daily routine. A dream depends on people, on their education, nationality, character and other things. People imagine they have a lot of money, own family, an expensive car. Other people imagine themselves to be presidents of different countries or whole planets, etc..

Since the time immemorial people always wanted to make their dwelling a place, where one feels comfortable and cosy, where one always wants to come back to.

A dwelling of my dream is not a flat but a two-storeyed mansion. And as a real host(ess) Iíd like to arrange everything in the house according to my taste. Now, let me tell you about my house. When you come to me, you push a big wooden front door, and enter the hall. The floor is covered with a fitted carpet, the wallpaper is light and has a small pattern. Thereís a seat and a small table near the wall and a huge mirror above it.

Then you enter the living-room. The bright full-length curtains are drawn back, and sunshine fills the room. The living-room suite, consisting of a sideboard, a bookcase, a sofa, an elegant coffee table and three armchairs, is arranged around three walls. Thereís a video system near the window.

On the ground floor thereís also a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen is a very large room with a big window. There is a gas cooker with a hood, two wall-cupboards and a sink unit there. Near the opposite wall there is a dishwasher, a refrigerator and a table.

Letís go upstairs and have a look at the bedroom. This is a very cosy and warm room. The bedroom suite consists of a bed, two bedside tables and a wardrobe. The window overlooks the back yard. In my house there is also a terrace, a garage and a garden and so many other things Iíd like to have; at least, in my dream house.


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