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Looking for a job. (Cut you coat according to your clothes).

Houses and Homes

House is essential for manís life. A house serves as a shelter and a place to satisfy our needs: we sleep, eat, hide ourselves from bad weather, store personal property, work and rest here. So we want not just a house but home. British people often say that your home is the place where you belong and feel comfortable Some people think of home in terms of where they grew up or where the lived. For them it is a place that brings back old memories and feelings The state of a personís home may influence his or her bahaviour, feelings, emotions. Some people may become homesick when they are separated from their home environment. There are different proverbs and saying supporting the importance of home: ďMy home is my castle. East or west, home is best. Home, sweet homeĒ,etc. They reflect the role of home in different cultures. A personís home can tell us what culture he belongs to.

When I think about my housing conditions, I come to the conclusion that it doesnít really matter whether my house is large or small, it always remains the place I am most concerned about. And if everything is all right in your household then it becomes the place where you always want to return to. When after travelling my curiosity for new sights and places is satisfied I turn my thoughts towards home. I really love my home and I agree that many homes reflect the way of life and the habits and traditions of their owners . In my view to live comfortably doesnít mean to live in luxury in a detached house which is well-furnished and provided with all modern conveniences and appliances. I am sure that a relaxing and friendly atmosphere is more important. However good housing conditions are surely important to create a good quality of life and make it easier. I live in a 6-storeyed block of flats in a very picturesque place on the bank of the river. There is a big supermarket nearby and itís very convenient to do everyday shopping. Our flat is on the 5th floor. Itís very comfortable and well-planned. We have all modern conveniences: hot and cold running water, central heating, a telephone, etc. There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall in our flat. There is also a balcony and we can enjoy a lovely view of the river. The largest room is a living room. It looks very nice with the curtains on the windows that match the wall paper and the furniture. We use it both as a dining room and a sitting room. In the middle of the room there is a big table and six chairs around it. Opposite the window there is a wall unit with lots of books, a TV-set and a CD-player. There are two comfortable chairs and a small coffee-table in the corner of the room. There is also a sofa and an electric fire place in the living room. We usually gather here in the evening to have tea, watch TV, talk and rest. Itís really wonderful to have a room for yourself where Iíve got some independence and privacy. I have everything I need in my room: a bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a computer, an armchair, several bookshelves and a thick warm carpet on the floor. I like my room but I often change it round. My friends tend to come to my place and we gather in my room chatting or listening to music. Our kitchen is large and light. Itís well equipped with modern appliances: a fridge, a microwave oven, a coffeemaker, a toaster, a blender, a dishwasher etc. There is a saying:Ē Men makes houses, women make homeĒ. Itís true about my home. My father usually renovates my flat from time to time and mum makes it cosier and more attractive. All of us do our best to keep the flat clean and tidy. In conclusion Iíd like to say that everything in my home seems dear and precious to me. All small things and toys remind of my childhood. Many happy and pleasant moments of my life are connected with my home. Living under one roof people become closer and begin to understand each other better. So I can say that a house unites and for every person it is a small Universe, a sacred place where love, friendship and mutual respect reign.


Looking for a job. (Cut you coat according to your clothes).


Every person at the age of 14 to 16 has to make a very important decision: to choose his or her future career from an endless list of different jobs. Itís a very challenging task because after the relatively protected environment of school the real world can be quite a shock. There are of course some examples when people change their career paths however the earlier you decide what profession is interesting and rewarding for you the more you can achieve during your lifetime. Nowadays employers demand perfect knowledge, work experience, a range of transferable skills and such qualities as efficiency, punctuality, creativity and others. Choosing your future job you should take into consideration your interests, abilities and opportunities. If you want to become a good specialist, to keep your job and get a promotion you must be competent. There are two groups of competence: technical ( skills and knowledge to do a particular job) and personal competence that comprises initiative, sociability, etc. A person should demonstrate a problem-solving capability and know what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. And as I am going to work in the world of international business it is important to develop intercultural competence. This requirement stems from the mass globalization of business and the development of cross-cultural contacts. Intercultural competence is the ability to know foreign languages understand people of other cultures, and to work effectively with them. Negotiating skills are also essential. You should be calm, reasonable, self-confident and convincing. You should try to win your partnerís favour and make him trust you. Relationship building is a new popular term that means building good relationships with partners and clients. It is very important to handle appropriately criticism and complaints. Being extremely ambitious but not realizing their abilities well enough young people are trying to reach for the blue moon and fail. As a result they get frustrated about their future aspirations. I am trying to find the balance between not overvaluing my abilities and still staying rather ambitious. Therefore you must cut your coat according to your clothes.

When a person is busy achieving his or her aspirations he often forgets about work-life balance. Many people are too much preoccupied with their career and they have no time for rest, pleasure and spiritual development. But if you want to make a career you should be healthy and happy and remember a simple rule: we work to live but not vice versa. I realize all the requirements for a successful career and Iím convinced that my life ambitions will come true.





It goes without saying that all of us are influenced by adverts, commercials, brochures, bright pictures, free gifts that are used to advertise work, service, a certain way of life. In fact advertising has become part of our everyday life. It is a powerful means of persuading people to buy something. Advertisements are not only on TV, radio and in the press but also in shop windows, on posters, badges, T-shirts, etc. To play on our feelings and wishes to be up-to date and knowledgeable advertising makes us believe that we should be ashamed of nor buying a certain product for our families or ourselves. A lot of advertisements are not true to life. However there are some ads which I find very instructive. They persuade us to do things well. For example my mum tried dozens of soap powders before she discovered Ariel washing powder which proved to be very effective. The ads which I really like and approve of are those who tell us to act responsibly. These are adverts for healthy foods, environmentally friendly products and even charities They really appeal to the caring side of human nature. To finish Iíd like to say that I am not entirely influenced by adverts like Ďmillions of satisfied users.íí I donít believe that it is possible to become special by using a spray pop stars use. I am not going to seek ďunique experienceĒ tasting new Cola. Life itself is a unique experience and it doesnít need any advertising.



Healthy lifestyle. (Sports)


Healthy lifestyle is becoming very popular with the old and the young nowadays. Being physically active is important. For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness must become an integral part of their lives. Lots of young people are not fit at all. They have already lost the energy and happiness that comes from feeling really well. The causes are: unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, bad eating habits, etc. Fitness comes from the way you live all the time, not just from some exercises done now and then. Good eating habits, wise drinking habits, regular sleeping habits and plenty of fresh air and exercise kept up during the week are all important parts of the way to keep fit. Physical exercise is of exceptional importance as most people are leading an increasingly sedentary life. A man or a woman who takes regular exercise will stay physically fit, retain youthful vigour and keep a youthful shape. You must exercise whenever you can. Jogging has become quite popular and a lot of people run before breakfast. Skating or skiing in winter and swimming in summer must become part of your everyday life. City marathons gain popularity with people. Some people do aerobics or yoga, others prefer weight training in a gym.

A healthy diet that contains reduced amounts of fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt is an important part of staying healthy too. We must take regular meals and avoid fast food. Itís true that ďAn apple a day keeps the doctor away.Ē To stay healthy you must give up smoking, alcohol etc. As it is very dangerous. We should try to avoid stress as it causes illness. There is nothing new in all this. You must work on everything at once : exercise, diet, healthy habits. These are basic principals.

Many peopleís favourite hobby is sport. They spend much of their time playing team games like football, basketball, baseball, games for two or four people, like tennis or golf or practising an individual sport like running or swimming. Nowadays some new sports have appeared such as skydiving, skiboarding and so on. Generally people practise some kind of sport to keep fit. Some people prefer watching competitions, others like to do sport. Spectators sports attract large crowds of people to watch them. Sport may be both amateur and professional. It helps to build character, unite people, provide a challenge and can break down economic and social barriers. On the other hand professional sport has less to do with enjoyment and more to do with making money in as short a time as possible. Very often it concerns violent sports like boxing, kick boxing, etc. As a result some sportsmen take drugs to achieve excellent results and thus such sport events become a great entertainment. Every year a great number of different sport events are held, the most important of which are winter and summer Olympic games which are held every four years and contribute greatly to strengthening peace, understanding and trust among nations. This year the Olympic Games will be held in London. We can be proud of some outstanding Belarusian sportsmen such as: Victoria Azarenko in tennis, Ekateri,na Kersten in rowing, Devyatovsky in hammer throwing, Darya Domracheva in biathlon, Nadezhda Ostapchuk in disc throwing.

To sum up Iíd like to say that sport should be for enjoyment and fitness and should provide an outlet of surplus energy rather than be used as a way of making money.


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