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Homes and Buildings. English and American Home

ņ. Types of Buildings

Active Vocabulary

to dwell

to have a house of oneís own

to have a room to oneself

to have a single room

to inhabit

to live in a hall of residence / in a hostel

to live in digs / to live out

to live in the town centre / downtown (AmE) / in the suburbs / on the outskirts

to lodge

to look down on(to) / overlook/ face

to move house / home (BrE)

to move into a new flat / house

to move out

to reside

to share the room with smb.

to stay at smbís (place) / with smb.

to take / find (a) lodging(s)


apartment (AmE) flat (BrE)

a three-room(ed) flat / apartment

floor on the ground floor (BrE)

on the first floor (AmE) on the upper / top floor

storey (BrE) / story (AmE)

five-storey(ed) building (BrE)

five-storied building (AmE)

apartment building (AmE) block of flats (BrE)

bungalow cottage / chalet (Fr)

detached house

semi-detached house (BrE) / duplex (AmE)

terraced house (BrE) / row house (AmE)

villa farmhouse

hut mansion



neighbour / in the neighbourhood

convenience(s) / modern conveniences (mod cons)

air conditioning

central heating

chute electricity

lift running cold and hot water



above behind beside

between downstairs in front of

in the middle of next to

opposite under upstairs


Exercise 1. Study the descriptions of the following types of house and translate them into Russian:

1) bedsit: bedroom and living room all in one

2) block of flats: residential building consisting of apartments (flats)

3) bungalow: house with only one storey (no upstairs)

4) cottage: small house in the country or in a village

5) detached house: not joined to any other house

6) semi-detached house (informal: semi-): joined to another house

7) terraced house: joined to several houses to form a row

8) time-share: holiday flat or house where you have the right to live one or two weeks a year

9) villa: large house with big gardens or a rented house in a holiday resort / tourist area.

Exercise 2. Look at the drawings of different kinds of accommodation and say which is which:

a) a block of flats

b) a bungalow

c) a cottage

d) a detached house

e) a semi-detached house

f) terraced houses















What materials do you think the builder used to build them: brick, concrete or stone?

Where would you choose to live if you were:

a) a young couple with three children?

b) a couple without children?

c) a retired couple?

d) a young person living alone?

e) an old person living alone?

Give reasons for your choice.

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