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Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence.


a) I can't believe it, Inspector. You mean that Smith stole/has stolen/has been stealing money from the till all this time!

b) You three boys look very guilty! What did you do/have you done/have you been doing since I left/have left the room?

c) Why on earth didn't you tell/haven't you told me about that loose floorboard? I tripped/have tripped over it just now and hurt myself.

d) It's a long time since I saw/have seen/have been seeing your brother Paul. What did he do/has he done/has he been doing lately?

e) I can't believe that you ate/have eaten/have been eating three pizzas already! I only brought/have only brought them in fifteen minutes ago!

f) Don't forget that you didn't see/haven't seen Mrs Dawson. She has waited/has been waiting outside since 10.30.

g) What did you think/have you thought of Brighton? Did you stay/Have you stayed there long?

h) I feel really tired. I weeded/have weeded/have been weeding the garden for the last three hours and I didn't rest/haven't rested for a single moment.

i) I'm having problems with David. He has called/has been calling me up in the middle of the night and told/telling me his troubles.

j) How long did you have/have you had/have you been having driving lessons? And did you take/have you taken/have you been taking your test yet?


Underline the correct phrase in each sentence.


a) The price of petrol has risen/has been rising by 15% over the past year.

b) No wonder you are overweight! You have eaten/You have been eating chocolates all day long!

c) I've read/I've been reading a really good book this morning.

d) Doesn't this room look better? I've put/I've been putting some posters up on the walls.

e) Don't disappoint me! I've counted/I've been counting on you.

f) Don't forget your pills today. Have you taken them/Have you been taking them?

g) Who has worn/has been wearing my scarf?

h) I think there's something wrong with your motorbike. It's made/It's been making some very funny noises.

i) Jack has asked/has been asking for a pay-rise three times this year.

j) I've been phoning/I've phoned Ann all evening, but there's no reply.


Put each verb in brackets into the most appropriate perfect or past verb form.


a) So far we (not/notice) anything unusual, but we (not/pay) very close attention.    
b) I'm sorry I (not/come) to class lately.    
c) I (work) late in the evenings for the past fortnight.    
d) I wonder if Mary (reach) home yet? She (leave) too late to catch the bus.    
e) Here is the news. The Home Office (announce) that the two prisoners who (escape) from Dartmoor prison earlier this morning (give themselves up) to local police.      
f) (you/make up) your minds? What (you/decide) to do?      
g) Harry (leave) home rather suddenly and we (not/hear) from him since.    
h) Recent research (show) that Columbus (not/discover) America, but that Vikings (land) there five hundred years before him.      
i) I think that people (become) tired of the poor quality of television programmes, though they (improve) lately.    
j) (something/happen) to the phone lines? I (try) to get through to Glasgow for the past hour.    
k) Bill (get) that new job, but he (complain) about it ever since.    

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