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Examination Package

$$$ 1.Arabic Philosophy:

$$ Based on Aristotle’s Teaching

$ Not familiar with Aristotle’s teaching

$ Denies entirely Greek Philosophy

$ Not familiar with the Greek Philosophy


$$$ 2. Philosopher who was the first to create the difference between Culture and Civilization:

$$ Î.Shpengler

$ À. Toynbee

$ J.J.Russo

$ N.Berdjaev


$$$ 3.Which brunch of Philosophy studies the objective, driving force and direction of the historical process?

$$ social philosophy and philosophy of history

$ gnoseology

$ ontology

$ methodology and philosophy of science.


$$$ 4.Who is the author of the concept “Noble man” in Ancient China?

$$ Kon fu dzi

$ Lu-tszi

$ Khan-Fay

$ Lao-Tszi


$$$ 5.Categories denoting the interrelation between the sensible choice of a human and objective regulation of Nature and Society

$$ Necessity and Liberty

$ Part and Whole

$ Possibility and Reality

$ Consciousness and Matter.


$$$ 6.The Ancient Indian Philosophic-Religious teaching, which nowadays represents one of the World religions:

$$ Buddhism

$ Islam

$ Sufism

$ Dzhainism


$$$ 7.The ancient Greek Philosopher, who said: “Human, Discover Yourself!”

$$ Socrates

$ Plato

$ Heraclites

$ Empedocles


$$$ 8. To what trend of does Plato’s Philosophy belong?

$ Objective Idealism

$ Creationism

$ Teocentrism

$ Monotheism


$$$ 9.Theology:

$$ Teaching on God

$ Teaching on Morals

$ Teaching on being

$ Teaching on a Human



$$$ 10.Teaching on the Transformation of a Human Soul:

$$ Reincarnation

$ Brahman

$ Nirvana

$ Karma


$$$ 11.How is the method of movement from particular to the general called?

$$ Induction

$ Analysis

$ Synthesis

$ Deduction


$$$ 12.How is the method of movement from general to the particular called?

$$ Deduction

$ Induction

$ Synthesis

$ Logics


$$$ 13.Who of the below mentioned philosophers belongs to the French Enlightenment?

$$ Russo

$ Kant

$ Locke

$ Hume



$$$ 14. «Substance – Causa Sui».Who is the author of this phrase and what country he represents?

$$ Spinoza (Netherlands)

$ Heraclites

$ Zenon

$ Protagor


$$$ 15.Who is the Author of «Criticism of Pure Reason»?

$$ Kant

$ Spangler

$ Sorokin

$ Toynbee


$$$ 16.Prominent Kazakh Enlightener, Academic-Geographer, Traveler, Member of the Russian Geographic Society:

$$ Valikhanov

$ Altynsarin

$ Abai

$ Dzhambul


$$$ 17.Teaching which tells that a human is the top and super objective of the world being:

$$ anthropocentrism

$ structuralism

$ scientism

$ synergetic



$$$ 18.Who is the author of the book «On the rotating movement of celestial bodies»?

$$ Copernicus

$ Prigozhin

$ Spangler

$ Toynbee


$$$ 19.Who is the author of the book on the ideal Statehood on the Utopia Island?

$$ Tomas More

$ Epicurus

$ Plato

$ Aristotle


$$$ 20.The Author of the Book «Sun City»:

$$ Ò.Campanile

$ Socrates

$ Bruno

$ Copernicus


$$$ 21.What is the integrity of the elements and structure?

$$ system

$ subsystem

$ technology

$ methodology



$$$ 22.Teaching on the world integrity quality wise and organizational set-up?

$$ wholism

$ monism

$ dualism

$ nationalism



$$$ 23.Who created the Philosophic term ‘Categorical Imperative»?

$$ Kant

$ Hegel

$ Firebaugh

$ Galileo



$$$ 24.Who is the Author of the book «Decline of Europe»?

$$ Spengler

$ Toynbee

$ Bruno

$ Tswingli


$$$ 25. One of the pioneering Marxists in Russia:.

$$ Plekhanov

$ Solovjev

$ Berdjaev

$ Gumilev


$$$ 26.Who is the creator of the definition on the matter as objective reality reflected in our senses.

$$ V.Lenin

$ Ê.Marx

$ F.Engels

$ Hegel


$$$ 27.Teaching on Values:

$$ axiology

$ ontology

$ theology

$ anthropology


$$$ 28.What outlook evaluates the scientific knowledge as the top cultural value.

$$ scientism

$ idealism

$ materialism

$ dualism


$$$ 29.The area of a human activity that works out and creates the theoretical schemes of the objective knowledge on reality

$$ science

$ culture

$ nature

$ technology


$$$ 30.The system of views and ideas involved in realizing the attitude to the reality and among the humans

$$ ideology

$ consciousness

$ politics

$ authority


$$$ 31.Philosophic teaching accepting intuition as the only true knowledge:

$$ intuitivism

$ neopositivism

$ positivism

$ idealism


$$$ 32.The area of knowledge, studying the contemporary global problems:

$$ globalistics

$ philosophy

$ sociology

$ politology



$$$ 33.Philosophy of nature as the system of nature interpretation in its whole set-up.

$$ Natural Philosophy

$ Social Philosophy

$ Axiology

$ Anthropology


$$$ 34.The founder of Science on Politics:

$$ Aristotle

$ Kautilja

$ Suyn-Tzi

$ Mo-Tszi


$$$ 35.The key of Shopenhauer’s Philosophy:

$$world as will and presentation

$world is the set of my senses

$my treatment of my environment is my consciousness

$everything to the best in this world


$$$ 36.Philosophic trend based by O.Kont originated in XIX c. exaggerating the role of the positive knowledge:






$$$ 37.The Author of the “Book of Words”:






$$$ 38.What is principle in the cognition procedure?

$$Subject and object of cognition.

$Subject matter.

$Means of cognition.

$Ability for cognition.



$$$ 39.Philosophic approach to a human provides for:

$$getting to his essence

$measurement of his height and volume

$analysis of his behavior

$description of his appearance



$$$ 40.Stable unity of people with the common background, residing on the same territory with common culture, language, psychological way of thinking united with the integral economy and statehood:


$ethnic group


$religious community


$$$ 41.Philosophic teaching accepting the single origin and substance of the whole thing:






$$$ 42.Philosophic trend opposite to materialism:






$$$ 43. The key stage of Medieval Philosophy:






$$$ 44.Philosophic system of Hegel:






$$$ 45.Empirics is:

$$Knowledge deducted from experience

$The whole world is animated

$Mathematical method

$The true knowledge is achieved by reason


$$$ 46.The doctor who singled out the area of unconsciousness and undertook it under the professional analysis:






$$$ 47. Who of the below mentioned philosophers belongs to the representatives of the “naïve dialectics”?






$$$ 48.The extreme sides of the spiritual life of the society -

$$Social consciousness, spiritual production and spiritual interaction of people.

$Being of the world spirit.

$Social Institutions.

$Social being.



$$$ 49.The view that supposes the essence of being through the culture:

$$culture centrism

$social centrism

$Theo centrism



$$$ 50.Philosophic teaching on being:




$natural philosophy


$$$ 51.Motion as the philosophic notion:

$$The way of the matter’s existence

$transference of objects in space

$change of physical states

$change of external parameters


$$$ 52.What is Philosophy?

$$Science on the general regulations and essence of the world;

$Science on society;

$Science on nature;

$Acquisition of nature;


$$$ 53.The definition of Weltanschauung (world outlook):

$$the system of views on the world and the role of a human in it;

$the summary of knowledge on the society;

$the system of moral principles;

$the summary of statements on the cognitive capacity of the world;


$$$ 54. The key issue of philosophy:

$$ On the interrelation of thinking to being;

$How is the Universe composed?

$What is the essence of Life?

$Are there any outside civilizations?


$$$ 55. Two main trends in Philosophy:

$$materialism and idealism;

$Skepticism and Stoicism;

$Apologetics and Patristic;

$Realism and Nominalism;


$$$ 56. Ancient Philosophy:

$$The philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans;

$Philosophy of the Middle Ages;

$Philosophy of the Ancient India;

$The teaching of the ancient Egyptians;


$$$ 57.Name the key brunches of the Philosophic Cognition

$$ Ontology, Gnoseology, Logics, Methodology;

$Study of Arts, Linguistics, Oriental studies;

$Sophistic, eclectics, dogmatism;

$Sociology, Cultural studies, political science;


$$$ 58.What is the historical sequence of the types of the world-outlook?

$$Myth, Religion, Philosophy;

$Philosophy, Myth, Religion;

$Myth, Philosophy, Religion;

$Philosophy, Religion, Myth;


$$$ 59. Two polar opposite trends in Philosophy:

$$Materialism and Idealism;

$Skepticism and Stoicism;

$Apologetic and Patristic;

$Piphagorism and neoplatonism;


$$$ 60.Who is the author of the statement: «Everything flows and changes», «One can never enter the same water twice”?






$$$ 61.Functions of Philosophy:

$$out-looking, logical, gnoseological, methodological, axiological, humanistic;

$putting forward of scientifically valid recommendations on all cases of life;

$abstract theoretizing on being and thinking, on everlasting and occasional;

$scientific explanation of the environment;


$$$ 62.Who of the Arabic-Muslim philosophers was named as the “Second teacher” after Aristotle?






$$$ 63.Philosophy was “house maiden of Theology”. What was that period of History?

$$Middle Ages;

$Ancient Times;


$New Modern Times;


$$$ 64.Scholastics:

$$ Philosophic teaching of the Middle Ages;

$ Brunch of the Ancient Oriental Philosophy;

$ Teaching on Method;

$ Antireligious perception of the world;



$$$ 65.Who of the Arab-Muslim philosophers created the “Book on Treatment”?






$$$ 66.Particularity of Philosophic Knowledge?

$$ general and universal essence of the sense of life;

$Alienation of the practical issues;

$Emotional concreteness of senses;

$Abstract and theoretical thinking;


$$$ 67.Philosophic teaching accepting two basic substances:







$$$ 68.Objective is –:

$$something outside of ourselves;

$obvious for anyone;

$accepted by us;

$seeming to us;


$$$ 69.Gnoseology is –:

$$a brunch of Philosophy;

$ Greek goddess;

$ philosophic idea;

$ synonym of truth;


$$$ 70.One of the main philosophic trends of the Ancient China:

$$Kon Fu Dzism .





$$$ 71.The teaching which postulates the reality of the general notions:






$$$ 72.Arabic Peripatetic:

$$Teaching combining philosophy of Aristotle with Islam;

$Teaching on God;

$Aristotle’s philosophy with the elements of Christianity;

$Theory on the development of the society;



$$$ 73. What is the Society?

$$Group of people united by the forms of interactions with the idea to enjoy the demands;

$A big group of people speaking the same language

$A group of people residing in one country

$A group of people united by the common interests


$$$ 74.Define the subject matter of philosophy

$$The principle dimensions and essence of the world, human attitude to nature, society and spiritual life of a human.

$Wise sayings of all the peoples and periods of history

$Physical reality



$$$ 75.The most ancient form of spiritual culture of Humanity:






$$$ 76.The founder of the Heliocentric System of the World, thinker of the Renaissance:






$$$ 77.Kant denies the possibility of Cognition:


$World of phenomena


$A Human


$$$ 78.The brunch of Philosophy studying the society is - ?:

$$Social Philosophy



$Natural Philosophy


$$$ 79.Method in Hegel’s Philosophy:






$$$ 80.Who is the creator of «Capital»?







$$$ 81.Who of the below mentioned thinkers come from Otrar?






$$$ 82.The outstanding Philosopher of the epoch of Renaissance accused as eretic on burnt off by the Church Inquisition:


$L.Da Vinchi;




$$$ 83.Single out the key idea of XVIIIc. Enlightenment:

$$Cult of Science and Technology;

$Divine self determination of everything;

$Idea of universal unity;

$Idea of world plurality;


$$$ 84.Outstanding Russian writer and thinker, personal friend of Ch.Valikhanov – creator of “Crime and Punishment”:







$$$ 85.The term «religion» in Latin means:

$$holiness, piety





$$$ 86.For O.Spengler civilization is -?:

$$Decline of Culture

$Rioting of Masses

$Progress of Culture

$Stabilization of Culture



$$$ 87.Humanism of the Epoch of Renaissance means:

$$Self value of a human.

$Human dependence on circumstances

$Predetermination of a human fate on the God

$Human creation by God


$$$ 88.Marxist’s understanding of the human’s essence?

$$Social & Labour.



$Spiritual & Ideal.


$$$ 90.The supporter of the social division with “super caste”?






$$$ 91. The notion worked out by Z.Freuad’s psychoanalysis generating sexual attraction?






$$$ 92.Philosophy emerged:

$$Practically at the same time in Ancient India, China and Greece.

$ In Europe

$ In ancient China

$ In ancient India



$$$ 93.Philosophy of “human existence” in ÕÕ c.







$$$ 94.What is the philosophic developed by Z.Freud?






$$$ 95.The third form of postpositive philosophy:






$$$ 96.What philosophic trend did come out to replace neopositivism after the break-off of its program?






$$$ 97.What is the essence of the spiritual production?

$$The spiritual production denotes the social essence under concrete historical conditions.

$The spiritual life of the society is independent of the norms of the social life.

$Spiritual production produces the ideal types of people.

$The spiritual production is necessary for the multidimential person.



$$$ 98.Give the definition to the category «matter»

$$substance of the world;

$atoms and elementary particles;

$subjective reality;

$the summary of the social phenomena.


$$$ 99.Which of the below mentioned categories denote the general base and inner integrity of the essence?






$$$ 100.What is the super form of matter’s motion?






$$$ 101.What makes up the world’s integrity?

$$ In its being;

$ In its absence;

$ In God;

$ In spiritual commencement;


$$$ 102.Dialectics is the philosophic teaching:

$$ On the universal regulations of development;

$ On emergence of the Solar system;

$ On the universal stability;

$ On cognition of the Being;


$$$ 103.Point to the method opposite to Dialectics:


$ Induction;

$ Analysis;

$ Deduction;


$$$ 104.Philosophic teaching on Development:

$$ Dialectics;

$ Metaphysics;

$ Relativism;

$ Dogmatism;


$$$ 105.Teaching on universal causality of the involved phenomena:







$$$ 106.The definition of scientific Ethics:

$$The system of the moralprinciplesregulating the activity of the scientific community;

$ The system of the scientific facts

$ The system of scientific discoveries

$ The system of proves on authentity of the true knowledge


$$$ 107.Which of the mentioned categories denote the interaction of quality and quantity:

$$ Measure;

$ Essence;

$ Form;

$ Reality;


$$$ 108.Everything is relative and exclusively relative is the statement of?

$$ Relativism;

$ Subjectivism;

$ Agnostitsism;

$ Skepticism;


$$$ 109.Philosophy of the New Modern Times relied on authority of:

$$ Science

$ Church

$ Philosophy

$ State



$$$ 110.The notion of Personality denotes:

$$ Social quality of an individual and the measure his self standing status;

$ Biological qualities of a human;

$ Self-consciousness of a human;

$ Psychical motivation of a human;



$$$ 111.What is the principle problem of existentialism?

$$The issueof uniqueness, liberty and responsibility of a human.

$ Methodology and Logics of scientific cognition.

$ Problems of ontology/ Teaching on being.

$ Problems of scientific cognition.


$$$ 112.What is nature?

$$ Nature – the entire material reality;

$ Nature – the geographic reality for the human’s existence;

$ Nature – The noosphere of the Earth;

$ Nature – part of the world selected as the area of the humans’ activity;


$$$ 113.Which of the judgments is correct?

$$ Being – everything that exists objectively;

$ Being – Universe;

$ Being – Nature and Society;

$ Being – Matter;


$$$ 114.What does the regulation of double denying?

$$ Direction of development;

$ Mechanism of development;

$ The source of development;

$ Direction of Progress;


$$$ 115.Development is – ?

$$ Irreversible qualitative changes;

$ Movement going round;

$ Progressive changes;

$ Interaction;


$$$ 116.Biosphere:

$$ Earth cover injected with life;

$ Earth cover injected with reason;

$ Population of live organisms;

$ Notion of Nature;


$$$ 117.The idea of humans’ superiority over nature created and spiritualized by God.:

$$ Epochof Renaissance.

$ Modern New Times.

$ Ancient.

$ Christian.


$$$ 118.Something that makes the difference of humans’ and animals psychics and converts into the state of consciousness:

$$ Selfconsciousness.

$ Imagination.

$ Language

$ Thinking.


$$$ 119.Which is of the below mentioned features gives the sense to the world religions?

$$ Monotheism.

$ Devine books.

$ Religious Institutions.

$ Belief in the Life after Death.


$$$ 120.What is the way of thinking by means of polar categories?

$$ Dialectics

$ Eclectic

$ Metaphysic

$ Synergetic


$$$ 121.In whose teaching Culture turns into the subject matter of Philosophy?

$$ Hegel

$ Feirbach

$ Aristotle

$ Cusano



$$$ 122.The elements of the naïve dialectics have worked out by:

$$ Heraclites

$ Aristotle

$ Plato

$ Anaksimander


$$$ 123.The greatest representative of the Medieval Scholastics is - ? :

$$ Tomazo De Queno

$ Siger Barabant

$ Anselm Kentenbery

$ Rostselin Lompjen


$$$ 124.Who is the author of the «Devine Comedy»?

$$ Dante Aligjery.

$ Abeljar.

$ Bokacho.

$ Petrarka.


$$$ 125.The Philosophy of the New Modern Times relies on the authority of:

$$ Science

$ Church

$ Philosophy.

$ State


$$$ 126.The sphere of consciousness including the abstract thinking, memory, logics and attention is - ?:

$$ cognitive

$ aesthetical

$ emotional

$ mythological


$$$ 127.Who of the mentioned below thinkers belongs to the Kazakh enlighteners?:

$$ À.Kunanbaev, Ch.Valikhanov, I.Altynsarin

$ Balasaguni, Nizami, Saadi

$ Kashgari, Jassavi

$ Avitsena, Averois


$$$ 128.The Complex of the interacting elements is - ?:

$$ System

$ Selforganization

$ Attribute

$ Structure


$$$ 129.The brunch of Philosophy on cognition is - ?:

$$ Gnoseology.

$ Anthropology.

$ Theology.

$ Axiology.



$$$ 130.The notion “personality” includes:

$$ Social qualities of an individual;

$ Human capacities;

$ Human nature;

$ Human demands;


$$$ 131.Does not belong to any kinds of Arts:

$$ Language.

$ Painting.

$ Theatre.

$ Architecture.


$$$ 132.The author of the book «Existentialism is Humanism»:

$$ J.Sartr.

$ V.Francle.

$ G.Marsel.

$ F. Nietzsche.


$$$ 133.What is the basic of Anthroposociogenesis according to Engels?

$$ Labour

$ Abstract thinking.

$ Consciousness, ability to cognition.

$ Unconscious.


$$$ 134.Objective criteria of the historical process in Marxist Philosophy:

$$ Mode of Production

$ Law-abiding of all the members of the society

$ The state of democracy in the State

$ Development of Science


$$$ 135.The solution of the problem of God by Nietzsche:

$$ The God is dead

$ Everything is integral in God

$ God is a superman

$ God and a Human is the same stuff


$$$ 136.For identifying the human qualities the appropriate notions are:

$$ Personality;

$ a Human;

$ Individual;

$ Specie;


$$$ 137.The level of consciousness particularized in Marxism:

$$ Social psychology.

$ Observation.

$ Psychological Adjustment.

$ Self-consciousness.


$$$ 138.The main forms of the sensual cognition:

$$ sensing, perception, presentation

$ problem, hypothesis, theory

$ observation, analysis, synthethis

$ notion, judgment, deduction


$$$ 139.What is consciousness?

$$Subjective reality as the reflection of the reality, related to the language and human mind.

$ Sphere of sensitivity;

$ Psychic notion in general;

$ Sphere of thinking;


$$$ 140.Ideal is - ?:

$$ The form of the real human activity and its inner scheme;

$ supersensitive;

$ bodiless;

$ Intelligible;


$$$ 141.The form of consciousness with belief in God and related miracles, accepting the existence of Gods (One or More):

$$ Religion.

$ Science;

$ Philosophy;

$ Arts;


$$$ 142.Give the definition of Agnosticism:

$$ Cognition of the world is impossible;

$ Cognition is possible.

$ Cognition is quite doubtful;

$ Human cognition is always relative;


$$$ 143.The source of cognition is reason. What philosophic concept does it come from?

$$ Rationalism;

$ Sensualism;

$ Empiricism;

$ Skepticism;


$$$ 144.What is truth?

$$ Adequacy of knowledge to the reality;

$ Objective state of the things by themselves;

$ Knowledge which is handy and useful;

$ The result of the speculative arrangement of the scientists;


$$$ 145.What is the fundamental criteria of the truth?

$$ Practice;

$ Usefulness;

$ Acknowledgement;

$ Beauty;


$$$ 146.Which of the below mentioned problems are of the global caliber?

$$ Ecological;

$ Problem of the elementary particles;

$ Problems of the mathematical theory of Stability;

$ Problem of the composition of the Universe;



$$$ 147.Study of the Future

$$ Futurology;

$ Cosmology;

$ Psychology;

$ Monadology;


$$$ 148.Which of the below mentioned forms of consciousness is studied by Ethics?

$$ Moral;

$ Legal;

$ Political;

$ Religious;


$$$ 149.To what of consciousness does the category «beautiful” belong?

$$ Esthetical.

$ Moral;

$ Scientific;

$ Legal;


$$$ 150.What are the global problems of Mankind?

$$ Problems related to the survival of the Mankind and human civilization;

$ The most vital problems of science;

$ The critical problems of Science and Technology;

$ Problems related to the organized delinquency;


$$$ 151.What statements do reflect the point of view of agnosticism?

$$There are some objects what will never get to the point of being the subject matter of cognition;

$ There are things which can be cognified;

$ There are tasks in science which are solvable;

$ Cognition can be ended with the absolute truth;


$$$ 152.Consciousness is immaterial as:

$$It depends on the will and desire of the subject;

$ Does not consist of the material particles, atoms, electrons and etc;

$ Has no extension in space;

$ Reflected not as the material objects are;


$$$ 153.Philosophic theory of cognition:

$$ Gnoseology;

$ Axiology;

$ Ontology;

$ Sociology;


$$$ 154.The main forms of the rational cognition:

$$ Notion, Judgment, Deduction;

$ Reason, Ration, Spirit;

$ Sensing, Perception, Presentation;

$ Intuition, Memory, Imagination;



$$$ 155.Single out the definition disclosing the essence of the category ”social consciousness”:

$$ Spiritual reality with the set of social ideas, theories, feelings, traditions and conventions and etc;

$ Subjective, individual formation of the historical process;

$ Some idealized form independent in its development;

$ Social relations embodied in the form of consciousness;


$$$ 156.What is the peculiarity of the individual consciousness?

$$ The way of realizing by the individual of the social forms of his being;

$ The project on the individual the norms of the social consciousness;

$ The way of orientation of an individual.

$ The operation of the nervous system processing the information;


$$$ 157.Disclose the essence of the term “social psychology”:

$$ Traditions, customs, religious and moral views, theories existing as the basics of ideology;

$ The system of views, theories and ideas created by the politicians;

$ Emotions of an individual;

$ Views and ideas existing as part of the systemized concepts;


$$$ 158.Point to the correct statement on Culture and how it is divided:

$$ Material and Spiritual;

$ Spiritual and Political;

$ Material and Political;

$ Spiritual and Individual;


$$$ 159.To what form of consciousness do the relations of people in the society belong to:

$$ Moral;

$ Scientific;

$ Religious;

$ Legal;


$$$ 160.Social Philosophy:

$$ Science on the regulations of the society development;

$ Science dealing with the relations of nature and a Human;

$ Science on relations among the people;

$ Science on the technological progress;


$$$ 161.Intuition is - ?

$$ Direct acquisition of the essences of things;

$ Logical and self obvious knowledge;

$ Some special way of getting to the truth not based on experience;

$ Devine discovery;


$$$ 162.Civilization is ?:

$$ The set of the material and spiritual achievements of the society;

$ The summary of people united by homogeneous Culture;

$ The stage of culture ensuing the barbarian type;

$ The level of Cultural development in a certain state;


$$$ 163.Libertarianism is - ?

$$ Certain personalities make history not considering the objective Laws of History;

$ History is the result of the world reason;

$ World will as the basement of the historical development;

$ Notion of the Human essence;


$$$ 164.The situation of a personal choice is the topic of what philosophy?






$$$ 165.Scientific supposition which is to be proved is - ?:


$ Problem

$ Principle

$ Theory


$$$ 166.Teaching that denies the possibility of the objective world cognition:

$$ Agnosticism

$ Mechanicism

$ Pragmatism

$ Rationalism


$$$ 167.The key problem of Anthropology:

$$ The Problem of a Human

$ The Problem of Technology

$ The Problem of God

$ The Problem of Business


$$$ 168.State is - ? (In the Political Sense)

$$ The System of Institutions with the super Authority on the authorized territory.

$ Territory

$ Population

$ Authority


$$$ 169.The Notion of Existence:

$$ Human existence

$ Physical life of a human

$ Ideal base

$ Unconscious in a Human


$$$ 170.Republic of Kazakhstan by its form of governing:

$$ Presidential Republic

$ Parliamentary

$ Republic of the mixed type

$ Monarchy


$$$ 171.What did Philosophy mean at the moment of its emergence?

$$ Love of Wisdom

$ Love of Nature

$ Love of animals

$ Love of Cognition

$$$ 172.Who of the ancient philosophers was the creator of Atomism

$$ Democritus

$ Heraclites

$ Fales

$ Socrates


$$$ 173.Who did invent “maevtics” as the way of carrying the dialogues?

$$ Socrates

$ Aristotle

$ Plato

$ Zenon


$$$ 174.Who of the ancient philosophers did open up the world of ideas?

$$ Plato

$ Democritus

$ Aristotle

$ Fales


$$$ 175.Who of the ancient philosophers did set up the typology of knowledge?

$$ Aristotle

$ Plato

$ Zenon

$ Pythagoras


$$$ 176.Who of the ancient philosophers was the first to introduce the term “Philosophy”

$$ Pythagoras

$ Plato

$ Zenon

$ Fales


$$$ 177.What was the epoch of the Medieval Philosophy?

$$ Feudalism

$ Slavery

$ Capitalism

$ Ancient Times


$$$ 178.When did the statement “True philosophy and true religion – the same stuff come out?

$$ Medieval times

$ Ancient times

$ Enlightenment times

$ Renaissance times


$$$ 179. Scholastics and Patristic were the teaching of the ….. Philosophy?

$$ Medieval

$ Newly Modern times

$ Renaissance times

$ Enlightenment


$$$ 180. Who was the Hero of the Medieval philosophy with five arguments?

$$ Tommaso d’Aquino

$ Nicola Cuzano

$ Nicola Machiavelli

$ Rene Descartes


$$$ 181.Who was the founder of the Arabic Muslim Philosophy?

$$ Al-Kindi

$ Ibn-Rushd

$ Al-Farabi

$ Ibn-Sino


$$$ 182.Who of the great Arabic Muslim philosophers was granted to the title of the “second teacher”?

$$ Al-Farabi

$ Ibn-Rushd

$ Ibn-Haldun

$ Al-Kindi


$$$ 183.Who of the great Arabic Muslim philosophers was an ethnic Tajik?

$$ Ibn-Sino

$ Ibn-haldun

$ Al-Kindi

$ Averois


$$$ 184.Who of the Arabic Muslim philosophers was a great medical doctor?

$$ Ibn-Sino

$ Averois

$ Al-Farabi

$ Al-Kindi


$$$ 185.Who of the Arabic Muslim philosopher did come up with the concept of the double way to the truth?

$$ Ibn-Rushd

$ Al-Kindi

$ Al-Farabi

$ Ibn-Sino


$$$ 186.What was the teaching of the Arabic philosophers combined with apart from Aristotle’s teaching?

$$ Belief in God

$ Reason

$ Convention

$ Lucky chance


$$$ 187.What does the notion Renaissance mean?

$$ Revival

$ Retreat

$ Circulation

$ Motion


$$$ 188.What was the idea of the Philosophy of the Renaissance Time?

$$ The return to the materialistic views on nature and society

$ Consolidation of theology

$ Rehabilitation of the religion

$ Return to the Scholastics

$$$ 189.Who of the philosophers of the Renaissance Time did work out the coincidence of contradictions?

$$ Nicola Kuzano

$ Al-Farabi

$ Plato

$ Averois


$$$ 190.Where did the idea of Renaissance come out?

$$ Italy


$ Germany

$ Great Britain


$$$ 191.What is pantheism in the philosophic sense?

$$ God and Nature in one package

$ God is helpless

$ God is the dominating force

$ The role of the religion is dying off


$$$ 192.Why did N.Machiavelli put forward the idea of statehood?

$$ To keep the people under control

$ To develop infrastructure

$ To set up good road

$ To erect the city dwellings


$$$ 193.What was the role of the religion in Machiavelli’s thoughts?

$$ To use the Christian values

$ To revive the role of the religion

$ To modernize the life

$ To undermine the dogmatic looks


$$$ 194.What was the driving force of the Newly Modern Times?

$$ Development of Capitalism

$ The arms race

$ Ecological issues

$ Devaluation of the Religion


$$$ 195.What is the primary and primitive form of motion?

$$ Mechanical

$ Social

$ Evolutional

$ Sporadic


$$$ 196.Who of the below mentioned philosophers did come up with the idea of the “idols” or “phantoms”?

$$ F.Bacon

$ G.Berkley

$ Plato

$ Al-Farabi


$$$ 197.What is the idea of the inductive method?

$$ Transition from particular to the general

$ Transition from much to less

$ Transition from bad to worse

$ Transition from top to the bottom


$$$ 198.What was the basic tendency of the philosophy of the Newly Modern Times?

$$ Shift from ontology to gnosiology

$ Shift from the sky to earth

$ Shift from reason to mind

$ Shift from the whole to the details


$$$ 199.What is the empirical stage of cognition?

$$ Knowledge gained with the help of the senses.

$ Knowledge based on some sporadic facts

$ Knowledge received from the religious dogmas

$ Knowledge outcoming from some theory


$$$ 200.Who was the creator of the deductive method?

$$ Rene Descartes

$ N.Machiavelli

$ B.Spinoza

$ N.Cuzano


$$$ 201.What is intuition as the method of cognition?

$$ Direct knowledge

$ Experimental knowledge

$ Speculative method

$ Pseudo knowledge


$$$ 202.Who of the philosophers of the Newly Modern Times did introduce the notion of “substance”?

$$ B.Spinoza

$ Aristotle

$ Hegel

$ G.Berkley


$$$ 203.In what century there was the era of Enlightenment?




$ XX


$$$ 204.When did the motto “Scientia potencia est” come into being?

$$ Enlightenment

$ Middle Ages

$ Slavery Time

$ Under Feudalism



$$$ 205. Why was the XVIII century called the era of Enlightenment?

$$ Because of the belief in knowledge and reason

$ Because of the will of the God

$ Because of the lack of the proof

$ Due to some unknown facts


$$$ 206.Subjective idealism of G.Berkley was based on …?

$$ Feelings

$ God’s will

$ Expectations

$ Contemplations


$$$ 207.In what country the ideas of Enlightenment were the most advanced ones?

$$ France

$ Germany

$ Russia

$ Sweden


$$$ 208.Who of the below mentioned philosophers was the critical skeptic?

$$ D.Hume

$ G.Berkley

$ T.Hobbs

$ F.Bacon


$$$ 209. Who of the French philosophers did come with the idea of “Geographical Determinism”?

$$ Ch.Montesqieu

$ F.Voltaire

$ J.Rousseau

$ D.Diderot


$$$ 210.What was J.Rousseau’s idea of the social equality?

$$ Public agreement

$ Self development

$ Good upbringing

$ Good health of the people


$$$ 211. Who of the French philosophers was a strong materialist?

$$ D.Diderot

$ J.Rousseau

$ F.Voltaire

$ Ch.Montesqieu


$$$ 212.What is the basic idea of the objective idealism?

$$ Creation and cognition come through the God’s will

$ Everything is crated and acquired by chance

$ Creation and cognition depend on coincidence

$ The world is created to the extent we feel it.



$$$ 213.Who of the German Classical philosophers did create the work “Critique of the Pure Reason”?

$$ I.Kant

$ G.Hegel

$ L.Firebaugh

$ Shelling


$$$ 214.Who of the German philosophers did introduce “a priori” knowledge?

$$ I.Kant

$ I.Fichte

$ Shelling

$ Firebaugh


$$$ 215.What is the “moral imperative” according to I.Kant?

$$ Ethical category

$ Strict order

$ Imperative tone

$ Poor treatment


$$$ 216.Who of the German philosophers did put forward the idea of “human activism”?

$$ I.Fichte

$ I.Kant

$ L.Firebaugh

$ G.Hegel


$$$ 217.Who of the German philosophers did single out the dynamism of Truth?

$$ Hegel

$ Fichte

$ Shelling

$ Kant


$$$ 218.In what form does the absolute idea come to being according to Hegel?

$$ Spirit

$ Image

$ Phantom

$ Impression


$$$ 219.What was the innovative element introduced by Hegel into philosophy?

$$ Logics

$ Mathematics

$ Skill of discussion

$ Eloquence


$$$ 220.What was the greatest contribution of Hegel to philosophy?

$$ Dialectical method

$ A priori knowledge

$ Metaphysics

$ Spiritual experiments


$$$ 221.Who was the only materialist among the German Classical philosophers?

$$ Firebaugh

$ Shelling

$ Kant

$ Fichte



$$$ 222.Who did create the God according to L.Firebaugh?

$$ A human

$ Nature

$ Phantoms

$ Coincidence


$$$ 223.Who were the pioneering philosophers of Marxism?

$$ Marx and Engeles

$ Lenin and Plekhanov

$ Stalin and Mao Dze Dung

$ Trotskyi and Bukharin


$$$ 224.Who are the authors of the “German Ideology”?

$$ Marx and Engeles

$ Kautskyi and Bernstain

$ Tolstoy and Dostoevskyi

$ O’Henry and Shakespeare


$$$ 225.What was the actual contribution of Marxism into the development of Philosophy?

$$ Materialistic development of dialectics

$ Introducing a new way of life

$ Everlasting happiness

$ Some new extent of consciousness


$$$ 226.Who were the pioneering Marxists in Russia?

$$ Plekhanov and Lenin

$ Stalin and Trotskyi

$ Kamenev and Zinovjev

$ Molotov and Bukharin


$$$ 227.What was the name of the work created by Lenin in defense of the “Matter”?

$$ Materialism and Empiriocriticism

$ State and Revolution

$ On the trade union

$ Imperialism as the final stage of capitalism


$$$ 228.What was the reason for the philosophy of Irrationalism?

$$ The poor role of a Human

$ The decline of natural sciences

$ Lack of Logic

$ International situation


$$$ 229.Who of the philosophers did come up with the statement – “World as Will and Presentation”?

$$ A.Schopenhauer

$ F.Nietzsche

$ G.Hegel

$ Plato

$$$ 230.Why did S.Kierkegaard deny the philosophic systems at all?

$$ Because they were helpless in a human’s life

$ Because they were easy to understand

$ Because they were not interesting enough

$ Because of the lack of humor.


$$$ 231.What person was the hero of F.Nietzsche?

$$ A strong man with no moral obligations

$ A man with the interests

$ A man with the adventures character

$ A man with the sense of humor.


$$$ 232.Why did F.Nietzsche say the statement – “The God is dead”?

$$ Because science and technology undermined belief in God

$ There were many Gods at a time

$ The fashion has changed

$ The God changed its image


$$$ 233.What stage of positivism was the logical one?

$$ Third

$ Second

$ First

$ Forth


$$$ 234.What is verification?

$$ Proof

$ Test

$ Supposition

$ Problem


$$$ 235.What philosophy states that the knowledge is equal to the boundary of the language?

$$ Linguistic

$ Physical

$ Mathematical

$ Formal


$$$ 236.What is the appropriate format of knowledge according to S.Kuhn?

$$ Paradigm

$ Scheme

$ Table

$ Pattern


$$$ 237.Why did P.Feyerabend come up with the idea of methodological pluralism?

$$ Because the theories should be well protected

$ Because of the numbers

$ Because the more the better

$ Because of some personal reasons


$$$ 238.What was the basic principle of Positivism?

$$ Science

$ Dream

$ Contemplation

$ Supposition


$$$ 239.What is the basic element of Structuralism?

$$ Structure

$ Order

$ Plan

$ Idea


$$$ 240.What is the basic element of Pragmatism?

$$ Benefit

$ Donation

$ Good Will

$ Passion


$$$ 241.Intentionality of Husserl did in fact mean?

$$ Direction

$ Supposition

$ Contemplation

$ Idea


$$$ 242.“World of life” by Husserl did mean?

$$ Reality

$ Expectations

$ Fantasies

$ Miracle


$$$ 243.What did Hermeneutics mean?

$$ Understand

$ Know

$ Visualize

$ Perceive


$$$ 244.How did Hermeneutics come into being?

$$ As the skill of understanding ancient texts

$ As some abstract theory

$ As the vehicle of teaching

$ As the mode of production


$$$ 245. Who is the author of the book – “Truth and Method”?

$$ Gadamer

$ Heidegger

$ Husserl

$ Freud


$$$ 246.Who of the philosophers did say: “Language is the home of being”

$$ Heidegger

$ Freud

$ Husserl

$ Gadamer


$$$ 247.What is the vehicle of keeping the instincts under control?

$$ Culture

$ Law

$ Order

$ Convention


$$$ 248.What did G.Jung introduce as the follower of S.Freud?

$$ Collective unconsciousness

$ Collective involvement

$ Team effort

$ Collective singing


$$$ 249.“Humanistic planning” was put forward by the author of “Escape from Freedom” …?

$$ Fromm

$ Heidegger

$ Freud

$ Husserl


$$$ 250.“Libido” discovered by Freud is …?

$$ Instinct

$ Habit

$ Hobby

$ Custom


$$$ 251.Existence is the phenomenon ….?

$$ Existentialism

$ Structuralism

$ Pragmatism

$ Phenomenology


$$$ 252.Who of the Russian philosophers did put forward the idea of the universal unity?

$$ Solovjev

$ Chaadaev

$ Khomjakov

$ Dostoevskyi


$$$ 253.What was the peculiarity of the Russian philosophy in terms of development?

$$ Non-philosophic forms

$ Traditional

$ Classical

$ Casual


$$$ 254.In what way the Russian philosophy was exceptional?

$$ Cosmic

$ Transcendental

$ Traditional

$ Classical


$$$ 255.Point to the right sequence of the elements of cognition.

$$ Notion, Judgment, Deduction

$ Saying, Statement, Supposition

$ Proverbs, judgment, Envisage

$ Declaration, Deduction, Notion.


$$$ 256.What was the stage of life in harmony based on reason and worked out by V.Vernadskyi?

$$ Noosphere

$ Biosphere

$ Stratosphere

$ Isosphere


$$$ 257.Who of the below mentioned Russian philosophers is the founder of the cosmic philosophy?

$$ Tzialkovskyi

$ Solovjev

$ Khomjakov

$ Chaadaev


$$$ 258.What was the basic principle of Sufism?

$$ Spiritual value

$ Material value

$ Lack of value

$ Ignorance of value


$$$ 259.In what language did Al-Farabi create?

$$ Arabic

$ Persian

$ Turkic

$ Latin


$$$ 260.What was the key element in the philosophy of the ancient Kazakhs?

$$ Axiology

$ Gnoseology

$ Ontology

$ Sophistic


$$$ 261.What was the main trend in the Kazakh Philosophy of the XIX century?

$$ Enlightenment

$ Anthropology

$ Ontology

$ Theory of Cognition


$$$ 262.Mentality

$$ State of Mind

$ Mode of Production

$ Style of Behavior

$ Manner of Speaking


$$$ 263.Ontology is the teaching on……?

$$ Being

$ Spirit

$ Consciousness

$ Mentality


$$$ 264.Who of the Kazakhstan philosophers did restore the teaching of Al-Farabi?

$$ Kasymzhanov

$ Altaev

$ Sarsenbaev

$ Suzhikov


$$$ 265. Who of the Kazakh Enlighteners did create text-books for school children?

$$ Altinsaryn

$ Bukeikhanov

$ Dzhandosov

$ Aimautov


$$$ 266.What does create the interaction of the material and spiritual being?

$$ A human

$ Reality

$ Chance

$ Possibility


$$$ 267.What was the most advanced area of the Philosophic studies in Kazakhstan of the XX century?

$$ Dialectical Logics

$ Social Philosophy

$ Ethics

$ Esthetics


$$$ 268.How are the categories “Cause and Effect” put into effect?

$$ Determination

$ Declaration

$ Intention

$ Proclamation


$$$ 269.Anthropology is the teaching on……?

$$ A Human

$ Animals

$ Birds

$ Some other creatures


$$$ 270.Who of the Kazakh philosophers did translate into Kazakh the verse of Pushkin?

$$ Abai

$ Shakarim

$ Chokan

$ Ibray



$$$ 271. What country has nothing to do with the birthplaces of Philosophy?

$$ Serbia

$ Ancient Greece

$ China

$ India


$$$ 272. Who was the first to put the notion of Philosophy into the academic turn-over?

$$ Pythagoras

$ Fales

$ Plato

$ Hegel


$$$ 273. What was the first concept of the human self-consciousness?

$$ Mythology

$ Science

$ Law

$ Religion


$$$ 274. What was the second concept of the human self-consciousness?

$$ Religion

$ Fiction

$ Law

$ Morality


$$$ 275. What is the identity of personal and tribal consciousness?

$$ Syncretism

$ Pluralism

$ Monism

$ Dualism


$$$ 276. What is the combination of matter and spirit in one source?

$$ Dualism

$ Pluralism

$ Monism

$ Pacifism


$$$ 277. Axiology is focused on the Human ….?

$$ Values

$ Senses

$ Contemplations

$ Emotions


$$$ 278. What is the status of Philosophy in the structure of Knowledge?

$$ Methodological

$ Clinical

$ Cooperative

$ Humanitarian


$$$ 279. Who of the Ancient Greek philosophers did invent the present-day calendar?

$$ Fales

$ Plato

$ Socrates

$ Aristotle


$$$ 280. Who of the Ancient Greek Philosophers did define water as the primary cause of everything?

$$ Fales

$ Democritus

$ Anaximander

$ Parmenides


$$$ 281. Who of the Greek philosophers did come up with the phrase: “One can never step the same water twice”?

$$ Heraclites

$ Democritus

$ Fales

$ Spinoza


$$$ 282. Who of the ancient philosophers did claim that everything is in the process of change?

$$ Heraclites

$ Parmenides

$ Democritus

$ Plato


$$$ 283. Who is the creator of Atomism?

$$ Democritus

$ Spinoza

$ Plato

$ Socrates


$$$ 284. What is the right succession of the origin of the forms of consciousness?

$$ Mythology, religion, philosophy

$ Philosophy, religion, mythology

$ Religion, philosophy, mythology

$ Morality, Law, Philosophy


$$$ 285. Who of the below mentioned philosophers was the founder of the Islamic Oriental Philosophy?

$$ Al-Kindi

$ Ibn-Sina

$ Ibn-Khaldun

$ Al-Gazali


$$$ 286. Who of the below mentioned Philosophers was born in present-day Kazakhstan?

$$ Al-Farabi

$ Ibn-Sina

$ Ibn-Rushd

$ Al-Gazali



$$$ 287. Who of the Oriental Philosophers was named as “the second teacher”?

$$ Al-Farabi

$ Al-Kindi

$ Al-Gazali

$ Jassavi


$$$ 288. Who of the ancient philosophers did claim that ideas are the essence and cause of the perceived matters?

$$ Plato

$ Socrates

$ Heraclites

$ Aristotle


$$$ 289. Who of the ancient philosophers did introduce the category of “form” as the integral part of the matter?

$$ Aristotle

$ Socrates

$ Parmenides

$ Democritus


$$$ 290. Who is the author of the Phrase – “I know that I know nothing”?

$$ Socrates

$ Heraclites

$ Pythagoras

$ Democritus


$$$ 291. Who was the first philosopher to introduce the category of “Substance” ?

$$ Spinoza (Netherlands)

$ Heraclites

$ Zenon

$ Protagor


$$$ 292. Who of the Oriental Islamic Philosophers did create the book on Medical Treatment?

$$ Ibn-Sina

$ Al-Gazali

$ Ibn-Rushd

$ Al-Farabi


$$$ 293. Who of the Oriental Islamic Philosophers did work out the concept of the only truth?

$$ Ibn-Rushd

$ Al-Kindi

$ Al-Gazali

$ Ibn-Khaldun


$$$ 294. Who of the Oriental Islamic philosophers did create the evolutionary theory of development?

$$ Ibn-Khaldun

$ Ibn-Sina

$ Al-Gazali

$ Ibn-Rushd



$$$ 295. What is the actual meaning of Renaissance?

$$ Revival

$ Reverse

$ Reincarnation

$ Repetition


$$$ 296. What country was the birthplace of Renaissance?

$$ Italy

$ France

$ Spain

$ England


$$$ 297. Who of the below mentioned philosophers was the hero of Renaissance?

$$ N.Kuzano

$ Plato

$ Ibn-Sina

$ Kon Fu Dzi


$$$ 298. Who was the first to introduce “Statehood” as the political institution?

$$ N.Machiavelli

$ Nietzsche

$ Aristotle

$ Socrates


$$$ 299. Who of the Greek philosophers did create the classification of sciences?

$$ Aristotle

$ Plato

$ Socrates

$ Heraclites


$$$ 300. Ancient Philosophy is the teaching of ….?

$$ Greek and Romans

$ Arabs

$ Chinese

$ Indians


$$$ 301. Who of the Ancient Greek philosophers was the objective idealist?

$$ Plato

$ Socrates

$ Heraclites

$ Fales


$$$ 302. Who did come up with the notion of “Virtu”?

$$ Machiavelli

$ Sartre

$ Spinoza

$ Gobs


$$$ 303. What did Machiavelli’s “Virtu” mean?

$$ Taking risk

$ Enjoying life

$ Playing cards

$ breaking stones


$$$ 304. Newly Modern Times was the period of transition to ….?

$$ Capitalism

$ Feudalism

$ Slavery

$ Socialism


$$$ 305. What sort of Materialism was developed under Newly Modern Times?

$$ Mechanical

$ Spiritual

$ Humane

$ Idealistic


$$$ 306. “New Organon” was invented by….?

$$ F.Bacon

$ Hegel

$ Kuzano

$ Machiavelli


$$$ 307. How many Idols did F.Bacon create?

$$ Four

$ Ten

$ Twelve

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