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To read manuscripts

To improve your language


Learners urgently need motivation and progress. Everybody knows that the best way to learn a foreign language is by talking to a native speaker. Verbling puts that experience online. Its mission is to give language learners access to native speakers faster and easier than anyone else.

The web-site makes it dead simple for people to practice: no scheduling, no downloading, no searching. Turn on your web-camera, fill in the information needed (language level, name), and the system will immediately find an interlocutor for you. You can then help another person improve their speaking skills in your native language. Go on practicing!

To communicate


Notemail is a fascinating website for those who are bored by common ways of Internet-communication. No nicknames are needed there – you start a dialogue with a stranger just sending a note with any text randomly. The dialogues are deleted every 24 hours if you do not continue them. A good way to start new acquaintances or just have fun! But do your homework before logging in, as the site is rather addictive!

To shoot a movie


A well-known Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, the author of such films as «Basic Instinct» and «Total Recall», is going to shoot a new picture «Experience of Entertainment»… together with Internet users! Actress Kim van Kuten has already written a small fragment of the script (the very first minutes of the film) – now users are offered to shoot this episode and put the videos on the web-site. There will be voting to choose the winner. At the same time a competition of scenarios for the next several minutes of the film is being held. So, step by step, absolutely different people will write and finish shooting slices of one history, which then will be transformed into a full-length film-strip! Paul Verhoeven promises to participate actively in the process, in particular, to help the contestants by giving instructions and advice concerning film production. Besides, the well-known director is planning to shoot the version of each fragment of the scenario. Both variants of «Experience of Entertainment» by Verhoeven and the Internet users will be released in 2012.

To educate yourself


The huge Internet lecture hall www.ted.com contains videos of lectures of professors from prestigious universities all over the world and also politicians, businessmen, athletes, artists, musicians, and writers who tell about their discoveries and experiences. Bill Gates reflects on the future of global power; the opera singer Cheriti Tilmant-Dick tells the audience how she managed to get through the transplantation of both lungs and to save the voice. The professor of Nevada University Stephen Heys explains, why the way people understand happiness today can be dangerous for the psychological health. The cost of the ticket for the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences is about $10 000, but the best speeches of experts (about one thousand of them) can be seen for free. Subtitles in different languages are provided for most lectures.

To read manuscripts

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