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Cambridge University

Cambridge University was founded at the beginning of the 12-th century. Now it consists of about 20 colleges. Each college is mostly independent. The teaching includes lectures organized by the University and tutorials. The system of individual tuition is organized by the colleges. Tutorial system of Cambridge University is famous all over the world. Each student has a tutor who practically guides him during the whole period of study. The tutor plans the students work and the student discusses every task with his tutor.

After three years of study a student can get a Bachelors Degree. If you continue the study you can get a Degree of Master and later a Doctor.

There are many rules and traditions in Cambridge University. For example, there still are colleges for men or for women only. The next thing is that students wear gowns* at lectures, in the University library, for dinners in the college and for official visits.

The education in Cambridge University is expensive. Some students have grants, for the other students pay their parents.

It is interesting that until the 15-th century the history of Cambridge University was not as great as the history of Oxford University. But when Isaac Newton was a professor of mathematics in Cambridge the situation changed. At that time candidates for degree began to take serious exams. Also many laboratories for natural sciences appeared at the end of the 17-th century. For example, Cavendish Laboratory, which is now one of the greatest physical laboratories in the world.

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Manchester University

The city of Manchester is in northern England. It was a typical city of the Industrial Revolution, which influenced the development of such type of higher schools as Redbrick Universities. So Manchester University was founded in the second half of the 19-th century. It was one of the first Redbrick Universities in England. It is a public university.

The University of Manchester was formed on the basis of several higher educational institutions. One of the most important of them is Victoria University of Manchester. Lets say some words about it. It was founded in 1851.By 1880 it included the number of colleges from Leeds and Liverpool. One of its faculties the faculty of technology later became fully independent. Now it is the Institute of Science and Technology.

Now lets return to the University of Manchester. The number of its students is over 40 000. They study about 500 academic programs. Students of Manchester University can study more academic subjects than in any other university of Great Britain. The most notable areas of study are engineering, humanities, economics, social sciences. The number of teachers of the university is more than 10 000.

It is interesting to say that the University of Manchester gained the title University of the Year 2006.According to the quality of teaching the university is on the 5-th place in UK and on the 9-th place in Europe.

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