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Affiliated entity(ies) experience (if applicable)

This information will be used to assess whether you have sufficient and stable experience of managing actions in the same sector and of a comparable scale to the one for which a grant is being requested.

i) For similar actions.

Please provide a detailed description of actions in the same sector and of a comparable scale to the one for which a grant is being requested managed by your organisation in the past three years.

Maximum 1 page per action.


Name of the affiliated entity:
Project title: Sector (see Section 3.2.2 of Section 3):
Location of the action Cost of the action (EUR) Role in the action: Coordinator, co-applicant, affiliated entity Donors to the action (name)[14] Amount contributed (by donor) Dates (from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy)
Objectives and results of the action  

ii) Other actions

Please provide a detailed description of other actions managed by your organisation in the past three years.

Maximum 1 page per action and maximum 10 actions


Name of the co-applicant:
Project title: Sector (see Section 3.2.2 of Section 3):
Location of the action Cost of the action (EUR) Role in the action: Coordinator, co-applicant, affiliated entity Donors to the action (name)[15] Amount contributed (by donor) Dates (from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy)
Objectives and results of the action  


The applicant


EuropeAid ID number[16]  
Name of the organisation    



The applicant’s contact details for the purpose of this action  
Legal Entity File number[17]  
Registration number (or equivalent)  
Date of registration  
Place of registration  
Official address of registration    
Country of registration[18]/ Nationality[19]  
Website and E-mail address of the organisation  
Telephone number:Country code + city code + number  
Fax number:Country code + city code + number  

The Contracting Authority must be notified of any change in addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail, in particular. The Contracting Authority will not be held responsible in the event that it cannot contact an applicant.

The applicant must enter the information in points 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 when registering in PADOR, so they need not complete these in the paper application. See also Section 2.2 of the Guidelines for Applicants.


Legal status  
Profit-Making □ Yes □ No
NGO □ Yes □ No
Value based[20] □ Political □ Religious □ Humanistic □ Neutral
Is your organisation linked with another entity? □Yes, parent entity: (please specify its EuropeAid ID:…………………………) □Yes, controlled entity(ies) □Yes, family organisation / network entity[21] □No, independent



Category[22] Public □Public Administration □Decentralised representatives of Sovereign States □International Organisation □Judicial Institution □Local Authority □Implementation Agency □University/Education □Research Institute □Think Tank □Foundation □Association □Media □Network/Federation □Professional and/or Industrial Organisation □Trade Union □Cultural Organisation □Commercial Organisation Private    Implementation Agency  University/Education  Research Institute  Think Tank  Foundation  Association  Media  Network/Federation  Professional and/or Industrial Organisation  Trade Union  Cultural Organisation  Commercial Organisation  Other Non-State Actor  


3.2.2. Sector(s)[23]

      Education, level unspecified
        Education Policy & Admin. Management
        Education Facilities And Training
        Teacher Training
        Educational Research
      Basic education
        Primary Education
        Basic life skills for youth and adults
        Early childhood education
      Secondary education
        Secondary education
        Vocational Training
      Post-secondary education
        Higher Education
        Advanced Tech. & Managerial Training
      Health, general
        Health Policy & Admin. Management
        Medical education/training
        Medical Research
        Medical Services
      Basic health
        Basic Health Care
        Basic Health Infrastructure
        Basic Nutrition
        Infectious Disease Control
        Health Education
        Health Personnel Development
    Population programmes
      Population polices/programmes and reproductive health
        Population Policy And Admin. Mgmt
        Reproductive Health Care
        Family planning
        Std Control Including HIV/Aids
        Personnel development for population & reproductive health
    Water Supply and Sanitation
      Water supply and sanitation
        Water Resources Policy/Admin. Mgmt
        Water Resources Protection
        Water supply & sanitation — Large systems
        Basic drinking water supply & basic sanitation
        River Development
        Waste Management/Disposal
        Education & training in water supply and sanitation
    Government and Civil Society
      Government and civil society, general
        Economic and development policy/planning
        Public sector financial management
        Legal and judicial development
        Government administration
        Strengthening civil society
        Human Rights
        Free Flow Of Information
        Women’s equality organisations and institutions
      Conflict prevention an resolution, peace and security
        Security system management and reform
        Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution
        Post-conflict peace-building (UN)
        Reintegration and SALW control
        Land mine clearance
        Child soldiers (prevention and demobilisation)
    Other Social Infrastructure and Service
        Social/welfare services
        Employment policy and admin. mgmt.
        Housing policy and admin. management
        Low-cost housing
        Multisector aid for basic social services
        Culture and recreation
        Statistical capacity building
        Narcotics control
        Social mitigation of HIV/AIDS
    Transport and Storage
      Transport and storage
        Transport Policy & Admin. Management
        Road Transport
        Rail Transport
        Water Transport
        Air Transport
        Education & Training In Transport & Storage
        Communications Policy & Admin. Mgmt
        Radio/Television/Print Media
        Information and communication technology (ICT)
      Energy generation and supply
        Energy Policy And Admin. Management
        Power Generation/Non-Renewable Sources
        Power Generation/Renewable Sources
        Electrical Transmission/Distribution
        Gas distribution
        Oil-Fired Power Plants
        Gas-Fired Power Plants
        Coal-Fired Power Plants
        Nuclear Power Plants
        Hydro-electric Power Plants
        Geothermal energy
        Solar energy
        Wind power
        Ocean power
        Energy education/training
        Energy research
    Banking and Financial Services
      Banking and financial services
        Financial Policy & Admin. Management
        Monetary institutions
        Formal Sector Financial Institutions
        Informal/Semi-Formal Financial intermediaries
        Education/training in banking & fin. services
    Business and Other Services
      Business and other services
        Business support services and institutions
    Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
        Agricultural Policy And Admin. Mgmt
        Agricultural development
        Agricultural Land Resources
        Agricultural Water Resources
        Agricultural inputs
        Food Crop Production
        Industrial Crops/Export Crops
        Agrarian reform
        Agricultural alternative development
        Agricultural extension
        Agricultural Education/Training
        Agricultural Research
        Agricultural services
        Plant and post-harvest protection and pest control
        Agricultural financial services
        Agricultural cooperatives
        Livestock/Veterinary Services
        Forestry Policy & Admin. Management
        Forestry development
        Fuel wood/charcoal
        Forestry education/training
        Forestry research
        Forestry services
        Fishing Policy And Admin. Management
        Fishery development
        Fishery education/training
        Fishery research
        Fishery services
    Industry, Mining and Construction
        Industrial Policy And Admin. Mgmt
        Industrial development
        Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) development
        Cottage industries and handicraft
        Forest industries
        Textiles — leather & substitutes
        Fertiliser plants
        Energy manufacturing
        Pharmaceutical production
        Basic metal industries
        Non-ferrous metal industries
        Transport equipment industry
        Technological research and development
      Mineral resources and mining
        Mineral/Mining Policy & Admin. Mgmt
        Mineral Prospection And Exploration
        Oil and gas
        Ferrous metals
        Non-ferrous metals
        Precious metals/materials
        Industrial minerals
        Fertiliser minerals
        Offshore minerals
        Construction Policy And Admin. Mgmt
    Trade and Tourism
      Trade policy and regulation
        Trade Policy And Admin. Management
        Trade facilitation
        Regional trade agreements (RTAs)
        Multilateral trade negotiation
        Trade education & training
        Tourism Policy And Admin. Management
    General Environment Protection
      General environmental protection
        Environmental Policy And Admin. Mgmt
        Biosphere protection
        Site Preservation
        Flood Prevention/Control
        Environmental education/training
        Environmental research
    Other multisector
      Other multisector
        Multisector Aid
        Urban Development And Management
        Rural Development
        Non-agricultural alternative development
        Multisector education/training
        Research/scientific institutions
    General budget support
      General budget support
        General budget support
    Development food aid/food security
      Development food aid/food security assistance
        Food Aid / Food Security Programmes
    Other commodity assistance
      Other commodity assistance
        Import support (capital goods)
        Import support (commodities)
    Action relating to debt
      Action relating to debt
        Action relating to debt
        Debt forgiveness
        Relief of multilateral debt
        Rescheduling and refinancing
        Debt for development swap
        Other debt swap
        Debt buy-back
    Emergency and distress relief
      Emergency and distress relief
        Material relief assistance and services
        Emergency food aid
        Relief coordination; protection and support services
    Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation
      Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation
        Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation
    Disaster prevention and preparedness
      Disaster prevention and preparedness
        Disaster prevention and preparedness
    Administrative costs of donors
      Administrative costs of donors
        Administrative Costs
    Support to NGO
      Support to NGO
        Support to national NGOs
        Support to international NGOs
        Support to local and regional NGOs
        Refugees (in donor countries)
        Refugees (in donor countries)
        Sectors Not Specified
        Promotion of Development Awareness



Target group(s)

□ All □ Child soldiers □ Children (less than 18 years old) □ Community Based Organisation(s) □ Consumers □ Disabled □ Drug consumers □ Educational organisations (school, universities) □ Elderly people □ Illness affected people (Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS) □ Indigenous peoples □ Local authorities □ Migrants □ Non Governmental Organisations □ Prisoners □ Professional category □ Refugees and displaced □ Research organisations/Researchers □ SME/SMI □ Students □ Urban slum dwellers □ Victims of conflicts/disasters □ Women □ Young people □ Other (please specify): ……………………………..

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