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Presenting, initially, the talk’s organization


Signposting the route through a presentation.

In a longer presentation it is useful to signpost the presentation to show where one parts ends and a new one starts. This helps to orientate the audience by making the structure of the presentation clearer to follow.



Here are some useful phrases and sentences:

Opening a speech First of all, let us consider Let us begin with/by … To begin, … I propose to consider first … The first thing that must be said is/needs to be said that … It would be useful to consider … Let us first of all look at … The first question that arises is … The first point … Marking the stages Next, … Then … The second/third … point … The following/ next/second/third.. part The second/third factor Concluding a speech To sum up … To recap … In the final analysis All in all … What conclusions can be drawn from all this? The conclusions which can be drawn from … are .. The most sensible/satisfactory/convincing conclusion … All this goes to show … The lesson to be learned from … The final/inescapable conclusion … Ultimately/finally It would appear, then I have demonstrated/shown that… To conclude, … In conclusion, …


When you give a presentation in English, clarity is very important, particularly if there are non-native speakers in your audience. It often helps if you state your purpose at each stage of your talk as well as at the beginning.



Look at the useful expressions and try to use them in your practice presentation.

Introducing the topic

The subject of this talk/presentation …

I’m going to talk about …

My topic today is …

I ‘d like to talk today about …

I’m here today to … review
My purpose today is to … present
What I want to do today is to … introduce
My objective today is to … analyse
My main aim this afternoon is to … describe

Outlining the structure of your talk

There 3 main points to consider … first I’ll talk about … then …and finally …

I am going to divide my talk into 3 sections…

I have divided the talk into three (four, etc.) sections
my report parts
our findings
this presentation

Presenting, initially, the talk’s organization

The first part of my talk will concern/ will deal with …

Firstly, I’d like to talk about
To start with, I want to go over
Secondly, I’m going to look at
Thirdly, I shall review
After this present
Next analyse
Then, consider
Finally, discuss
I shall be talking about/going over/looking at/reviewing/analyzing etc.

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