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Do you like the place where you are living now?

Yes, I do. I live in Grodno and I like it. I find it comfortable. Life is full of activities in my town. My town is a centre of all types of education. It is a centre of trade, medical facilities, business and recreation. The population increase during the daytime. Life in the city has certain charms. There are many places for recreation. There are big parks, hotels and clubs for entertainment. There are discotheques for music lovers and party-goers. There are many reasons I love the city life, but there are three main reasons and they are entertainment, convenience, and people. Entertainment is the most exciting part about city life. For instance, being able to go out and have a good time at any bar within walking distance from my house is one of the greatest pluses of living in the city. In cities educational facilities are available. There are various institutions for education. Cities have big factories and industrial centers. Thousands of people earn their living from those. Thus, cities offer great employment opportunists. There is a great scope of earning money through business in a city. Even tailors, vendors, washer men and others earn enough money.

Your family is going to move. What questions will you ask your parents about your new flat/house?

- What type of house is it? – Is it a modern house or a restored period house? – How many rooms are there? – Is the house made of wood or bricks? – Is there a fireplace? – What modern conveniences are there? – Are the ceilings high or low? – Is the house/flat spacious? – Is the house/flat suitable for pets? – Does the house/flat lack anything?

Your relative wants to decorate his/her room. Give him/her some advice on how to furnish it.

  1. Select the theme of what you want to make it as a theme of your bedroom. There are a wide variety of themes such as modern, minimalist style, and many more other themes. Selection of the proper course themes will make it easy for you to integrate inside interior corresponds to your character and personality.
  2. Select the paint color that suits your character. Usually paint with favorite color choices are a reflection of a person’s character. If someone has a cheerful personality and character, then the colors chosen are certainly cheerful colors such as yellow, red, and white. Choose the right colors, because proper color selection can make you feel comfortable in your bedroom.
  3. Put the candle fragrances such as aroma therapy or spraying perfume the room with your favorite fragrances can be an element that reflects your personality and character. Put the photos of your memories with the people closest to you. The placement of these pictures can make you feel always near to those who are in the photos; it is mainly for those of you who have relatives who live far away with you.
  4. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible with diligent cleaning and arrange the Interior. Because the State bedroom is very reflective of character and personality or mood you as the owner’s bedroom.

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