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Task 1. Work in pairs. Discuss the following question.

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of living away from home when you are a student?

Task 2.Tony is a student. He has recently moved into his own flat. He wrote to his friend Paul to tell him about it. When you have read Tony's letter, answer the following questions.

1. How did Tony find the flat? 2. Why did he decide to take it? 3. What are his plans for the flat? 4. What offer does he make? 5. What invitation does he make?

Dear Paul,

I've done it! I've got a place of my own at last. I found it through an agency a couple of weeks ago. I was looking through the paper, when I came across an advertisement for flats. So I gave the agency a ring and went to see what they had. I saw several good flats, but I couldn't make up my mind about them. Then I saw one I really liked. I was in two minds about taking it because the rent was rather high, but I thought it was time I became more independent of my parents, and I'm sure I was getting on their nerves – they said they couldn't put up with the noise from my stereo system any longer! So I moved out, and here I am in my own flat!

It's in the suburbs on the outskirts of London, and it's very convenient for the shops. It's on the second floor and consists of a bedroom; a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It's nothing out of the ordinary, but it's in quite good condition.

I moved in last week and I've already put up some shelves and new wallpaper in the living room. At present the kitchen is painted dark brown and has a small window, so it needs brightening up.Haven't finished doing up the bedroom yet. I'm going to convert it into a study, and paint it blue so that it will go with the curtains my mother has promised to give me. There's a lovely view from the window! It looks out onto the garden which I share with four other people.'

I get on well with the people living above me, but unfortunately I'm not on good terms with the landlord at the moment.We had an argument about sticking pictures on the wall – he said it would damage the wallpaper. And the people below me say they are fed up with the noise from my stereo.

The good thing is that I've got somewhere I can call my own. I can easily put you up any time you're in London. So don't hesitate you can drop in any time.

All the best,


PS I'm thinking of having a house-warming party at the end of the month, so if you'd like to come, drop me a line or give me a call.

Task 3.Now underline the multi-word verbs in the letter and try to work out what they mean.

1. Match the verbs in A with the definitions in B.

1. to look through something 2. to come across someone/something 3. to put up with someone/something 4. to move out (of somewhere) 5. to brighten something up 6. to look (out) onto something 7. to go with something 8. to put someone up 9. to drop in (on someone) a) to give someone accommodation b) to have a view of somewhere c) to visit someone informally, to pay a casual visit d) to match or suit, to make a good combination (for example, of colours) e) to read something quickly and briefly f) to find something or meet someone by chance g) to leave accommodation and take everything with you, to vacate a house or flat h) to make something brighter, less dull, and more full of light i) to tolerate something, to accept something unpleasant or difficult without complaining

2. Fill in the gaps below.

I live __________ (a) my own __________ (b) the suburbs __________ (c) the outskirts of London. My flat is __________ (d) the second floor and it's __________ (e) good condition. It consists __________ (f) four rooms and is very convenient __________ (g) the shops. The bedroom looks out onto a garden, which I share __________ (h) four other people. I want to convert the bedroom __________ (i) a study. I found the flat __________ (j) an agency.

Task 4. Idiomatic expressions.

1. Complete the following sentences so that they illustrate the meaning of the idiomatic expressions in Tony's letter.

Example: I thought the play was nothing out of the ordinary, but my friends thought it was great.

1. He really gets on my nerves. He is always ...

2. I'm not on good terms with the people who live next door ...

3. I'm fed up with my job because ...

4. She was in two minds about accepting the job in America because .. .

5. She couldn't make up her mind about the party. On the one hand ...

2. Work in pairs. Ask your partner to describe where he or she lives. Try to use multi-word verbs, particles, and idiomatic expressions in your questions and answers.



Task 1. Match the actions to the pictures below. The pictures are in the right order to describe ways of getting a place ready to live in.

You build an extension __________ You furnish the house __________ You pull down old buildings ______ You paint and decorate __________ You put up new house __________    

Task 2. In these e-mails people are describing their living accommodation. Pay attention to the words in bold. Work in pairs. Write an e-mail letter to your friends or relatives describing your new home.

1 we can also say build an extension = build an extra room or two onto an existing house

2 repair, repaint and decorate (a house)

Task 3. In Task 2 you came across a collocation dream home. Search your dictionary for other collocations with the word home. Illustrate their usage with your own examples.

Task 4. Complete these sentences using collocations with the word home.

1. Jane's been away a whole year and she’s back. We should have à _______________party.

2. Our son lives at home right now but he'll be 21 soon. He'll finish university and then he'll probably ____________________.

3. I've lived here almost a year now and I'm really beginning to ____________________.

4. I'll leave the keys to my flat with the neighbour. Just go in and ____________________.

5. Jane thought she would miss her friends and family when she started her new job in Rome but she soon found she had no time to ____________________.

Task 5.Match the beginning of each sentence on the left with its ending on the right.

1. We want to turn our garage into a a. house-warming party.
2. Jill has invited me to her b. mortgage.
3. Next week I have to move out of c. my own.
4. Karl makes a business out of doing up d. granny flat.
5. Our bedroom overlooks e. my flat.
6. Our house needs to be completely f. the garden.
7. I hope that one day I'll have a place of g. old houses.
8. The bank can help if you want to take out a h. refurbished.

Task 6.Correct the collocation errors in these sentences.

1. We live on a busy road, but we're lucky because we have off-road park.

2. Gemma has moved off from her old flat and has now got a new place in Walville Street.

3. We're building an expansion to our house which will give us a bigger kitchen.

4. The flat is totally furnished, which is good because I have no furniture of my own.

5. She had to get out a big mortgage as the house was very expensive.

6. There is no buyable housing for young people in this area; prices are ridiculously high.

7. New people have entered into the house next door. I haven't met them yet.

8. It's a very spatial apartment with a huge living room and a big kitchen.

9. The flat is accessible to rent from the first of March onwards.

10. My brother and his wife live in a windy old cottage.

Task 7.Choose the best answer to the questions, a, b or ñ.

Brennan's Estate Agent's Brennan's are delighted to offer this first floor one bedroom flat. To view please call Brennan's on 020 6759 6660. PRICE £65,000 LOUNGE: 17'10 x 10'4 COMMUNAL GARDENS KITCHEN: 7'10 x 7'0 STORAGE HEATERS BEDROOM: 14'2 x 8'10 SECURITY ENTRY BATHROOM/WC LIFT TO ALL FLOORS 16 Compton Court, Preston, Lancashire The accommodation: ENTRANCE: Via security entryphone via door into: COMMUNAL HALLWAY: Stairs or lift to own front door. HALLWAY: Storage heater. Cupboard containing water tank. Power points. Door leading to: LOUNGE: 17'10 x 10'4. Double glazed window to front. Storage heater. Security entryphone system. Power point. Telephone point. KITCHEN: 7'10 X 7'0, Wall mounted heater. Wall mounted cupboards. Hob oven and extractor. Stainless steel single sink with mixer tap. Part tiled walls. Space for appliances. BEDROOM: 14'2 x 8'10. Double glazed windows to the front. Storage heater. Fitted wardrobes. Power points. BATHROOM / WC Wall mounted heater. Extractor. WC, hand basin, bath with tiled splashback on the wall. EXTERIOR: There are communal gardens and visitors parking.


In Britain, estate agents still use imperial measurements (feet and inches) to give room sizes. One foot (1') = 30.48 centimetres. One inch (1") = 2.54 centimetres. So, 14'2 is about 4 metres 30 centimetres.

1. How many people do you think would live in this flat?

a) one or two b) three or four c) more than four

2. How many floors do you go up in the lift to get to the flat?

a) one b) two c) three

3. What is the biggest room in the flat?

a) the bedroom b) the bathroom c) the lounge

4. Who are the gardens for?

a) the owner of the flat b) the owners of all the flats in the building c) the public

5. What helps to keep the flat safe?

a) the storage cupboard b) the telephone point c) the entryphone system

6. What helps keep the flat warm?

a) the storage cupboard b) the telephone point c) the double glazed windows

7. What can you cook on in the flat?

a) the integral hob b) the extractor c) the stainless steel single sink unit

8. What comes out of a mixer tap?

a) hot water only b) cold water only c) hot water, cold water or hot and cold water

9. Are there wardrobes in the bedroom now?

a) yes b) no c) we don't know

10. Where is the tiled splashback in the bathroom?

a) near the bath b) on the floor c) on the ceiling


6.1 Mum, I've found a flat!


Task 1.Listen to this telephone conversation and decide which of the four flats above, A, B, C or D is being described.


Task 2. Listen again and tick the boxes to show which of these things the flat has got. Task 3.Listen to the continuation of the dialogue and complete Sharon’s notes.
  yes no not mentioned   things that need doing do it myself have it done
lift balcony phone shower bath garage cooker fridge central heating       bathroom needs cleaning    
windows need (1) _______ ٧  
(2) _______ needs changing    
(3) ________ ________ need repainting    
light switchers need (4) ______   ٧
(5) _____ _____ needs (6)_______    
(7) ______ rail needs (8) ________ _______    

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