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Make sentences from the given words according to the model.


Model: My brother Greg/graduate/from the University.

My brother Greg has graduated from the University.


You know, Elinor, a lot has changed in our family since we last met.

1. Father/get/a new job/in South Africa.

2. He and Mother/leave/for Cape Town.

3. Mary/marry/an architect/from Canada.

4. I/pass/my/law/exams.

5. I/meet/the man/for me.

Exercise 69. What questions would Mr Bly ask his personal assistant Mr Cox? (Read Mr Coxs To dolist for his bosss trip first)


    1. Have you booked a flight? 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 6. ? To do Mr Blys trip to Chicago 1. book flight 2. reserve hotel room 3. arrange meeting with Gruber 4. change meeting with Klonowski 5. confirm meeting with Gruber 6. cancel meeting with Pinkowski

Exercise 70. Complete these interview questions using the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.

1. How have you changed (you change) over the last five years?

2. What other jobs __________ (you apply for) recently?

3. What _____________ (you read) recently?

4. What kind of people ___________ (you work) with?

5. What sort of bosses __________________ (you have)?

6. What __________________ (you learn) from your other jobs?

7. What sort of problems _____________ (you have) to deal with?

8. What _____________ (you do) that shows leadership?

Exercise 71. Complete the short answers with the correct form of have.

1 A: Has Francois ever worked in a bank?

B: No, he hasnt.

2 A: Have all the candidates for interview arrived?

B: Yes,_____________.

3 A: So you have worked for Nielsen Electronics, is that right?

B: Yes,_____________.

4 A: What about these candidates? Have they ever managed a project?

B: No, _____________.

5 A: Have you called a job agency?

B: No,________________.

6 A: Have you and Luis received a reply yet?

B: Well, Luis ____________ , but I'm afraid I ____________ .


Exercise 72. Answer the questions in the way shown. Use yet.


Model 1: Have you finished the book yet?

- No, I haven't finished it yet. I am still reading it.

Model 2: Have you seen the new film at the local cinema?

- I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to see it.


1. Have you translated the article yet? 2. Have they finished discussing the problem? 3. Have you decided who will make a report on the international situation? 4. Has she had her lunch yet? 5. Have they finished working at their course papers? 6. Has he woken up? (to sleep) 7. Has she made breakfast? 8. Have you eaten at the new Italian restaurant? 9. Have you bought a car? 10. Has Gerry asked Diana to marry him? 11. Have you spoken to the dean already? 12. Has he read the newspaper? 13. Have you washed the plates? 14. Have you seen him already? 15. Have you asked them for dinner? 16. Have you already explained it to him? 17. Have they passed their tests already? 18. Has she taken the pills? 19. Have they accepted the conditions? 20. Have you decided when to go?

Exercise 73. Make sentences with already and yet.

Model: Don't forget to pack some warm clothes. - I've already packed them.

Have you typed the letters yet? - Yes, I've already typed them.

Have you bought that dress? - No, I haven't bought it yet, but I'm going to buy it.

1. Why don't you have a bath? - ______________________

2. Shall I buy some newspapers? - No, _________________

3. Have you asked Jim yet? - Yes, ____________________

4. Have you invited Larry and Sue? - No, I _________________, but I am ________________

5. Has the manager arrived yet? - Yes, ________________

6. Has Jill written to Dad? - No, she _________________ but she ________________ tonight.


Exercise 74. Use the words in brackets to make questions according to the model.

Model: (he/ever/paint/people) Has he ever painted people?

1. (you ever/be/to Scotland?)__________________________________

2. (your parents/live/here all their lives?) ________________________

3. (you/hear/this concert?) ____________________________________

4. (how many times/you/ be married? ___________________________

5. (he/ever/meet/the President?)________________________________

6. (you/ever/visit/the White House?) ____________________________

Exercise 75. Make questions using the words given.


Model: (anything/happen/recently?)

Has anything happened recently?

1. (you/read/any books recently?) ______________________________

2. (you/hear/from Tom in the past few days?) ____________________

3. (you/buy/any new records recently?) ________________________

4. (you/eat/anything today?) __________________________________

5. (you/see/any good films recently?) ___________________________

6. (it/snow/here this year yet?) ________________________________

Exercise 76. Put in gone or been.

Model: She is back home from holiday now. She has been to Italy.

1. I saw Jane ten minutes ago but now she's _______________.

2. Max is on holiday now. He has ______________ to India.

3. London is a wonderful city. I have ________________ there many times.

4. There is a new cinema in our town. Have you ever ______________ there?

5. I don't know where Bob is now. I think he has _______________ to school.

6. Hi, Ann! Where have you ______________ all this time?

7. Have you ever ____________ to New York? Oh, yes. Once.

8. Hello! I've just _____________ to the circus. I had a wonderful time there.

9. I'm not going to school. I have already ___________ there today.

10. Ben and Tom have _______________ out. But they will be back in a moment.


Exercise 77. Answer the following questions using the present perfect.


1. What films have you seen this month? 2. What new places have you

visited this year? 3. What new buildings have appeared in your town during the year? 4. How much money have you spent this week? 5. How many lectures have you missed this term? 6. How many telephone calls have you made since the beginning of this week? 7. What has the weather been like this month? 8. What different types of lessons have you had today? 9. How many holidays have you spent abroad over the past three years? 10. Which of your friends haven't you seen for some time? 11. How long have you lived in your present house? 12. How many reports have you made at the seminars so far? 13. How many times have you been to a disco this month? 14. How many questions have you answered so far? 15. How long has it taken to complete this exercise?

Exercise 78. Four business people were asked about stressful experiences. Look at the table; then answer the questions, as in the examples.

v yes, x-no

  Have you ever asked your boss for a pay rise? Have you ever made a formal presentation? Have you ever negotiated an important contract?
Sergio x v x
Marie v x v
Lucy v x x

1. Has Sergio ever made a formal presentation? Yes, he has.

2. Has Sergio ever asked his boss for a pay rise? No, he hasnt.

3. Has Marie ever negotiated an important contract? _____________

4. Has Marie ever made a formal presentation? _________________

5. Have Lucy and Sergio ever negotiated an important contract? _______

6. Have Lucy and Marie ever asked their boss for a pay rise? __________

7. Has anybody ever made a formal presentation? ___________________

Exercise 79. Complete the information about Said and Aldona with the correct form of the verbs in brackets (past simple or present perfect).

1. Said was born (be born) in 1973 in Morocco.

2. He _________ (go) to university in 1991.

3. He _________ (work) in Spain from 1997 to 1999.


4. He _________ (meet) Aldona in 2000.

5. Said and Aldona _________ (get married) in 2001.

6. They ________ (live) in London since 2002.

7. Aldona _________ (become) a travel agent a year ago.

8. Said __________ (finish) a computer course last July.

9. He __________ (be) a website designer since September.

Exercise 80. Match each of the sentences from column A with a suitable context from column B

A 1. I hope you enjoyed the launch party. 2. I hope you have enjoyed the launch party. 3. Has the post come this morning? 4. Did the post come this morning? 5. Has Max rung this week? 6. Did Max ring this week? 7. Has Mary finished that report? 8. Did Mary finish that report?   B a. Mary has gone home. It is 6.00 p.m. b. The launch party is about to finish. c. Max rings on Monday or Tuesday. It's Friday at 6.00 p.m. d. Mary is still at the office. It is 2.30. e. It is 10.00 in the morning. f. Max rings on Monday or Tuesday. It's Tuesday. g. It is 3.00 in the afternoon. h. The launch party was last week.

Exercise 81. Find a proper way of continuing each of the sentences in column A with a sentence or a phrase in column B.


1. I have read the instructions. 2. I read the instructions. a) I didn't understand them. b) I don't understand them.
3. Tom has had a bad car crash. 4. Tom had a bad car crash. a) He is in hospital now. b) He recovered soon.
5. I haven't seen Jane this morning. 6. I didnt see Jane this morning. a) It is 6 PM now. b) It is 11 AM now.



7. The lift has broken down. 8. The lift broke down. a) It didn't work for two days. b) We have to use the stairs.
9. I have seen wolves in this forest. 10. I saw wolves in this forest. a) Walking there might be dangerous. b) It was a long time ago.
11. John Smith has written a number of stories. 12. John Smith wrote a number of stories. a) Most of them were published after his death. b) Now he is writing a script for a movie.
13. I am fond of horse-riding. 14. I used to go in for horse-riding. a) Did you ever fall off a horse?! b) Have you ever fallen off a horse?
15. I have planted fourteen rose-bushes 16. I planted fourteen rosebushes a) so far this morning. b) on Sunday.
17. I haven't visited my aunt 18. I didn't visit my aunt a) for a long time. b) last summer.
19. I have passed my driving test 20. I passed my driving test a) without any problems. b) at last.
21. Michael hasn't appeared on TV 22. Michael didn't appear on TV a) last week. b) before now.
23. He has lived here all his life. 24. He lived here all his life. a) He never left the town for more than a week. b) He knows everybody here.

Exercise 82. Choose the correct tense form.

1. We (not/have) a holiday last year.

A didn't have

haven''t had

hadn't have

2. My parents (be) to the USA many times.

A have been


have being

3. I (buy) a new dress last week, but I (not / wear) it yet.

A have bought A haven't worn

bought wore

had bought didn't wear


4. it (stop) raining yet?

A Did it stop

Is it stopped

Has it stopped

5. Don't worry about your letter. I (send) it the day before yesterday.

A sended

have sent


6. I (lose) my glasses. I (have) them when I came to the college this morning.

A losed A have had

have lost had

lost have.

7. When Jill (finish) school?

A When had Jill finished

When has Jill finished

When did Jill finish

8. When I was a child, I (always / be) late for school.

A have always been

B was always late

had always been

9. I can't find my umbrella. I think somebody (take) by mistake.

A took


has taken

10. Are you tired? Yes, a little. I (paint) the ceiling today.

A have painted



11. We (not / see) Peter this week, but we (see) him a couple of weeks ago.

A didn't see A saw

haven't saw have saw

haven't seen have seen

12. Have you got any money? Yes, I (borrow) it from my brother.

A borrowed

have borrowed

did borrow


13. -Where is Jane? - She (go) the shops. She'll be back soon.

A went

has gone to

has been to

14. My husband (work) in the bank for three years since 2004 to 2007.

A has worked

had worked


15. Mom (lose) her car keys, so we have to open the door by force.

A has lost



16. One of the passengers (die) in that accident.

A has died

B died

17. My sister and her husband (be married) since last Christmas.

A were married

have married

C have been married

18. ... the post (come) today?

A Did the post come

Has the post come

Has the post came

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