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TOPIC. Michael Faraday.

Michael Faraday is one of the great scientists in the history of man's work in electricity. He was born in a small village near London on September 11, 1791, in a poor family. At the age of thirteen Michael went to work in a bookbinder's shop, because he didn't have much schooling. Some of the scientific works and articles which passed through his hands aroused his interest in science and he started to read.

Some time later Michael became a pupil of great scientist of that time, Sir Humphry Davy. The boy accompanied Davy in his trips to Europe. Today almost all the electricity we use is generated by great machines with magnets in them, but in those days no one knew how to do it. English scientist could move the magnet near wire. This was a great moment in the history of man's electrical experiments. But Faraday didn't stop at this.

Faraday's scientific interests were varied. He made new kind of glass and a new kind of steel. Faraday made about two thousand difficult experiments and made countless discoveries in chemistry and physics. He made a wonderful machine which was the father of all the great machines that make electricity today. They light and heat our houses and they make our radio-sets work. Michael Faraday was the creator of the electric motor, who ushered us in the electrical age which had changed the face of the earth.


Topic. travelling.

Travelling is a very useful thing. It widens our outlook, gives us the possibility to meet with people from other countries, acquaints us with different cultures, traditions and customs, country history and languages. Having returned home after travelling we bring souvenirs, photos and lots of impressions of our trip. Getting to travel donít forget about several important things such as: a tour visa, a life insurance, a guidebook, plastic card (for the payments) and mobile phone. Last Christmas I went to Paris with my family. It was incredible travelling and I would like to share some of my impressions with you. Paris is the capital of France and one of the biggest cities of Europe. It is situated on the Seine River banks in the north part of France. The population of Paris with its suburbs is 12 600 000 people and 45 million tourists visit the city annually. Paris is the recognized capital of the world fashion and the location of Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin fashion houses. Paris is divided into 20 administrative districts. The most famous ones are: du Louvre is the geographic and historic heart of Paris. Itís the first district of the city where the world-famous Art Museum Louvre is situated. Palais Bourbon or Eiffel Tower district is the politic center of Paris, where many departments and offices and the National Assembly of France are concentrated. The main places of interest are the Paris symbol Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars. The Elysees is the residence of the France president. It was unforgettable travelling for me, next summer I and my family are going to Spain. I hope youíve got something exciting to tell us about your travelling.

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