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Word combinations to be learnt

The unconquered

By W. Somerset Maugham

1. to give a gasp

2. to break into sobbing

3. blood-stained

4. to scratch smb’s eyes out

5. iodine

6. to give a shriek

7. to fling (flung, flung) back

8. guttural german accent

9. to linger

10. to deliberately mislead smb

11. to push in

12. as thirsty as the devil

13. a sweltering day

14. the headlong flight

15. to scuttle like rabbits

16. conqueror

17. a decadent people

18. to meet smb half-way

19. to go into business

20. to matriculate

21. there was a sort of distinction about her

22. chic

23. mercenary

24. hard as nails

25. obedience and discipline

26. to clench one’s fists

27. as sober as a judge

28. to sieze smb’s wrist

29. to let go of smb

30. to crumple up

31. to give smb a swinging blow on the cheek

32. to chuckle grimly

33. to pinion one’s arms

34. to stagger

35. the woman cowering against the wall

36. to slam the door

37. to weep bitterly

38. spree

39. the armistice

40. to know smth like the palm of his/her hand

41. ill-feeling

42. a poplar

43. to draw t an end

44. to seek (sought, sought)

45. a mongrel dog

46. take yourself off

47. her eyes hostile

48. to smile at smb disarmingly

49. the invincible french army

50. to look smb up and down scornfully

51. a refinement

52. to torment smb

53. to be sent on an errand

54. to stir a pot

55. a surly look on his face

56. a mocking smile

57. the temptation

58. silent hostility

59. to knock smb down

60. to be inclined to cry

61. hefty and well-covered

62. to account for

63. smth intimidating

64. to drink wine on an empty stomach

65. a fortnight

66. to tantalize

67. to have loathing for smb

68. a sly look

69. to be sharp

70. to come to terms with smb

71. a treat

72. to chat amicably

73. to mobilize

74. to bear (bore, borne) the shame of defeat

75. to be betrayed

76. in the vicinity

77. to make no headway with smb

78. to ingratiate

79. wile

80. to go down with

81. to excite smb’s derision

82. to bar smb’s passage

83. defenceless

84. to be reasonable

85. to come round

86. cordial

87. cold and gruff

88. civil

89. a sizeable brook

90. arable land

91. pasture

92. to bewail oneself

93. fertilizer

94. to go to the rack and ruin

95. to cause a convulsion

96. to fling out of the room

97. to be bewildered

98. unbearably pathetic

99. to feel drowsy

100. to cope with smth

101. to pet smb

102. to comfort smb

103. a great bundle

104. mannerly

105. to bid (bade, bidden)

106. a misfortune of nature

107. to accept with resignation and humility

108. on end

109. unobtainable

110. to lounge about/around

111. to be held as a hostage

112. a midwife

113. a push-bike (bicycle)

114. to darn stockings

115. sewing

116. to fling at smb viciously

117. to bring the english to their knees

118. to break into a peal of harsh laughter

119. to slap on cheeks

120. hysteria

121. to gain control over oneself

122. well-to-do

123. to want for

124. a child born out of wedlock

125. to waver

126. to take over

127. to potter about/around

128. hold your tongue

129. frail

130. a barbarian

131. to grow sullen

132. to care for smb

133. to make reparation

134. intolerable anguish

135. ruefully

136. to be in favour of

137. now that

138. a decent sort of fellow

139. to lash smb with a bitter tongue

140. an easy-going fellow

141. to buy smb out of his share

142. (to buy) for a song

143. to restock

144. motor plough

145. to give a hand

146. to remain fiercely hostile

147. to be in radiant health

148. dignity

149. to stick a knife into smb

150. a mutiny

151. a ringleader

152. it served the man right

153. to get over the shock

154. to collaborate

155. to see smth in the coffee grounds

156. to put out the cards

157. the heaven-sent opportunity

158. the reich

159. plutocrat

160. the backbone

161. let bygones be bygones

162. to waste one’s breath

163. vanity

164. arrogance

165. to torture

166. rotten

167. to be torn to pieces by the mob

168. to get exasperated

169. to bear malice to smb

170. to make amends

171. to profit by smb

172. can’t help oneself

173. a ravenous beast

174. theatrical

175. to lapse into silence

176. to give smb a sullen look

177. in cold blood

178. a reproach

179. disgrace

180. a by-blow

181. to loathe the brutality

182. to despise the sentimentality

183. to give a disarming smile

184. deliverance

185. the invaders of my country

186. to give a savage brutal kick

187. to limp yelping away

188. rumour was rife

189. the rank and life

190. on account of

191. to scamper upstairs

192. to cast over a dismal squalor

193. to stare at smb aghast

194. a flimsy rayon dressing-gown

195. dishevelled hair

196. bedraggled wisps

197. to burst into passionate weeping


cissy = sissy {colloq.) — a boy, or a man whose behaviour, tastes, interests, etc. seem more feminine than masculine

non (Fr.) — no

the Arc de Triomphe — the famous arc in Paris which was erected by decree of Napoleon on the 12th of February 1806

he was comfortably billeted — he was given a comfortable room in the house of a Frenchman (a billet is a place where a soldier is assigned to lodgings by billet)

had a good bump of locality — could easily find out his whereabouts

cochon (Fr.) — pig, swine

the Maginot line — a system of heavily fortified machine-gun posts (pill boxes), tank traps, etc. on the eastern frontier of France built before World War II named after the French minister of war; though considered impregnable, it failed to prevent the nazi invasion

Much he'll care. — He'll pay no attention whatever to his words

the Boche (si.) — German

Au revoir, mademoiselle (Fr.) — good-bye (see you again)

Bonjour, la compagnie (Fr.) — good day to the company

well-covered (here) — stout

had wolfed it — had eaten it up greedily

a lucky break (colloq.) — a good chance

That was a pretty job of work you did — You did a very nasty thing

had been called to the colours — had been enlisted (had joined the army)

Citroen — the mark of the motor-car

a Paris-Soir — a French newspaper, the Paris Evening News

couldn't hold a candle to her — was not her equal

he was a Dutchman — an emphatic statement: I'm a Dutchman if …

The C.O. — the Commanding Officer

Luftwaffe — the nazi air forcein World War II

he would have a pull — he would have special advantage

she bit my head off — she flew into a rage and said bitter things to me

the Ritz — the Ritz hotels founded by César Ritz (1850—1918), Swiss hotel keeper

the Reich [raik] — the German fascist state under the nazi regime from 1933 to 1945 (the third Reich)

come into his own — get everything that belongs to him by right


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