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Satisfied that something is good or right, and therefore not worried about it

e.g. Are you happy with this arrangement?

Phr. happy happy couple, happy day, happy event, happy hour, happy hunting ground, happy medium,etc



Watch out! Lucky differs from happy in that it means something sudden, unexpected, favoured by chance and circumstances. Thus we speak of a man happy in his married life but lucky in finding such a - good wife.


Phrasal verb

1. take after - to look or behave like an older relative
e.g. In looks she takes after her father.

take apart - to separate an object into pieces
e.g. My watch stopped, so I took it apart.

take away from - to reduce the positive effect or success of something
e.g. A few hooligans couldn't take away from the team's success.

take for- to consider or suppose to be, esp mistakenly

e.g. Who do you take me for?

take down - to separate a large structure into pieces
e.g. The platform was taken down for safety reasons.

take in - to include something
e.g.The book takes in the period between 1891 and Lenin's death.

take off - to remove something, especially a piece of clothing
e.g.I'd better take my shoes off.

take out - to remove something from a pocket, bag etc
e.g. Henry took out his wallet.
take over - to begin to do something that someone else was doing
e.g. Can you take over the cooking while I walk the dog?
11. take to - to begin to like someone or something
e.g. I took to John immediately.

compound/stretched/supported verb

to take place— to occur; to take time— to require much time; to take sides— to join one of the opposing parties; to take a fancy to— to like very much; to take part in— to participate; to take an interest in — to be interested in; to take by surprise —to do smth. or come unexpectedly; to take a liking to somebody — to like somebody; to take a dislike to — not to like; to take a chance — to use an opportunity; to take care of—to look after, etc.


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