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III. Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs where necessary.

I. Active Words and Word Combinations.

  1. a feature
  2. lipstick
  3. a suburb
  4. to bring up
  5. to get on
  6. to turn out
  7. an accountant
  8. to inherit
  9. for a rainy day
  10. a scone
  11. to compare
  12. to boast of
  13. to be ill at ease
  14. to approve of
  15. to take revenge
  16. to rescue
  17. to be offended by smb at smth
  18. to insult
  19. to resume
  20. enormous
  21. chill
  22. to tempt
  23. to spy on
  24. to suspicious
  25. contemptible
  26. to delay
  27. a threshold
  28. to slam a door
  29. to molest
  30. to reconcile
  31. to complain about
  32. to obey smb
  33. to be stern with smb
  34. decent
  35. to quarrel


II. Fill in the blanks with the following words and word combinations.


Troubles; rather than; sit up; for; credit; common; on speaking terms; ambition; ill at ease; honeymoon; cleared up; changed.


  1. Betty and me are getting married and we are going to Southend for the _______________________________ .
  2. Their ________________________ was to have a bigger kite than anyone else.
  3. She put the rest of the money in the Savings Bank for him _________a rainy day.
  4. He _______________________from his business clothes into slacks and an old coat.
  5. He takes his duties very seriously and makes the prisoners’ ____________his own.
  6. Mrs. Sunbury gradually found that she, her Samuel and her son were _______________________________with other people.
  7. After a fortnight of bad weather it ____________________
  8. She was pleased to see that Betty was getting more and more ________________________
  9. He says he’ll stay in jail all his life ___________________________pay her a penny.
  10. There were always a lot of people on the ______________________who flew kites.
  11. She taught him to ________________________at table and not to put his elbows on it.
  12. If you bring up somebody right they’ll be a _____________________to you.



III. Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs where necessary.


1. She didn’t like the idea ________Herbert being brought __________contact __________a lot _________rough boys __________school.

2. It turned __________ that he had a good head __________figures.

3. She put the rest __________the money __________the Savings Bank __________him _________a rainy day.

4. Mrs. Sunbury, _________spite ________her trying “to keep herself ________herself,” gradually found that she was ________speaking terms ________other people.

5. They compared their kites and boasted _________their accomplishments.

6. Mrs. Sunbury took an instant dislike _________her.

7. She had made _________her mind to behave __________a lady, so that __________first things went well.

8. She poured __________tea and asked Herbert to give a cup _______his lady friend.

9. Betty took a bite ________it and when she put it __________her saucer it fell ________the ground.

10. I am simply dying __________a smoke.

11. Mrs. Sunbury didn’t approve __________women smoking.

12. I suppose it all depends ___________what class ______people one comes ___________.

13. I am engaged ________her.

14. I’ve been thinking ___________it __________a long time, and when she was so upset tonight I felt sorry _________her, so I proposed ________her.

15. Herbert ran _________ ________the room and _________ ______the house and Mrs. Sunbury burst __________angry tears.

16. The time was coming ____________their usual fortnight __________seaside.

17. We are going _____________Southend _______the honeymoon.

18. They are cutting down ___________Betty’s office and she is ________ __________a job, so we thought we had better get married ________ once.

19. We have taken two rooms _________Dabney Street and we are buying furniture ________ _______my Savings Bank money.

20. Tears rolled __________her thin cheeks.

21. I ought to be ashamed _________myself.

22. Mr. Sunbury usually met him ________the morning train which they both took to go __________the City.

23. He was nervous and didn’t go back ________tea __________his parents.

24. Betty screamed ___________him and Herbert shouted ________her.

25. They did not speak __________one another __________the Sunday and _____________the rest __________the week.

26. He changed ____________his business clothes _________slacks and an old coat.

27. He looked __________her _________a moment __________surprise.

28. One evening, when he was walking back __________the station _________his father, Betty came __________ ________him.

29. ___________dinner Herbert went __________the coal-shed where they kept the kite to have a look ________it.

30. Betty began coming __________the station and wait __________him, and when he did not speak __________her she followed ________him ____________the street screaming curses _________him.



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