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76. Guest: "______________ "

Hostess: "Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

A) Enjoy your meal. B) The meal wasn't as bad as I expected.

C) The meal was rather good. D) The meal was absolutely delicious


77. John: I have been waiting for you for two hours!

Ann: ________________

A) Never mind! B) I dont think so.

C) Sorry. It was wrong of me. D) Thats all right.


78. You: Can I borrow your mobile phone? I need to make a quick call to my mother.

Your friend: _____________________

A) Youll do me a favour. B) What do you want?

C) OK. Here you are. D) I am pleased to hear it.


79. Daughter: _______________________

Mother: Youd better return home now.

A) I want to do the shopping just now.

B) It is great to be at home again.

C) I am going back home.

D) It looks like raining. I dont know what to do.


80. Your friend: Would you like to come to our house on Sunday?

You: ________________________

A) Really? B) Thanks. Id love to. Thats great.

C) Will you repeat it, please? D) No, I wouldnt.


81. Your friend: Im sure well have a great time at Joans party tomorrow night.

You: Yes, ______________________

A) I disagree. All our friends will be there. B) I am not sure. All our friends will be there.

C) I agree. All our friends will be there. D) Im afraid. All our friends will be there.


82. Shop assistant: "Can I help you?"

Customer: "________________________ "

A) Fine. B) No, it's all right, thanks, I'm just looking.

C) Oh, good. I'm so glad to have met you. D) No, that's not necessary.


83. Boss: What is your opinion about this?

Employee: _____________________

A) I dont know B) I definitely agree with your arguments.

C) You are crazy. I dont agree with you. D) I am thinking about it.


84. Caller: Can I speak to the manager, please?

Secretary: ______________________

A) Why cant you do it? B) This is the managers office. Can I help you?

C) Do you really need to do so? D) What do you want?


85. Your business partner: Id like you to meet Mr. White.

You: ____________________

A) Would you like something to drink?

B) What is your first impression of me?

C) Glad to meet you, Mr. White.

D) Lets get down to business.

86. Student: "Have you had time to mark my composition?"

Teacher: "____________________________ "

A) Oh, dear, you look awful, whats the matter with you?

B) Yes, and I do hope you don't mind my saying this but youve made one or two tiny mistakes.

C) Yes, it was quite good, and I've underlined the mistakes you've made.

D) Yes, I have.


87. Teacher: Read the passages and match the names with

Student: ___________________

A) Could you repeat that please? B) What?

C) Slow down! D) What does that mean?


88. Your teacher: You dont seem to be making any progress.

You: ___________________

A) Glad to hear it from you. B) Really?

C) Oh! I will work harder. D) Its your fault!


89. Student 1: Ive failed my first exam.

Student 2: _________________

A) Thats your opinion, not mine.

B) I think you should prepare better for the next one.

C) Thank you very much.

D) Think nothing of it.


90. Student: Can you explain what the problem was with my composition?

Teacher: _____________________

A) No, I cant. B) Very bad.

C) I do hope you dont mind my saying this but youve had some problems.

D) Im afraid your handwriting wasnt very good.


91. Boss: "Do you see what I mean?"

Employee: "_____________________________ "

A) Idon't think so. B) Yes, do, please.

C) Yes, and I don't agree with you. D) Yes, but I'm not sure I quite agree.


92. Nurse: Health Helpline, how can I help you?

Patient: _______________________

A) I dont know it for sure.

B) Help!

C) Im not feeling well. I wonder if you might be able to help me.

D) Look here! I need some help.


93. Waiter: Would you like something to drink?

Customer: ______________________

A) Can I have a cup of coffee, please? B) You must bring me a cup of coffee.

C) Give me coffee. D) I wonder if I could have a cup of coffee, please.


94. Visitor: ________________________

Local resident: Oh, you can get a bus. Any bus will take you there.

A) Im looking for Central Station. B) Central Station.

C) Excuse meHow can I get to Central Station, please? D) Where is Central Station?


95. Manager: His results are of no practical importance

Subordinate: ________________________

A) You are quite right. I agree with you. B) His results are the best.

C) Really?

D) You see, we dont need to carry out any tests of practical importance.


96. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of_________ .

A)five parts B) three parts

C) four parts D) two parts


97. London is situated on _________________.

A) the Severn B) the Hudson River

C) the Thames D) the Mississippi


98. The Royal family lives in ________________

A) Buckingham Palace B) 10 Downing Street

C) Tower of London D) Westminster Palace


99. The oldest university in Britain is _______________.

A) London B) Cambridge

C) Edinburgh D) Oxford


100. The official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is ______________.

A) Buckingham Palace B) Scotland Yard

C) the West End D) 10 Downing Street


101. The USA consists of 50____ .

A)states B) counties

C) republics D) districts


102. The USA is a federal republic consisting of ___________ states.

A) 52 B) 54

C) 50 D) 48


103. The Library of Congress is situated in ______________.

A) Washington B) London

C) Oxford D) Boston


104. The New York underground is called ______________

A) the tube B) the downland

C) the metro D) the subway


105. The Statue of Liberty stands on an island in ______________ Harbour.

A) Washington B) New York

C) Philadelphia D) Boston


106. ______________ is not an American writer.

A) Agatha Christie B) OHenry

C) Mark Twain D) Salinger


107. French is an official language in_____ .

A)Canada B) New Zealand

C) India D) Sweden


108. The capital of Canada is ____________.

A) Toronto B) Ottawa

C) Montreal D) Quebec


109. Janue Sale and David Pelletier are the Canadian ______________ who won gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002.

A) bobsledders B) figure skaters

C) alpine skiers D) hockey-players


110. Canadian native people are _____________

A) British B) French

C) Americans D) Indians



111. Bill Gates is a founder of____ .

A)The Metropolitan Museum B) the largest automobile corporation

C) The Microsoft Corporation D) the first entertainment theme park


112. What was Martin Luther King famous for?

A) He was a bright student and a talented teacher.

B) He was an outstanding military man.

C) He aroused American people to protest against racial discrimination.

D) He was born in Atlanta in a large family.


113. A member of the Beatles who was murdered in the USA is ______________.

A) Stevenson B) Paul Mc Cartney

C) Rowling D) Lennon


114. The Beatles started their career in ______________

A) Birmingham B) London

C) Liverpool D) Oxford


115. Marilyn Monroe was a major US ____________ of the fifties.

A) sportsman B) dancer

C) musician D) movie-star


116. The telephone was invented by ________________

A) Isaac Newton B) Alexander Bell

C) Michael Faraday D) James Watt


1 B 21 D 41 D 61 A 81 C 101 A
2 A 22 B 42 D 62 C 82 B 102 C
3 B 23 C 43 B 63 A 83 B 103 A
4 C 24 D 44 B 64 D 84 B 104 D
5 C 25 A 45 A 65 D 85 C 105 B
6 A 26 B 46 C 66 D 86 C 106 A
7 C 27 B 47A 67 C 87 A 107 A
8 B 28 B 48 D 68 A 88 C 108 B
9 C 29 D 49 B 69 A 89 B 109 B
10 A 30 D 50 A 70 B 90 D 110 D
11 D 31 B 51 D 71 C 91 D 111 C
12 A 32 B 52 C 72 C 92 B 112 C
13 D 33 A 53 C 73 C 93 A 113 D
14 C 34 B 54 A 74 D 94 C 114 C
15 C 35 D 55 D 75 C 95 A 115 D
16 B 36 D 56 C 76 D 96 C 116 D
17 D 37 C 57 A 77 C 97 C  
18 A 38 A 58 A 78 C 98 A  
19 C 39A 59 C 79 D 99 D  
20 D 40 B 60 B 80 B 100 D  

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