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That goose belongs to his wife.



1.Every day Julie (take) the bus to go to her office.

2. At the moment you (do) an English exercise.

3. Tom and Julie (learn) English this year.

4. The bank (open) at 9.30 every morning from Monday to Friday.

5. Our cousins (come) to see us next Sunday.

6. Tom (read) the newspaper every morning on the train.

7. Julie usually (clean) the house on Saturdays.

8. At the moment she (write) a letter to a client.

9. Julie (speak) three languages : English, French and Spanish.

11. Today is Sunday. Tom and Julie (relax) in their garden.

Tom and Julie (go) to the cinema yesterday.

12. Andy is playing a game of tennis. He (play) for 2 hours.

13. Eva (book) tickets two weeks ago for the concert in Vienna.

14. The teacher (speak) English since the beginning of this lesson.

15. In your life, how many countries (you-visit) ?

16. The Bank (open) a branch in the new shopping centre last month.

17. The bus is late and Julie is cold. She (wait) for 10 minutes.

18. Caroline (work) here between 2010 and 2012.

19. Before boarding, James (buy) a book to read during the flight.

20. So far today, I (learn) several new words in English.


some | any | a little | a few | much | many (There are sometimes two possibilities.) (The answers are at the bottom of the page.)  
1. Not all of the children went outside. ____________of them stayed in the classroom.
2. I have to go to the supermarket. There isn't _________ coffee left.
3. How ________ loaves of bread do we need?
4. Would you like _______ milk? Yes please. Just _________________.
5. The land is not suitable for agriculture so _________ of the food is imported.
6. There are only ______________ people interested in the subject..
7. How _________ of the students have a computer at home?
8. Can you tell me _____________ about your experience in London?



1) My sister loves chocolate. I love chocolate too. 1)
2) Peter was late. Mary was late too. 2)
3) They can't speak Chinese. We can't speak Chinese either. 3)
4) Coffee keeps you awake. Tea keeps you awake too. 4)
5) Sarah doesn't like coffee. Jane doesn't like coffee either. 5)
6) David's job isn't well paid. My job isn't well paid either. 6)
7) My parents would love to live by the sea. I would love to live by the sea too. 7)
8) Tom wouldn't like to lose his job. Peter wouldn't like to lose his job either. 8)
9) Julie is interested in art. I'm interested in art too. 9)
10) Bill didn't understand the joke. His wife didn't understand the joke either.  



What is the correct plural of the word?

  1. These (person) are protesting against the president.
  2. The (woman) over there want to meet the manager.
  3. My (child) hate eating pasta.
  4. I am ill. My (foot) hurt.
  5. Muslims kill (sheep) in a religious celebration.
  6. I clean my (tooth) three times a day.
  7. The (student ) are doing the exercise right now.
  8. The (fish) I bought is in the fridge.
  9. They are sending some (man) to fix the roof.
  10. Most (houswife) work more than ten hours a day at home.
  11. Where did you put the (knife) ?
    On the (shelf) .
  12. (Goose) like water.
  13. (Piano) are expensive
  14. Some (policeman) came to arrest him.
  15. Where is my (luggage) ?
    In the car!



Rewrite the following sentences making them plural.

The child asks for a toy hippopotamus.

The baby cries; but its mother is missing.

I look up, and a leaf falls from a branch and lands on my head.

The lady uses a knife to cut a potato and a chilli.

The man is sure a mouse bit his foot while he was asleep.

I took this photo of an ox that is not mine.

That goose belongs to his wife.

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