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C You are going to read an interview with a midwife. For questions 1Ė5, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

A For questions 1Ė11, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.

Martin Dawson, the 0 novelist famous for his best-selling 1_________ about special agent Lee Hole, is very lucky to be alive. Fifteen years ago, while driving down a country road at night in rough weather, a small 2 _________ suddenly came round the corner. The 3_________ from the bikeís light blinded Matt and he suddenly braked. His 4_________ brakes didnít work and his car smashed into a tree. Martin was not wearing a 5_________ and these were the days before the 6_________. Martin was thrown through the window.

Luckily, the man on the bike was a 7 _________ and he was able operate on Martin the moment he arrived at the local hospital. Unfortunately for Martin, he contracted 8 _________ at the hospital and ended up staying in the hospital for four more months. Once he left hospital he was using 9_________ for a further three years and still occasionally needs to have 10_________. However, he knows how lucky he was. He says ĎMy life is rather boring so this is a story Iím sure will be included in my 11_________í.

0. a poet b critic c dramatist d novelist

1. a memoirs b thrillers c plays d blogs

2. a scooter b truck c barge d glider

3. a gleam b glare c yell d audible

4. a one-way b turbulence c anti-lock d speed

5. a signals b shuttle c airbag d seatbelt

6. a airbag b signals c puncture d cameras

7 a anaesthetist b psychiatrist c midwife d surgeon

8 a an infection b a parasite c an injection d a symptom

9 a mould b antibiotics c painkillers d vaccines

10 a transplants b physiotherapy c radiology d diabetes

11 a diary b essays c blogs d biography



B For questions 1Ė14, read the text below and add a word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. In some cases a word is not necessary so write ĎXí.

Dear Diary,

Today 0 was the fiftieth day I 1 _________ spent on this island. This morning, as always, I woke up at dawn, washed in the sea and 2_________ had a breakfast of melons and mangoes. I think I might 3 _________ ill if I eat much more fruit. It 4 _________ raining all day and I had to spend the whole time in my hut. 5_________ you find my message in the bottle? I hope so. I 6_________ to think that it would be 7_________ found quickly. I 8_________ wake up every morning and stand by the sea looking for the ship that never came. I know there 9 _________ be a chance that we will see each other again but I doubt it.

The rain had stopped by the evening so I had some time to hunt. Until last week I hadnít been 10_________ into the forest but I 11_________ keep eating just fruit and fish. I need meat. While I 12_________ hunting I heard the sound of a plane. I 13 _________ to climb to the top of the hill but by the time I got there the plane was gone. I think I will still 14_________ waiting for a plane in a yearís time.


C You are going to read an interview with a midwife. For questions 1Ė5, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

  Magdalena Janczyk is the new midwife at the Hetherington Surgery. Magdalena is Polish and came to the UK six years ago. We interviewed Magdalena about her life and her plans for Hetherington.   Interviewer: Hi Magdalena. Why did you come to live in England? Magda: Iím sorry to say it had nothing to do with medicine and health and everything to do with romance. When I was working as a nurse in a hospital in Krakow I met my husband, Ben, who was a visiting surgeon. After his visit he managed to transfer to Warsaw and when we were married we lived there for six years. Then last year Ben had to come back to the UK so we decided to relocate the whole family. Ben now works at St Johnís hospital in York.   I: Do you live here or in York? M: We have two children and we decided we wanted to make sure they didnít lose their links to Poland and its culture. There are quite a lot of Poles in York, including a cultural centre so we thought it would be better to live there. However, York is only ten miles away and I have my own car so itís not a problem. And if my car breaks down, thereís always a good bus service.   I: Why did you become a midwife? M: Having my two children was a fantastic experience and I felt that I wanted to share this experience with others and help them have a healthy, safe and happy experience with the birth of their children. It is still true that in many countries there is no one there to help the family. The job of a midwife is not only about the birth, itís also about preparing parents and helping them after the birth. Itís a hard time for parents as they will have never experienced anything like this before.   I: What do you think of Hetherington and what are you hoping to do here? M: Hetherington is a lovely village and the people here have been very welcoming and friendly. Of course I wonít only be working in Hetherington but also in all the other villages nearby. For the last three years there hasnít been a local midwife and Iím sure that has been quite hard. I hope that now we can make sure we can support all the families in this area. We will start prenatal classes in the next three weeks and I will be visiting all the families in the area over the next few months. If anyone wants to talk to me before that, they can contact me at the surgery.

1 Why is Magdalena in England?

a because she wanted to be a midwife

b because she loves Englishmen

c because her husband works here

d because she is getting married


2 Why is Magdalena living in York?

a because the transport is good

b because they need midwives

c for their children

d because her husband works there


3 Why did she become a midwife?

a because she has had two children

b because she was a nurse

c because Hetherington needs a midwife

d because she wants to help other families


4 Where will she work?

a in York

b in Hetherington

c in York and Hetherington

d in the area around Hetherington


5 Who will she be working with?

a parents when they are giving birth

b parents before, during and after birth

c parents at birth and in the first year

d any family with children


D You will hear part of a talk about using websites for research. For questions 1Ė5 complete the sentences.

Track 2


1 Because some websites are non-profit and trustworthy, Ö


2 If something is reviewed by an expert it is called Ö


3 Ideally a medical website is updated every Ö


4 Opinions should be presented as opinions, not Ö


5 The main source of information when she was at university Ö






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