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B For questions 1–10, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A You are going to read an article about technology in the 21st century. Choose from the list a–g the best title for each paragraph 1–5. There is one extra title which you do not need to use.

a - So, will technological development slow down now?

b - But is this a good thing?

c - What is meant by ‘incremental change’?

d - What is nanotechnology all about?

e - How dangerous is nanotechnology?

f - So how should we feel about the future of technology?

g - So do we have no idea?


  TECHNOLOGY IN THE 21st CENTURY Many people may say that the 20th century was the high point of the development of technology and that the 21st century will not be able to match it. This isn’t entirely true. There is still a vast amount of potential in the development of technology. In addition we must now begin to ask ourselves if we want technology to develop as fast as it did previously.   How successful was the 20th Century? Obviously the major technological developments in the 20th century were computers and the internet. However there are many others. TVs, phones, WAP technology and space travel, not to mention the progress made in military technology, flight and medicine. In fact it seemed we developed in every way imaginable. So many technological new words entered the language to reflect these changes. Time travel back to the 19th century and no one will understand you when you talk of ‘gadgets’ and ‘devices’, let alone GPS technology. The fact is clear that the technological changes of 1900–1999 would have been impossible for someone in 1899 to predict. 0 ___a__________ If one had been asked in 1899, the average man would have told you that technology would now slow down after the great changes during the Industrial Revolution. This answer would have been understandable because it is very difficult to predict what changes will take place in 100 years time. The reason for this is that technology changes incrementally.   1 __________ A new development in technology usually builds on the previous development and so on. It’s like climbing stairs where you cannot go higher unless you take the next step in front of you. Now, in the early years of the 21st century we can only see the steps ahead of us. We cannot see the possible steps that will exist in 2099. For this reason the progress of technology is very difficult to predict. 2 __________ Well, we have some ideas. Robot technology is still relatively underdeveloped as is gene technology. We are also hearing now about nanotechnology. In fact it is this technology which may be the biggest breakthrough of the 21st century. 3 __________ According to those who believe in it, the theory is that in 100 years time there will be nanobots, very small robots who will be so small that we can’t see them. These robots will be able to do many things, from repairing parts of our body and destroying diseases to repairing and creating other forms of technology. Certainly nanotechnology will redefine the way we see the world and how we live in it. 4 __________ A lot of people would say ‘no’. People are naturally suspicious of things they can’t see and nanotechnology also has worrying sides to it. For example could you use nanobots to kill people or control their minds? Of course, no one knows right now but it is certainly worth worrying about. 5 __________ In 1899 many people expressed doubts about the way the world was developing and many attempts were made to slow progress down. The one thing we have learnt from the last 100 years is that you cannot slow down progress. Once people know about something then you cannot make it unknown again. The steps will remain in front of us and we will keep climbing. What we do with what we discover is really up to us.


B For questions 1–10, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Looking from the balcony of my 0 apartment block, you might think this is a nice part of town. Unfortunately, this gives a 1 _________ impression of how things are here. For the last five years the crime 2 _________ in this area has been constantly increasing and crimes are 3_________ happening within 250 metres of my front door. Only last week my friend Peter was stopped by a man near my house. The man asked my friend Peter for money. His 4_________ language suggested that he would attack Peter if he had no money. My friend didn’t seem to understand the danger he was in as he just 5_________into laughter and asked the man why he was asking a student for money. Instead of hitting him, the man showed an amazing amount of 6_________ and just walked away. I think Peter needed to 7_________ before he spoke but he tells me he behaved like this 8_________. Normally, in such situations some knowledge of self- 9_________ would be useful to protect yourself physically. In Peter’s case all he needed was a good sense of 10 _________.

0 a open b cosmopolitan c detached d apartment

1 a false b right c good d untrue

2 a process b performance c service d rate

3 a mainly b intentionally c perhaps d relatively

4 a visual b body c own d spoken

5 a run b move c burst d hold

6 a agility b flexibility c charisma d tolerance

7 a think b listen c hear d wait

8 a relatively b deliberately c mainly d pensively

9 a development b confidence c respect d defence

10 a culture b contact c charisma d humour



C For questions 1–15, read the text below and think of a word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. In some cases a word is not necessary so write ‘X’. There is an example at the beginning (0).

This year there have been 0_hardly any sightings of eagles in 1_________ mountains north of the forest. The number of sightings of eagles has 2__________ decreasing for the last three years and we now 3 __________ believe that the eagles 4__________moved to another location to build their nests. Before she left us, Sarah Reeve was 5__________ a report on the eagles but I don’t think she 6 __________ finished it.

On the other hand, there have been 7__________ many sightings of foxes in the forest this year and we are afraid that their numbers 8__________ increased to dangerous levels. 9__________ sightings have mainly been by 10__________ Lake Devere. We wonder 11__________the farmers have noticed. If they have 12 __________ losing chickens in the last six months we’ll soon know about it and if they decide to act there is 13 __________chance of stopping them shooting 14__________ foxes. I’d like to 15 __________how many complaints there have been from the farmers.


D You will hear three people talking about town and city life. For questions 1–3, choose which of the opinions A–G each speaker expresses. Use each letter only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use. The first has been done for you.

Track 1

1 – Speaker 1 - ___ ___

2 – Speaker 2 - _A_ ___

3 – Speaker 3 - ___ ___


A – People shouldn’t leave their cars here.

B – I can travel around very easily.

C – We have no traffic problems.

D – I never have to worry about finding something to eat.

E – We have some problems with young people.

F – I wish it was cleaner and tidier.

G – Things would be better if there was less noise.






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