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What do you say on the telephone in these situations. Choose (a), (b), or (c).


0 You work at the HSBC Bank.

You answer the telephone. b .

(a) Hello, I am the HSBC Bank.

(b) HSBC Bank. Can I help you?

(c) This is HSBC Bank. Who are you?

1 You want to speak to your friend

Helmut. His mother answers the phone.

What do you say to her? ________.

(a) Get me Helmut.

(b) Could I speak to Helmut, please?

(c) I want to speak to Helmut.

2 Your brother Yuri is out when his friend

Valentin phones. What do you say

to him? ________.

(a) Iím afraid Yuri isnít here. Can I take

a message for him?

(b) You canít speak to Yuri. He isnít here.

(c) Can you spell his name?

3 Valentin says he wants Yuri to phone

him at the Alexandra Hotel in Samara.

You donít know the telephone number.

What do you say? ________.

(a) Can you give me the number, please?

(b) How many is your number?

(c) Is your number 0334-5596?

4 Valentin wants to send Yuri a text

message but he doesnít know the

number of Yuriís mobile phone.

What do you say? ________.

(a) He is at 0778-992345.

(b) His number is 0778-992345.

(c) He is number 0778-992345.

5 Your brother, Chris Mendez is playing

football when his mobile phone rings.

You answer it. His girlfriend Jenny wants

to speak to him. What do you say? ________.

(a) Iím afraid Mr Mendez is not available

at the moment. Try again in 30 minutes.

(b) Chris doesnít want to speak to you.

Heís playing football.

(c) Hi Jenny. This is Chrisís sister Anna. Heís

playing football but heíll finish in half an


5Look at the information about tomorrowís weather in different cities. Write sentences from these notes.



0 sun | not shine | New York | tomorrow

The sun wonít shine in New York tomorrow .

1 It | be | sunny and warm | Cairo | tomorrow.


2 rain | Amsterdam | tomorrow| ?


3 It | very hot | Sydney | tomorrow.


4 It | not | good weather | London | tomorrow.


5 it | be | cloudy | Paris | tomorrow | ?


6 Where | snow | tomorrow | ?


7 Which city | coldest | tomorrow |?



8 Warsaw | colder than | Moscow | tomorrow ?


9 London | not be | as warm as | Dublin | tomorrow


10 What | the weather be like | Barcelona | tomorrow ?


(10 marks)


Write the correct plural forms of these items.


0 a cup of tea two cups of tea .

1 a scarf two ___________________________________.

2 a bottle of milk two ___________________________________.

3 a packet of biscuits two ___________________________________.

4 a gold watch two ___________________________________.

5 a tall child two ___________________________________.

6 a warm city two ___________________________________.

7 a pair of socks two ___________________________________.

8 a dollar two ___________________________________.

9 a green bus two ___________________________________.

10 a kilo of flour two ___________________________________.l

Quick 015-016A Holidays and Cultures

Complete the sentences using the Present Perfect.


0 I have answered (answer) your letter but

I havenít posted (not post) it.

1 She _______________________________ (wash) her hair but

she _______________________________ (not clean) the bathroom.

2 I _______________________________ (close) the door but I

_______________________________ (not lock) it.

3 The teacher _______________________________ (collect) our

homework but she _______________________________ (not mark) it.

4 Carla _______________________________ (start) to read War

and Peace but she _______________________________ (not finish) it.

5 Jamie _______________________________ (cook) the cake

but he _______________________________ (not decorate) it.

(10 marks)


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