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The American champion is too tough to ever give up.


1. to befriend to become the friend of someone and treat them in a kind way
2. pushy too determined to get what they want, even if it annoys other people
3. dull-witted not intelligent; slow; slow and taking a lot of time to understand things
4. riveting extremely interesting or exciting; gripping
5. to indulge in to allow yourself to have or do something that you enjoy, even if it is not good for you
6. to be on the same wavelength to understand the way another person thinks because you often have the same ideas and opinions as they do
7. to talk smth over to discuss a problem or a plan
8. to do smth out of habit because it is what you usually do/ according to a fixed routine
9. to puzzle out to understand, to discover / to solve a confusing or complicated problem by thinking carefully about it
10. make conversation to say things to someone who you do not know well, in order to be polite
11. meaningful conversation serious, useful, or important
12. to know where smn is coming from If you say to someone you know or see where they are coming from, you mean you understand why they have a particular opinion, often although you do not have that opinion.
13. conversationalist someone who enjoys or is good at talking with people
14. on the spur of the moment describes a decision, action, etc. that is sudden and done without any planning
15. one-way (conversation) describes a conversation which is not fair because only one person of the two makes any effort
  1. I would live in Paris for two years when I was younger. Lived (certain period of time)
  2. She’ll always go out of her way to help you. √
  3. He’ll really hate opera he always has. Hates (state)
  4. As a child, I’d love going to fun-fairs. Used to (state)
  5. Yesterday we’d go there together. Went (single action)
  6. In Europe men won’t get married until they are 27. √ (tendency)
  7. I’d listen to him with interest when he was lecturing last time. Listened (single action)
  8. He would develop this hunched back and slow walk whenever I took him anywhere near a clothes shop. √ (characteristic behaviour)
  9. He’s so nosy! He’d always ask you all kinds of questions. Will ask (general tendency)
  10. My father would help me with physics last month. Helped (single action)
  11. You would look so troubled, always rushing in and out, arriving home late at night, never smiling. Used to (state)
  12. She would visit France 4 times during the 1970-s. Visited (particular period, specific number of visits)

1) Mr Simpson's devotion(DEVOTE) to his fishing hobby is absolutely exceptional.

2) The central heating system can easily be activated (ACTIVE) by turning this green knob.

3) I wonder if he is ever going to grow out of his childish (CHILD) behaviour.

4) I think Arnold is misusing/abusing (USE) his great musical talent by singing in a country band. He should have become an opera soloist.

5) Danny is just an acquaintance (ACQUAINT) of my father. We don’t know him very well.

6) Most oft the workers were in confusion (CONFUSE) as to whether to join in the strike or carry on with their normal duties.

7) It was funny how Eddie didn't really know how to hide his embarrassment (EMBARRASS) at having to give Muriel another kiss.

8) Strictly (STRICT) speaking, your response is more than disappointing.

9) They do need a new apartment. The conditions they are living in now are simply regrettable (REGRET). Just imagine mice scampering on the floor.

10) The prize he has won is simply unimaginable (IMAGINE). I can't think what he 's going to do with such a lot of money.

11) The boy's account lacked accuracy (ACCURATE). For example, he didn't mention anything about such a relevant event as the Queen's presence.

12) It's astonishing he didn't tell us he was going to leave. His sudden disappearance (APPEAR) is even more surprising when you consider he had a very important appointment last evening.


13) You’ll be in serious trouble unless you apologize to Mrs. Dempsey.

You’ll get into serious trouble unless you apologize to Mrs. Dempsey.

14) The American champion is very tough; he’ll never give up. (too)

The American champion is too tough to ever give up.

15) It was a long time ago when horse carts were replaced by motor vehicles. (place)

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