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One of the most popular professions among the young people of our country is the profession of a lawyer. It is very interesting and important. Our country is creating a law-governed state, and lawyers play a very significant role in this process. They are necessary for regulating social relations in the state.

In Ukraine, training lawyers is the task of the law establishments such as Law Academies, Law Institutes, and law faculties of several higher institutions. Graduates of different law schools can work at the Bar, in the organs of the Prosecutorís Office, in different courts, in notary offices, in legal advice offices, in organs of tax inspection, militia, as well as in different firms, companies, banks, enterprises, etc. They can work as advocates, judges, notaries, investigators, prosecutors, legal advisors, inspectors, customs officers, traffic officers, and other workers of law enforcement agencies.

Legal profession combines legal practitioners and scholars, members of the judiciary, and the Bar, prosecutors, defense lawyers, notaries, jurists and counsels (legal advisors of private, public, state and municipal enterprises, establishments and organizations) etc.

The Academy of Legal Sciences was established in 1993. It is a national scientific organization, which carries out the fundamental researches and coordinates, organizes and fulfils works in the field of state and law. The academicians and known scientists are the members of the Academy. There are also some other professional unions of lawyers in Ukraine.

The Union of Lawyers of Ukraine carries out lawmaking, scientific, methodological, educational and informative activities with the aim of promoting lawyers of Ukraine in their professional and social interests, their public activities and participation in the state policy development.

The Ukrainian Bar Association unites lawyers from all spheres of legal profession with the aim of protecting their professional and other common interests, developing the legal profession, and creating a law-governed state in Ukraine.

The Union of Advocates of Ukraine is an independent and self-governed public all-Ukrainian organization. It is aimed at facilitating the role and authority of the Bar in our society and the state, the true independence and self-regulation of the Bar and developing the democratic state in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors has a purpose to protect legal rights and interests of its members who worked/work in the Prosecutorís Office, and support the prosecutorsí positive image in Ukraine and abroad, helping to fulfill their tasks.

The Ukrainian Notarial Chamber is a public organization which supports its members in their professional activities, makes efforts to improve notary system and participates in the law-making process.

The Ukrainian branch of the European Law Studentsí Association Ė ELSA Ukraine is comprised of students and recent graduates of the Ukrainian law education establishments who are interested in law and have demonstrated commitment to international issues.


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