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PTDR 6001_Drilling Methods and Equipment


Question 1:
The blocks and wire line, like the derrick and drawworks, are components of the hoisting system that controls and handles the drilling rig's load. During drilling operations, the load consists of drill pipe and drill collars, with the bit attached to the bottom drill collar. This is collectively referred to as the:
A - Deadweight
B - Drill string
C - Scroll string
D - Casing string

Question 2:
The drawworks:
A - Prevent blowouts
B - Apply weight to the bit through the mass of the drill collar
C - Are used to raise and lower the pipe into the well and control the weight on the drill bit
D - Support the load of the drill stem during drilling

Question 3:
The drilling fluid used in rotary type drilling serves the following purpose:
A - Supports the load of the drill stem during drilling
B - Remove the rock cuttings produced by the drill bit
C - Allows entry of the formation fluids into the hole
D - All of the above

Question 4:
A dangerous situation is most likely to arise in new areas where a reservoir is penetrated containing gas or oil under a higher pressure than had been estimated. When the first symptoms of a blowout occur, the operator should do all of the following except:
A - Add weighting material to the drilling fluid
B - Apply backpressure to the fluid returning to the surface through the annular space
C - Close the blowout preventer
D - Pull the casing string from the wellbore

Question 5:
Caustic soda is added to drilling mud to:
A - Thicken and increase the weight of the fluid
B - Raise the pH above 7 to reduce pipe corrosion
C - Decrease the pH to reduce pipe corrosion
D - Prevent the loss of the fluid to the formation

Question 6:
The square or octagonal-shaped steel tube that is the upper terminus of the drill stem is called the:
A - Kelly
B - Drill collar
C - Annulus
D - Swivel

Question 7:
The type of rotary drill bit pictured here is a:

A - Button bit
B - PDC bit
C - Diamond bit
D - Tooth bit

Question 8:
Blowout preventers are designed to close the well if the drill pipe is either in or out of the well. If there is no pipe in the well during a blowout, the wellbore will be completely shut off by the:
A - Fishing tap
B - Whipstops
C - Blind rams
D - Reamers

Question 9:
All of the following are principle functions of the drill stem of a rotary drilling rig except:
A - Carry the hook and elevators
B - Transfer the rotation from the rotary to the bit downhole
C - To raise and lower the bit from, or into, the hole
D - Apply weight to the bit through the mass of the drill collar


Question 10:
The normal rig operating in Western Canada requires the services of:
A - 22 fulltime employees
B - 26 fulltime employees
C - 12 fulltime employees
D - 16 fulltime employees

Question 11:
After the lease is cleared, a subcontractor or service company is hired to dig a pit or cellar, which is lined with large diameter pipe to keep the soil from falling around the drilling equipment. The cellar also provides:

A - Extra vertical space for equipment
B - Air for the wellhead
C - A foundation for the drilling rig
D - Information regarding the depth of the formation

Question 12:

The type of rotary drill bit pictured here is a:

A - Button bit
B - PDC bit
C - Diamond bit
D - Tooth bit

Question 13:
The special drilling procedure which utilizes a large spool of metal tubing for the drill pipe and a mud motor at the bottom of the coil of tubing to turn the drill bit is called the:
A - Whip stocking procedure
B - Casing drilling procedure
C - Top drive procedure
D - Coiled tubing drilling procedure

Question 14:

What kind of drilling rig is pictured here?


A - Slant Hole Rig
B - Service Rig
C - Top Rotary Rig
D - Flexi-rig
E - Coiled Tubing Rig

Question 15:On newer drilling rigs the complex rotary system is replaced by a: A - Top-drive system B - Power swivel C - Blowout prevention system D - Both Top-drive system and power swivel


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