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Summary in Ukrainian (10 lines).

Key words (8-10 words).

Text of the article


Petro Ivanenko.Title of the article

Summary in Russian (10 lines).

Key words (8-10 words).


Petro Ivanenko.Title of the article

Summary in English (30 lines).

Key words (8-10 words).

Summary contains: the aim of the paper, the methods of the investigation, statement of the main research material;the practical significance of the research; conclusions and prospects for further research (8–10 lines in Ukrainian and Russian and 30 lines in English; 1 pace, point 14, italic.

Captions for illustrations, diagrams, tables include their number, name, key to symbols and abbreviations. References should be formatted according to the following sample: [5, 87] where 5 stands for the number of the source according to the list of references, and 87 – for the cited page. References to several sources should be written as follows: [3, 156; 8, 22-23].

References should be made in source languages, single-spaced, point 14 typed, alphabetically ordered, following the text of the article titled “REFERENCES”.

Requirements to references format are given in the journal “Bulletin of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine” ¹5, 2009.

1. Beerkens E. Interorganisation in higher education: towards a typology
/ E. Beerkens // Tertiary education and management. – 2002. – ¹ 8. – P. 297–314.

2. Stott A. How do school-to-school networks work? / A. Stott, M. Jopling, A. Kilcher. – Nottingham : NCSL, 2006. – 29 p.

To take part in the conference it is necessary:

To submit an application and text of the report till 10th of February, 2016;

The text of the article on CD or sent via e-mail should be submitted till 23th of March, 2016.


Financial conditions

Registration fee covers (collection of conference proceedings, program of the conference, certificate of participation and other organizational expenses) 10ˆ should be sent via post order till 10.02.2016. In case of distant participation registration makes 5ˆ; registration fee does NOT cover postage of the conference materials 2ˆ.

Publication fee makes 2ˆ per 1 page.

Payment should be made by post order on the following address: Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko, Chair of Pedagogics, 87 Romenskaya str., Sumy, 40002 Ukraine, for Chistyakova Irina Anatoliivna.

Electronic version of report, article, application form and a copy of receipt should be sent via e-mail to the following address: pednauki@yandex.ru

Additional information for the participants

1. The organization committee reserves the right to review texts of the report.

2. The organization committee reserves the right to reject the report if it does not meet the requirements, does not agree with of the subject area of the conference or in case if the payment is not verified.

3. We appeal to the participants who submit an application but cannot be present in person to inform the organization committee in advance (by phone or via e-mail).

4. All the expenses related to participation in the conference (fare, accommodation, meals) are paid by the participants individually.

5. For additional references concerning any questions which the participants may have call +38(0542)68-53-20 or e-mail: pednauki@yandex.ru


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