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Wesleyan Foundation.

Working experience:

Have earned all spending money since I was twelve, and am now paying over half of my college expenses. Paper route, 2 years. Yard work etc., 3 years. Carry-out boy, Bayliss Market, summer of 1962. Checker, same store, summer of 1963. Storeroom clerk


The following people have offered to write references for me: James F. Finton, Assistant Manager, Bayliss Market, 746 Morton Avenue,

Chandler, Arizona.

Homer Mattux, Supervisor of Grounds and Buildings, Carradine College. Professor J. T. Simmons, Economics Department, Carradine College (my



Ronald could have this duplicated and send a copy with every letter of application. Some employers won't care whether he is a Methodist or a Buddhist, and they might count a point against him if he wrote a sentence about his religion in his letter; but they are used to seeing this entry on data sheets, and can simply skip over it if they are not interested. And for some jobs, such as counseling at a boy's camp, the information may be required. Not every employer will care if he is an athlete, but his record in basketball and tennis support his statement that his health is excellent. His activities and offices indicate that he gets along well with people and has some ability as a leader, and he seems to be both responsible and hard working, though possibly a trifle serious-minded for some tastes. The fact that he worked the second summer for the same store, but at a better job, is especially significant. Altogether, he has given a fairly attractive picture of himself without sounding in the least conceited.

Your own qualifications will of course be different. If you are the same height as Ronald but weigh only a hundred and fifteen pounds and have asthma, you can't put your health down as excellent. But you may be able to put down something like this:

Health: Good, except for uncomfortable but not disabling asthma. Have missed only nine days of work or school in last five years, and quality of work has not suffered.

You are not supposed to He, but you are entitled to present the facts in a favorable light.

Using the Data Sheet

Important as the data sheet is, it needs a little help from the letter. If the sheet is impressive in itself and the job is purely technical the letter can be brief and colorless. But usually an employer will want to know what you are like as well as what you can do, and most employers have a firm (though often unjustified) belief that they can read character from a letter. In general the best method is to be simple and direct. You may wish to call his attention to one or two items in the data sheet that you think are especially important for his job, and perhaps to explain them a little more fully. It is also reasonable to explain why you want this particular job; but do it in a way that shows your preference is to his advantage as well as yours.

For instance, if you apply for a job in Southern California on the grounds that you "have always wanted to see the West Coast," why should he care? But if you explain that the doctors have told your dependent sister that she needs a warmer climate, there are two small points in your favor. First, you sound like somebody who might stay long enough to be worth hiring. Second, you apparently have some sense of responsibility. It is even possible that he might be moved by a third, or humanitarian, reason. But you shouldn't count on that one, and you certainly shouldn't emphasize it. He wouldn't hold his job long if he hired people mainly out of charity or benevolence.

No model letter of application will be given here, mostly because experience shows that students tend to follow such a model far too closely, and your instructor might get tired of correcting minor variations. But remember at least the following three points: use a data sheet, keep the letter simple and direct, and concentrate on what he will want to know.






Answer the questions.


What kinds of business letters are known for you?

What is the chief thing to remember about a routine business letter?

What is the most important thing is to consider If you are starting a business correspondence on an important matter ?

What are a few general points about how to write to a prospective employer?

What are three advantages of a data sheet.




Mark the following entries Y (yes) or N (no), indicating whether you think them appropriate for use in business letters. Give a brief reason for every one you reject, and offer a substitute expression if one seems necessary.

Yours very truly,

Attached please find . . .

Please suspend my subscription to your magazine until further

A prompt reply will be deeply appreciated.

Forgive me for being presumptuous, but . . .

Dear Sirs:

Are you looking for a man who . . . ?

I wish to apply . . .

I note that you have failed to specify what the job will pay . . .


I hereby acknowledge your letter of April 10, and wish to
state . . .

(Letter of application) I am enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I am . . .

Currently working in the research department of Western State
Electric Co., I am anxious to locate in a community in the con genial climate of ...

I realize this letter has run to some length, but . . .

I am applying . . .

About item #6, of the enclosed data sheet, I would like to add ...

Your letter of April 8 has been received and the contents of same duly noted.

If you want an interview it will have to be next week at the latest . . .

There may be others equally qualified, but I really need the job.

I am in receipt of your communication dated August 4, and I
wish to reply . . .

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