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Write the words from the article into the gaps

Novelties; tariff; boom; culminating; masts

projected; customize; potential; iconic; subsidizing.

1. _______________ are tall metal structures used for broadcasting radio and television, and telephone signals.

2. ________________the possibility to develop or achieve something in the future

3. calculated how big or successful something would become in the future using information that was available at the time______________

4. A_______________ is a sudden increase in the popularity of something.

5. paying some of the cost of goods or services so that they can be sold to other people at a lower price _______________

6. the prices charged for supplying gas or electricity or for providing a telephone service_______________

7. new and unusual things_______________

8. very famous and well known, and believed to represent a particular idea_______________

9. to change the way something looks or works so that it is exactly what you want or need_______________

10. happening or existing as the final result of a process or situation_______________.


3. Are these statements true (T) or false (F) according to the article? Correct any false statements

1. The first-ever mobile phone call in the UK was made by a comedian.

2. Vodafone and Cellnet were the first two mobile phone providers in the UK.

3. In 1985, car phones cost .3,000.

4. There are now more mobile phones than people in the UK.

5. Digital technology and increased competition allowed the mobile phone to become available to everyone.

6. Interchangeable covers and itemized billing made Nokia’s 3210 handset a fashion item.

7. Providers Orange and Virgin introduced itemized billing and pre-pay phones.

8. According to the chief technology officer at Ericsson we will no longer want to buy mobile phones in the future.

9. Touch screen phones are no longer being produced.

10. The future of the mobile phone lies in machine to machine communication.


Match the words in a column A with the words in a column B to make collocations from the article

1. joint a. item

2. wireless b. network

3. dramatic c. competition

4. increased d. vehicles

5. monthly e. communication

6. pre-pay f. venture

7. fashion g. impact

8. itemized h. phones

9. mobile phone i. charge

10. company j. billing


Check your answers by finding the word pairs in the article: Look at how they were used in the context of the text and then write example sentences of your own for five of the collocations.


Discussion. Compare the mobile phone you have now to the very first one you had

1. What additional features does your current phone have?

2. How has the design changed?

3. What else is different?

4. What do you think mobile phones will be able to do in the future?




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