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Christianity and Writing!

OLD English Dialects

The migration of the Germ. Tribes to the British Islands & the resultant Geographical separation was a sireable event in linguist history. Closely related Group of West Germ. Dialects developed into a separate Germ. L-ge. At the early stage of their development the dialects remained disunited. On the one hand OE dialects acquired certain common features which distinguished them from the continental dialect (Germ.)

On the other hand there was regioned divirgent. The following for principal for dialect groups are commonly distinguished. Kentish- Tutes tribe, West Saxon- Saxons, Mercian Angles, Northumbrian- Anglian dialect.

Early OE (5-7 cent) the would be English l-ge consisted of a group of spoken tribal dialects, having neither a written form, nor a dominant tongue.

At the time of written old English the dialect had changed from trible to regional. In the domane of writing the west Saxons dialect prevailed of the neighbour. => 1st Standard English!!

The unifaction under the west Saxon kings led to the recognition of the Weast Saxon dialected as a literary standard. However the modern English is descended from Mercian, not Saxon.


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Christianity and Writing!

Civilized into the cultural nation with its own writing. We know very few about Anglo-Saxons until after their conversion to Christianity, which introduce Celtic version of the Latin alphabet. But it was a different one used on the continent, which was completed some runis symbols.

F military invasion Scandinavian

During the later part of the all English period two different groups of non- engl. Speakers:

!) Nossemen

!) Normans

Both groups were scandinavian in orign, whereas the first had kept retained scandinavian speech & the 2nd settled in the North of France & spoke French

Both had a considerable influence on English. The attacking of Europe by the Scandinavian Vikings which took place between about 750-1050 AD was the last phase of the expansia of the early Germanic people.

Viking = Pirate, Rader!!!

The Vikings in England consisted of Danes, Norugians. They were referred to by the Anglo-Saxons on Dene. The first attacks took place in early 1070 & finally came conquest & settlement in the last few Decades of 9 c AD

Thus the vikings came near to the conquering the whole of England but king Slfred changed all this.

Scand influence of English went a good deal father than place names. The English were not exterminated by the Scandinavian settlers. But Sc. English speech to a very great extend. Old English & old North were still resonably similar and the Englishman & the Danes could probably understand each other -> mixed families -> bilingual children & this led to some kind of intermediate.

In the end old North died out in England and English triunphed but not before a good deal of Scandinaviz had got mixed in with it.

Sc. Influence!!

The member of Scand. Words which entered into general use was not more 150. Neverless there were the words which in reached the language many of them have become keywords.

e.g. they, their , them <- stowly replaiced the earlier forms. Hie, hiera,him.

Early sc. Loans include: score get give some take wanr weak dirt both.

The peculiaruty -> they were ordinary common, geheral use.

The sc. Sound is a characteristic of the words.

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