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A change is as good as a rest

We live in a fast-moving, competitive world; the world of high technology, of international business, fast-growing economy, international tourism, the influential “Forth Estate”, of multiculturalism.

Nervous breakdowns, continuous tension, competitive atmosphere became an inseparable item of our world. That is in order to keep pace with our fast-changing world and not to lose our temper and not to go crazy we should know how to relax, to release tension and to buck ourselves up.

One of the way outs from this vicious circle is a little change in our life. First of all it can be a change of the surroundings. If for example our work presupposes staying all day long at the same place, doing the same things, we must make a change and go out of town or go to the cinema or just go to visit our friends. It’s not important what place we will choose because everyone has its own way to relax, the most important thing is to distract and to forget about your daily work and problems.

One should know how to switch his or her attention to other things because sometimes we concentrate on our problems too much and can’t think about other things. But we must not to forget that to rest is as important as to work. That’s why little breaks during the day make us more energetic and enthusiastic about the work.

Doing a monotonous job one gets tired very quickly that’s why a small change in your actions will have a positive impact on your work and bring you new strength.

People need changes in their life. Sometimes we have a feeling that we are sick and tired of everything and we have a desire to give up everything and to clean our slate. We want to change our job, our hobbies, even our boyfriends. Sometimes it becomes a crucial moment, a turning point in our life, and our decisions bring changes for the good or for the worse.

But before making any step in our life, in our carrier, we have to think carefully about the consequences of our changes. We should learn to adapt to new surroundings, to new circumstances, we must be ready to change everything in one minute.

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong. You begin to think that your life is like hell: there’s too much noise, too much work to perform, too many people seeking for your attention. Life is full of some urgent things to do and you can’t dodge them. You feel tired, broken and, which is certainly worse, indifferent to what is happening around you. That’s exactly the point to ring the alarm bell. Overworking and tiredness are much easier to combat than depression they can lead to.

What shall I start with? It is the right question to ask. First of all take your holidays. Then one more question appears on the stage, namely: How to spend the free time? It is more difficult to answer it right, but the answer will influence the next two or three weeks that should be remembered till your next holidays. So you can let yourself sleep as much as you want. You can spend the whole days watching TV or simply doing nothing. But how long can it last? No more than two days I believe.

So we should agree with the statement that a change is as good as a rest. Certainly you won’t regret the time spent in some exotic place where you have never been before. Here there’s no universal receipt where to go. Each has to decide for him/herself. But I can tell you about the best holidays I had once.

It all began when we were deciding how to spend our holidays. At first we wanted to go by air, but I was scared stiff of the journey, although I knew that traveling by air is more convenient than any other method and, undoubtedly, the fastest of them all. But still flying seemed to be a very thrilling thing, and we gave up the idea. We were planning a romantic getaway, so trains with their dust and dirt, crowded stations and noise didn’t suit us. That was why we decided to go by sea.

The island produced an impression of being uninhabited. And that, certainly, suited me perfectly after the terrible year of constant studying, family fall-outs and other attributes of stressed-out lifestyles. Holidays were the perfect antidote for that perpetual strain. A romantic getaway to some idyllic destination in the middle of nowhere to forget about crowds of people, problems and what not, was at the top of my wish list. And there we were at last, on that sun-drenched island.

The whole week we spent basking under the sun to bronze ourselves and become as brown as a berry. How wonderful it was to laze around under the azure-blue sky and to feel gentle lapping of waves. Although I couldn’t swim I spent most of the time in the sea. It was unforgettable. The palm-fringed beach would give us the shade every time we wanted to have a short rest day-dreaming.

The time was flying… it was flying extremely fast while we were making sand-castles, enjoying the weather and the scenery. When the time came we couldn’t believe it was over. But we had to come back to our everyday routine with all its hustle and bustle. So, after only two hours’ flight there we were, almost at home, just about to ring at the door-bell…

And then that horrible ringing sound in my ears… I got up, washed and dressed myself and went to catch my train… I had to wait for two more months to have a chance to bring my dream to life.

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