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Exercise 4. Correct false statements, according the information from the text.

1. Almost all coral reefs have died over the last year, affected by coral bleaching.

2.Water of ocean currents is less salty and so may prevent water from melted ice from rising to the upper layers of ocean.

3. Many areas will become suitable for agriculture due to drought and hot weather.

4. An increase in global temperature will likely enhance the ability for stronger and more frequent storms.

5. Warmer temperature produces evaporation of water and decreases the possibility of drought.

6. Global warming will affect only few regions.

7. The melting of Arctic ice concerns only Arctic sea.

8. Water from melting ice slows down warming of the Arctic.


Exercise 5. Make sentences from the following letters.

1. Urbanizationandindustrializationalsoresultinlandpollution.

2. Roadscausevisualnoiselightairandwaterpollution.

3. Theconsequenceofintensiveagricultureismovetomonoculture.

4. Pesticideisasubstanceormixtureofsubstancesusedtokilla pest.

5. Thepurposeoftillageistopreparethesoilforgrowingcrops.

6. Humusisorganicmaterialinthefinalstagesofdecomposition.

7. allsoilorganismsdependonorganicmatterastheirfoodsource.

8. Twoimportantcharacteristicsofsoilaretextureandstructure.

9. Irrigationmaybedefinedasscienceofapplicationofwatertosoil.

10. Waterpollutionaffectsplantsandorganismslivinginwater.

Exercise 6. Tell in English what the following words and phrases mean.

global warming, environment, expansion, glacier, prediction, ecological damage, coral reefs, severe weather, storm, evaporation, flooding, drought, agriculture, desertification, species,migration, extinction, the Arctic, tropics.

Exercise 7. Make up sentences with the given words and phrases.

effects of global warming, environment, melting, sea-level rise, expansion, global changes, prevention, to cause ecological damage, evaporation of water, deforestation, acid rain, extinction of animals, solid waste, polluted air, to treat soil, fertilizer, changing climate, ecosystem, food chain, wastewater.


Exercise 8. Read the words, say which part of speech they belong to and translate them into Russian.

globe, global, globally; warm, warmly, warmer, warming; permit, permissive, permission; place, placement; expand, expansion, expansive; predict, predictable, prediction; circle, circular, circulation; prevent, prevention, preventive, deep, deeply, deepen, deepness; add, addition, additional, additionally; serious, seriousness, seriously; direct, directive, direction, directly; weak, weakly, weaken, weakness.

Exercise 9. Continue the raw of synonyms using the words from the text.

probable, possible; to restrict, to bound; forecast, prognosis; to effect, to induce; nearly, roughly; to deplete, to exhaust; area, district; in advance, beforehand; polar, north; to move, to travel; to come, to reach; to leave, go away.

Exercise 10. Choose one topic from the category Effects of global warming and prepare a report.



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